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  1. Anyone know what a headliner replacement might cost?
  2. Anyone had this issue? 2014 Silverado... any ideas?
  3. Yeah, I didn't realize it was going to take a dremel tool and a lot of guessing and checking for a good tight fitment. Guess I got a little weekend project.
  4. I know the headlight questions have been beat to death but I'm trying to get a clear answer on a HIGH BEAM. It would no one makes a high beam (of quality) LED that fits our 2014 style housings with the dust cap? I've tried Diode Dynamics SL1 and Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0, both were 9005. The DD would not properly twist and seat and the Morimoto will twist and seat but is too deep for the stock dust cap. I bought the extended dust caps but they are just some generic rubber cap that doesn't even come close to fitting our trucks. Any thoughts here?
  5. Are you running the 9005 Morimoto 2 stroke for brights? My dust covers absolutely will not fit but I did notice the bright light dust caps are shallower because of clearance issues. I ordered my 9005's and selected the "extended dust cap" well it's a silly rubber thing that doesn't even fit a 2014 Silverado, like not even close. I'd be curious to see what others are running and if you were able to fit the dust cover on.
  6. I have a Borla cat back exhaust and the AFM/DOD disabled. However it does sound like to me that it's coming from the back half of the truck. But if its a driveline issue somewhere I think those always sound like they are behind me probably just due to the properties of sound dynamics and that I hear it a lot more over 30mph but at steady, low rpm cruising, or when lightly accelerating out of a turn.
  7. My 2014 started doing this about 10,000 miles ago. Identical. I've been searching and the intenet for months and finally found this thread! Did anyone find out what the fix is? Isee the thread about the 8 speed transmission but that issue doesn't seem quite like what us on this thread are experiencing. Man I hope someone responds with "dude your heat shield is just vibrating off the bottom of the cab!" I also, have another odd noise that sounds like a wheel bearing hum but I cannot get any play out of the front wheels and I did change one hub already for another reason. Anyway, any help or incite would be greatly appreciated.
  8. My truck with Morimoto was doing this exact same thing the past 3 months on the passenger side. 50/50 on whether or not it would work. Then on the way home to Alabama from a Christmas trip to Missouri, the right side started burning and smoking and stopped working completely! I know it's the wrong time of year and I'm waiting to hear back from RetrofitSource (where I purchased my kit) but it's not ideal for me either not being able to drive at night! I'm hoping they'll just refund my money and I'm going Hylux it sounds like. (mine have only been installed since April or May of 2019.
  9. I also out of the blue got a "service front camera" message and all functions associated are disabled. (collision alert, lane assist) I don't want to pay $400 for the camera myself either and what if that's not even the problem. Did anyone find any solutions or things to check before biting the bullet?
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