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  1. Good Morning Chris, I was told you don’t offer a military discount but do you offer a forum discount for members? I purchased a Denali cluster for my 18 from you and looking to get a high country cluster for my 19 RST. thank you!
  2. Removed from a 2019 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab at 3000 miles, new condition, includes front and rear mats 100 shipped to you
  3. Yeah I prefer that style to just don’t use one very often, so bought on a budget
  4. Yes please! I’ve ordered the paint, just can’t decide if I’ll like it
  5. I finished install this weekend, at dealer now getting alignment and software install for camera and steering. Install went well, hardest part was compressing spring. I bought the McPherson tool from harbor freight which had just enough thread to compress springs. I was able to move much quicker on passenger side after learning on drivers side. I did break the end link to sway bar, don’t use an impact on that one! I was surprised how detailed directions were, you really can’t screw this up, it even stated to use only hand tools on tie rod, upper A arm and end link! rear was very easy!
  6. That’s great news, now I have to do this one!
  7. That’s awesome! Keep us posted. Hopefully you won’t have to make a trip to dealer for BCM flash
  8. I ended getting the best deal on eBay at $1079.99 , seller was billcramergm
  9. I received the GM lift kit today, plan to install tomorrow, I'll keep ya updated. I have an appointment with dealer to install software and alignment Monday.
  10. I just installed the Lomax, no issues with auto lower tailgate
  11. Following this one! Hopefully white automotive has a solution
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