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  1. Not sure on specific part numbers but all Gen 2s will have 3 soft buttons at bottom right of mirror.
  2. Awesome man, this is still one of my favorite mods! Well worth the effort.
  3. Also on the 2021 I was working on today I did not have to mess with dome light.
  4. Just helped a friend pull his today, I ended up shaking and pulling, if feels like you going to break them but they will release. There are only two yellow plastic clips. Metal is also thin where they connect, the hole was a bit deformed, so we used a smaller hammer to make metal flat again around the hole were clip connects. I don’t think there is access to those clips from cab. Also make sure small black washer is is still around clip before reinstall, they fall off easily.
  5. Can't wait for this one! Just sold my 2020 AT4 for a nice profit, bought H2 to get me by until these hit the market. I think it will be worth the wait.
  6. I got an opportunity to check out the latest offering from MVI! This is their CarPlay and Navigation Portal 3.0 by MVI Inc. Unlike the previous version, this can be completely hidden, Just plug box into USB port, and either hard wire ( all OEM plugs, no cutting) or plug into 12v acc and now have access to Netflix, amazon prime video, YouTube and much more. All independent from my iPhone. This one also has an HDMI output for other monitors, headrests, or overhead TVs. With the google play store, you can download lots of other apps too. I made a video to show the basic operation. Check out the video and  https://www.gm-navigation.com/
  7. Yes it will work with Android, also in the first video, the black box shown is the unit.
  8. I saw this on you tube MVI Inc and ordered it from MVI. It is the coolest mod I have done yet and the easiest! Just plug box into USB port and I now have access to Netflix, amazon prime video and YouTube! All independent from my iPhone. With the google play store, you can download lots of other apps too. iPhone mirroring works great too, also wireless!! I made a couple videos to show the basic operation. Check out the videos and https://www.gm-navigation.com/
  9. Yeah it’s nuts, my local Dealer said the same thing. I asked if he could match Carvannas offer and he showed me a new RST within 500 bucks of Carvanna offer on my used 2019 with 12,300 miles! but I agree, these high offers won’t last
  10. Shop around! There are some deals out there. Got 17% off MSRP at Everrett GMC in Conway, Arkansas. They were in-line, price wise with Laura Buick GMC. I ended up getting exact same deal locally at Bob Howard GMC in OKC. 2020 GMC AT4, crew, 6.2lt, loaded up Discount included $500 off for military
  11. I have had 2 sets, no noise, might check if you have any binding between to arms. You can do this by loosening Allen bolts under rail, should be four total per side.
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