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  1. This will only work on 19-20 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra
  2. Have you torn into that dash yet? Crossing my fingers there’s some room for the HUD!
  3. Great write on an easy mod, I listen to AM to find football gameS every once and while, may try it anyway to see what’s lost if any. Thanks!!
  4. Great looking truck! Nice work, how’s the ride quality with icon coil overs?
  5. As Fiatdale stated earlier parts are tough to find for camera upgrade but doable for sure, check eBay too! Rearview mirrors from 2019 Cadillac XT4 will work too, that’s what I ended up installing in mine which saved me some cash. I’m also selling 3rd brake light with camera and wiring harness in for sale thread if your interested.
  6. Just the rear area, I took off plastic rear panels (that house seat belt), hanger hooks above rear windows and side panels that house front belts. You can then gentle and carefully pull far rear End of headliner away from rear window trim. oh and also pull rear overhead light, pulls straight down with 2 clips.
  7. This a great MOD! The cameras for 2019 have a great clear picture!
  8. Yes it’s a sealed LED housing just like your current lamp.
  9. Yes with lamp and this harness you will not need spoiler. If you order only lamp from GM you would not get This wiring harness. I just listed it on for sale thread.
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