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  1. Yeah it’s nuts, my local Dealer said the same thing. I asked if he could match Carvannas offer and he showed me a new RST within 500 bucks of Carvanna offer on my used 2019 with 12,300 miles! but I agree, these high offers won’t last
  2. Shop around! There are some deals out there. Got 17% off MSRP at Everrett GMC in Conway, Arkansas. They were in-line, price wise with Laura Buick GMC. I ended up getting exact same deal locally at Bob Howard GMC in OKC. 2020 GMC AT4, crew, 6.2lt, loaded up Discount included $500 off for military
  3. I have had 2 sets, no noise, might check if you have any binding between to arms. You can do this by loosening Allen bolts under rail, should be four total per side.
  4. Looks great!! A lot cheaper than overpriced Brembo kit! Did you use the G2 paint kit?
  5. Yeah me neither, I spoke to the guy at Carvanna after the deal was made and he said the used car shortage was mainly due to most auction houses are closed or had been closed. That made sense, a lot of used cars move through auctions.
  6. Thanks to this forum with putting the idea in my head Just sold my 19 Silverado RST to Carvanna with convenience II package, 4wd, 5.3 for $44,942.00. Had 12,300 miles, bought last year for $43,000, MSRP was $53 and some change. Really easy transaction too, just meet at Carvanna store in OKC, 10 mins later, I had my check. Still in shock I was paid that much, bought a 2020 GMC AT4 with 6.2 today!
  7. SOLD! Sill have cluster and HUD in other listing!
  8. Selling my 19 Silverado, camera mirror found in High Country, SLT and Denali. In excellent condition, best mod I did for my Silverado! This one was removed from a Cadillac, I did have to remove a small “ear” on mount so I could reuse originally Silverado plastic cover. This in no way effects anything and is never seen. $325 shipped to your door! Also selling HUD and Cluster in another post. please add 3% to PayPal if not using friends and family.
  9. Selling my 2019 Chevy Silverado, purchased cluster and programming service to include HUD ability from Chris at https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/denali-high-country-cluster-retrofit-t1/ Cluster was only in truck 4 or 5 months, excellent condition. Will need to be programming by Chris to work in your truck. Cluster $300 shipped to your door. HUD display removed from a 2019 Silverado High Country, never got around to installing in my truck. HUD $225 shipped to your door PayPal please, add 3% if not using friends and family.
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