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  1. just came from a 2016 2500hd 6.0 liter 4.10 gear to a 2017 1500 wit 3.42 gears. big mistake I cant stand the afm but its more than that. the size the height and the difference in pulling is what I miss. no comparison. mpg may 3-4 difference around town. 1500 in a hurry to get in high gear at all times 2500 much better truck in my opinion.
  2. Yeah 3 ,would be best description. To bad interior Mostly quiet ride smooth. Engine and trans can't work well together
  3. I had a 16 2500 no afm 6.0 liter 4.10 hear. Traded to 17 1500. Now I understand the hate for arm. The shaking vibration shuttering Etc.
  4. After 500 miles the 1500 is ok. The good is ride and mpg. Of course. The bad is the low rider 4wd look, the Obama geared 3.42. Pulling my 20 foot bass boat hurts mpg more than I thought.6.2 would be nice but only seen in Denali or ltz. No tow max trucks in my area. Always felt in 2500 the truck pulled the trailer. Now with 1500 the trailer pulls the truck if that makes sense. One nice thing on 1500 is stepping from bed to bumper. Electronic power steering is different.
  5. Professional series but no upgraded engine transmission Rear axle or anything work related. So as fare as a truck is no real upgrade.
  6. More front clearance for older models. Deep snow I imagine air dam might get damaged.
  7. Yeah I just towed my tractor with 1500 does ok not near the 2500. Maybe top speed but from zero to 90 give me the 2500 anyday
  8. Not really a sports car. Just coming from 6.0 liter. My decision just got to live with it.
  9. This will be the first 4wd truck I will need to jack up to do a oil change on. Maybe with out a creeper won't need a jack. 2500 had plenty of room . So imagine off road or hunting trail. Off road must mean a smooth field or gravel driveway. My 1991 now is stock sits higher Than 17 model with smaller tires. Been under it many many times.
  10. My old nova has a such ground clearance as my 2017 Silverado 4wd. Traded my 16 Silverado 2500 for this 1500. Not sure what is worse gutless 5.3 or The lowrider look on a 4wd.
  11. Pulled float and zero turn last night. Won't be the same again. Glad my boat is light. It's more than just engine. Gearing brakes Ground clearance and frame stiffness all go together well. Anyone thinking of down sizing berry a truck pull your normal Things then decide.
  12. I did it after a week I regret it. 1500 smooth good mpg alot going for it. even like the wt simplicity over the lt model. out 3k to boot. live and learn. something about hd is better despite the obvious downfalls
  13. maybe a picture of 2016 wt. have some 18s just not put on yet. has ccm control arms.

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