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  1. wanting something different for my 2500. i have looked and looked for wheels and despite unlimited selection cant find nothing i just have to have. got factory 20s now have some 18s as well on the shelf. wish someone made a aftermarket 18 x 9 in a steel wheel i would be a buyer just to be different. especially if you could add a beauty ring etc.
  2. How much on mirrors? Location?


  3. I just installed the CCM control arms. Price is good quality good. I did not like having to press in the bushings and installing the ball joint though. Had a order issue. Once contacted they fixed immediately and got a free set of keys.
  4. finally back to 2500. really had given up just stick with what I had and get a decent deal on a year older truck. first time had a dealer cut me a check. 6 hour drive but got to spend some time away in a nice area. lost a year and had 20k more miles but its done.
  5. I have no use for a high country and all of that. The used work 2500 trucks are now selling for more than they were new in my area. Of course talking trucks with 20k miles or less etc. Especially 2017-2018 models.
  6. Sir. I know you have answered this many times.

    Looking at a 2500 that has two mirrors with lights etc.

    What all would i need to make theses folding?

    I forgot to get the mirror code. Unfortunately.


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    2. pgamboa


      If they are not power folding now, you’ll need to swap them out for power folding mirrors. DQS is the RPO code in the glove box. 

    3. miker2702


      Do you have a preferred aftermarket supplier that 

      Would work with your harness?

    4. pgamboa


      I’ve only had my hands on trail ridge mirrors sold by 1A Auto. 

      Here is a video I made on them. 


  7. Older ones. Just very loud and rough.can't all be like these to many people like them. For the first year they were good.
  8. I have at3s on my 04 1500 and absolutely the worst tire I have had in some time. started out great for about a year. now so loud and so rough I quit rotating them hoping they wear out faster. got about 30k on them. 6 hour road trip to Nashville and back a year ago at around 80 mph or better I could not figure out what was worse the Volant air filter noise or the tires screaming I thought they were in competition for which one would be the loudest.
  9. i would drive it a few hundred miles at various speeds on highway to make sure no vibrations. gm will tell you the same its normal......I would drive every one on the lot to be sure I got a smooth one.... 2500hd I traded was smoother than the 1500.....except when you hit a bump....my son has 30k saved for a new truck im telling him look elsewhere.....if gm will not stand behind what they sell.
  10. Well there's a 93 2500 9 inches of lift. 454 Clark 5 speed on 37s. Driven little. Very little.... 1991 silverado 120k. 2004 Silverado for my son. 2017. Country strong?
  11. Ok. With your tire wheel set up would you go up a old logging road maybe gravel maybe not two or three miles into the woods to a tree stand ? Would you head to the wood line going to cut fire wood ? Why would I want to head to a remote boat ramp in North Carolina pulling my 50k bass boat throwing mud and rocks all over it ? Would you hook up a trailer to the rock quarry for a couple tons of gravel maybe going a mile on a gravel road to get loaded. In my area when it snows they may cover some area's in gravel hows the body panels going to look after back and for for a few days ? What does the opposite sex have to do with my truck. Odd statement. I'm thinking work mainly in my truck your wanting to impress the opposite sex ? Rt
  12. Gee. Check out stryker suspension s. Local guy builds some amazing rides. Brand new trucks cuts all suspension out and adds some amazing new set ups. Stop and talk to him he shows me around I'm floored by the custom work. I ask who buys these and most are out of town guys etc. I've seen several go out on trailer s. Back to point you just don't see that type set up in my area...the super wide low profile look just not that popular. Is it growing some what maybe. Most off road guys don't run the low profile set up. Not talking new trucks at royal blue but beat up trucks made for off road work don't have that look....
  13. I can build it, I can pay cash for it, but I would not drive it. don't take it personally. if you don't like mine and tell me its no big deal.
  14. must be a city thing that look just don't work in the country
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