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  1. Has anyone replaced or wrapped their handles yet? Looking to do this ASAP but I have no idea on the easiest route to take and cost.
  2. I love the cover it was pricey but 20% off. I’m gonna remove the emblems and black out the Chevrolet too.
  3. Installed tonneau cover today. The wheel liners are a PITA. Only got one side installed. Next up is LED’s
  4. Does the new jump seat sit on top of the original ac vents? Looking at buying one and didn’t see the ac vents
  5. is the color white or yellow? hard to tell. appreciate the info.
  6. First time buying a truck and ended up with this. Have had it for 4 days and I love it.
  7. did you end up installing them? If you did, would love to see some photos.
  8. thanks for the heads up! just bought a trail boss today (white one) and this will be the first mod.
  9. I ended up with a white custom trail boss crew cab v8 for $42.1k OTD. I’m happy with the deal considering I’m in California and paid $4500 in taxes.
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