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  1. Trail Boss vs LT

    A K2 would be a 2018. If reliability is your no1 priority I think a Z71 equipped K2 is the right way to go also.
  2. Duration of Auto Stop

    My voltage goes pretty low sometimes but my auto stop can last more than 30sec too. My anecdotal observation is duration seems most related to the delta between ambient temp and cabin set temp.
  3. Mine does this every morning from a cold start and I pull straight out. My current mitigation strategy is to touch the gas pedal softly and then coast a bit so the transmission has time to 'get normal' Just a quirk of our machine. The shudder on deaccel is far more annoying to me.
  4. Real world city MPG?

    I've been getting 17 to 19 on my commute which I would consider city type driving with the 2.7T. Other than a rattle I've isolated to the steering column and a general dread about oil cooler lines and wiring looms I'm still pretty happy with it still.
  5. That's kind of ridiculous GM cant get a new harness from the assembly line. In my business the after sales support folks take whatever they need from the production line if they cant get a replacement part from the supplier and SM orders the factory a replacememt. After sales support guys shouldn't be shortchanged like that. Artifact of the car manufacturer/car dealer structure maybe?
  6. Yes, my wife couldn't lift the infant carrier to the center so in her Tahoe the baby is outboard PAX and the toddler climbs into her booster in the center and we turn around and buckle from the front seats. When they're both front facing I can totally see having to separate them...
  7. The crew cabs make sense for some people, it's all about the problem you're trying to solve
  8. The boosters are awesome. Plenty of space. I did another thread on just the booster here somewhere. Overall, I'm confident I can get my kids to teenage years with the T1 doublecab. The K2 double was significantly tighter/smaller to me. I hedged and got a front bench also since we need may need to sit 6 in an emergency. Tried it once and the front middle teenager is unhappy but totally doable for short range/emergencies.
  9. Yeah, Ive seen allot out there saying rear PAX is the best place for the US. I guess they're thinking about t-boning during a left turn?
  10. My baby has outgrown the infant carrier so here's how the rear facing seat is. Its doable in the center. Behind the driver/pax seat is too tight for the rake I want. Seat is a Britax click tight (my preferred brand)
  11. Tonneau cover

    The kit is fully gasketed on all sides, it's gone through some Seattle rain and it seemed dry inside when I opened the tailgate but I don't expect any soft rollup cover to be water tight. ymmv To dark inside the tailgate to get an image
  12. Radio Disappearing Favorites

    This just happened to me. Still have the 1st page of presets but the rest are invisible but still accessible via steering wheel button. I noticed one of my XM presets on p3 changed name. The DIC still reports 'freebird" but the big screen says DMB radio for channel 30. Wonder if the system cant handle the name change
  13. Duration of Auto Stop

    Like others have implied, AC demand seems like the biggest influence. On my way into work when its n the 50s outside the auto stop functions for long intervals. When its sunny and 75 outside on the way home and the AC has to get all that solar gain out of the cabin the periods can be pretty brief.

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