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  1. Did a search but didn't see a mention of this. Anyone else's rear seals look like this? Thought my toddler had done it at first but mine are like this on both sides...
  2. Thinking of wrapping

    I did it strictly for paint protection from highway debris / cinder though my installer covered the headlight lenses also. My father in law has gotten by with a good mounted wind deflector. I think the main factor is your location and what your doing (e.g. following a salt shaker around in the winter or driving in the sun in FL)
  3. Rear window leak

    Anyone know what these leaks look like/how obvious they are without a leather interior?
  4. Thinking of wrapping

    got my LT wrapped bc of a great experience with my SS that the previous owner had wrapped and because of how my Tahoe hood looks after 60k miles. For our trucks the raised 'Silverado' on the Fenders makes the film much more noticeable since they have to cut a rectangle out there close to eye level to get around the letters. My installer made the cut sloppy on one side to add insult to injury but I'm hoping they'll rework that. [Kirkland LineX if anyone near Seattle cares] Anyhow, point is not a slam dunk on this truck but the film does help with chips and washing if done well.
  5. My 2019 LT definitely surges a bit at light throttle on the 1-2 or maybe 2-3? upshift and downshift. I'm at 250mi so still getting to know the truck. Have you tried perf mode? Seems to hold gears longer and lunge less to me in perf mode.
  6. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    Bought a Turbo LT a week ago. I prefer the engine/trans combo over my wife's GMT900 Tahoe 5.3/6AT but I'm used to boosted 4s.

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