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  1. Costco 87 all the way in my L3B. Get slightly better mileage on brand name 87 but doesnt justify the price difference. Never noticed any knocking.
  2. Does this only affect iPhones? I dont have this issue with my Android device/IOS radio
  3. I think I have that LH AC duct rattle. Also found sometimes moving the steering wheel rake up and down has quieted a buzz I had under load on the highway
  4. I have the 255/70 base LT wheels. Winter tires look cheap in this size. Handling is good even with the narrow tire. It is easy to spin the rears in the wet but that might be the same for the 18s too.
  5. I got a 10y 100k mi one also, similar price as above, mainly because the L3B is so new. Proba bbn ly a waste of money...
  6. My LT turbo was built 11/18 so I figure it's an early build and bought in April 19, turned 3.5k miles recently and still haven't had this happen. I wonder if I'm the outlier or the folks having issues are. Or maybe it's a duty cycle thing...
  7. Have about 3.5k miles on mine still on original oil (50% oil life left according to dic) and have smooth idle on cold starts. Similar pressures to above. In Seattle though so cold isn't that cold.
  8. So I'm pretty sure I'm good but would appreciate some confirmation. Looking at buying some oem wheels a guy is selling off his new TB custom. Want to make sure they'll fit my LT with the base 17s without rubbing or anything. Current skins are 255/70R17 Ones I'm looking at are 275/60R20 with the Goodyear ATs I know they'll big a significant speedo error without reprogramming. Anyone done this? Thanks in advance...
  9. My LT has the ZL6 package but its unclear to me from the literature if that included an oil cooler, 3.42 gear, 9.5" shaft, G80, big alternator, etc. or not. Anyone know for sure what comes with the ZL6 option hardware wise?
  10. I find used OEM rims on CL or Ebay for my winter tires and buy a 2nd set of oem sensors off Ebay. Its definately a pita compared to the pre TPMS days. Usu the CL used rim cost is not much worse than steelies and in the past you could associate the sensors following the owners manual deflate - inflate procedure. I think 255/70R17, the minimum OEM tire, would be the most effective winter size and probably what I'll get as it's an Xice2 size.
  11. Michellin X-ices are the best winter 'truck/SUV' tire I've found. Xi2 s are the LT version. Have them in the wife's Tahoe and it's our ski resort vehicle. With the G80 rear 4wd is hardly ever needed unless it's a long and steep hill
  12. I also get the spoiler popping. I figured its CTE since I park inside a cold concrete parking garage during the day and usually hear the noise on hot sunny days heading home from work to get my kid. For the OP, when I put on my cheap nerf bars I noticed some extra creaking when I went over big bumps slowly (i.e. concrete ramp into driveway). I retorqued the cab bolts going through the nerf bar brackets and its since gone away.
  13. If all 4 wheel sensors report 32psi I think the gage is off. My sensors and gage line up pretty close for cold numbers, see some scatter in the hot pressures.
  14. 2.7T for city fuel economy in an LT, would have done the 4.3 but my marriage requires dual zone climate and heated seats
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