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  1. Nothing yet. I'm watching this thread which may be of interest to you.
  2. Following! With the IOS Nav upgrade the picture shows on the nav map screen too which is kind of lame when the image choices are worse than the old XP windows default icons...
  3. I realize I'm wasting my breath but for the silent thread watchers these charts show why my 2 7T truck tractors up Steven's pass. The 4.3 V6 is the bottom curve but it's the same for most NA powerplants that make max torque up at high rpms. The 2.7T is at max torque at 1500 rpm. As I am not accelerating or dragging a 6k pound trailer my truck never shifts as the grade increases it just adds fuels to produce more torque at the same rpm. Turbo engines can be setup for torque or top end hit. As MDSilverado has said multiple times GM went for torque. The engine runs out of breath well before the rev limiter but it doesnt matter because it doesnt need to turn 4k to make enough torque to maintain 70mph up a grade and that's why its awesome. I think the differences are magnified at partial throttle settings where we all operate 99% of the time. The concept is probably foreign if you haven't driven a small diesel or other forced induction engine tuned for torque which is why there are so many doubters and haters. But Im tired of people coming to our thread asking for explanations and then telling us we dont know what we're talking about. Drive the truck and decide for yourself. I think most will love it. This is my 3rd turbo vehicle and I'll never go back.
  4. I didn't say anything about towing, that is your thing. I want my truck to do my thing which is 70mph+ up WA state passes with my family in the cab and my bike in the bed and getting good city mpg for commuting to work. And my truck does my thing great.
  5. The turbo offers more usable torque at low revs. Most apparent when climbing a mtn pass. NA engines struggle or have to turn high revs whereas the turbo just tractors up in top gear.
  6. Yeah I have a short steep hill on my daily commute where this happens if I'm going slow and keep the throttle position steady. Sometimes I ride the vibes. Otherwise a little more entry speed or more throttle alleviates it.
  7. City fuel economy is better, hwy is worse above 60. Otherwise the truck is hugely capable. Drive both. I test drove 2 5.3's and preferred the 2.7T. High speed damping and chassis flex are main things I think GM could improve but I'm not a truck guy so might have unrealistic expectations there
  8. I will and I do. I haven't had any trouble but Im pretty sure I dont work mine as hard as you other guys. Now if I can just get my Onstar connection issue fixed. Those Onstar people are thick.
  9. So there's an upside to my cheapo base soon to be winter wheels?
  10. I got a letter from GM about engine harness chaffing. Seems like a recall level event as it shows up with the seatbelt and brake module reprogram as a required service in the my chev app. Thought the thread followers might be interested.
  11. Like the title says. Wife bought me fogs and nav for Xmas. Dealership installed while doing oil change. (Good Chev in Renton). Used reward points to get data but when I try to turn on hotspot data share I get a message to call OnStar. OnStar confirmed my data plan and was otherwise absolutely no help. Anyone had a similar issue? The dealership is far and I hate to go for something stupid...
  12. Mine also does the same. I try not to adjust volume while scrolling through radio presets or vice versa with the steering wheel controls as that seems to trigger it.
  13. Appreciste the report. Interested to know how many miles you get out of the blizzaks
  14. look for someone offloading the base 17" wheels. Usu cheaper than buying new wheels...
  15. Believe I had a similar experience once, I wait a second or two before shifting out of park nowadays. Backup camera would sometimes do weird things too without that brief pause after starting.
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