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  1. If all 4 wheel sensors report 32psi I think the gage is off. My sensors and gage line up pretty close for cold numbers, see some scatter in the hot pressures.
  2. 2.7T for city fuel economy in an LT, would have done the 4.3 but my marriage requires dual zone climate and heated seats
  3. It just seems stuck against the bottom if the windshield under the dash panel without anything really sandwiched against it. That's why I wonder if its installed improperly.
  4. Well I just procrastinated on deleting the and recreating my user and viola the presets are all back. Kinda strange but seems to have worked out. I wonder if GM pushed out a firmware update over the air?
  5. This happen to anyone else? This happened to me on the drivers side when I first got the truck and now it's happening on the pax side. Ive used sunshades on all my vehicles pretty much forever and not had this problem before. SUPER annoying, anyone else similarly affected? Trying to decide if the gasket is incorrectly installed or not...
  6. Concur, the T1 double cab is a good size and doable for kids. Esp if they're old enough for a front facing booster seat. A rear facing infant seat fits fine in the rear center if you can live with the front middle seatback down or have the front buckets. I posted some pics off my car seats in my doublecab in another thread. Personally I think people that think the new double is too small for car seats probably haven't seen what its like in the back of a compact import. It's the same front/back and worse if you want to get 3 across the back.
  7. Standard T1 LT double cab completely stock with the skinny tires. Definately some front end under damped type boatiness (+65mph) on the highway and bumps in fast sweepers definately upset the rear causing it to step out as many have reported. My 2014 Tahoe LT with 60k miles, also stock, rides significantly better/more controlled at all speeds. My understanding is that the Tahoes and Rams have similar coil sprung rear suspensions.
  8. First you'll get a certified letter releasing the lien, then you may or may not get a physical title depending on your state. The letter says electronic title states don't always mail the title. WA sent a new title about 3 weeks after the letter came. New as in not lien released.
  9. Two words, sun shade. Also preserves your dash. I've also noticed, and this is kind cool I think, that if your making a hands free call through the truck blue tooth the AC blower slows down so you can hear and the truck mics hear you. That function would definately affect cooling off a hot truck. (assuming you have the dual zone climate).
  10. Love the engine and can accept the transmission. Just turned 2300mi/3.5months and I'm a lifetime 19.2 mpg on Costco 87. I don't do much hwy driving. Maybe 200mi of the above is highway which was a run up Snoqumie pass and the turbo torque made it effortless. The rest is North Seattle/Everett commuting. Some of the V8 milage numbers have sounded pretty good and some turbo owners have had some early teething issues.
  11. I have one that is somehow related to the tilt/telescope of the steering wheel. Can buzz pretty loud sometimes.
  12. Got one the local Costco's were selling for $12 or so. Choose the bigger size and it works well but have had it pull up some of a foam gasket/seal from under the wind shield interior bottom that probably wasn't installed correctly my GM.
  13. A K2 would be a 2018. If reliability is your no1 priority I think a Z71 equipped K2 is the right way to go also.
  14. My voltage goes pretty low sometimes but my auto stop can last more than 30sec too. My anecdotal observation is duration seems most related to the delta between ambient temp and cabin set temp.
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