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  1. I'm at 19ish lifetime doing mostly city. real city, 45 min to drive 18 mi city. I've had mine 14 months now / 9k mi , 2019LT 4x4 (non-Z71 with the adv tow ratio rear end), and it's been a solid vehicle but the 8spd does bang a gear at low speed every now and then. No complaints for a truck but my wife's K2xx tahoe is better for family vehicle duties in every way with only 1 or 2 mpg worse.
  2. I got the above headunit error once. I think from plugging/unplugging my Samsung while the headunit was booting right after starting the truck. Definately best to give the truck computers time to boot after ignition. Weird things can happen otherwise.
  3. I found I couldn't program my 2019LT home link until I removed the LED bulbs from the opener the previous own installed.
  4. After unlocking it I used a big flat bladed screw driver to gently push the connector out.
  5. I had the IOS. The IOR does not have nav capability. Everything was purchased/done through my dealer back before Xmas
  6. Also not perfect, mine does this kinda stuff allot in the DIC on the 2nd redraw
  7. My kit pn was 84531832. Part plus labor to program at my dealer was about $700 for me but our tax is almost 11% here. I know the dealer struggled to program. Another thread stated the kits have become hard to come by. Cant believe GM wont make more if theres market demand.
  8. What kind of mpg impact you guys seeing with the 2" lift?
  9. Really appreciate the grille instructions. Did mine today.
  10. Looking at some 22in high country take offs tonight for my plebeian Double cab LT. Will report back if I pull the trigger.
  11. Wondering if anyone knows or has experience with alignment issues putting 20 or 22 in wheels on a T1 that came with the base 17s. I typically switch between summer and winter wheels every year in my vehicles but I've read the factory alignments are different for the T1s with the larger 22 in wheels. Don't want to invest in some 20 or 22 inch takeoffs for summer wheels and find out they dont drive well with 17" base wheel alignment. Anyone done this?
  12. I also can cycle through my usual views using the bottom buttons. On 805.1 if it matters...
  13. Thanks for the follow up so I know what to ask for now if I decide I dont need the hotspot data.
  14. Like it says, looking for 20" OEMs. Prefer shiny LTZ or silver wheels in good shape. Located in Seattle, willing to drive a bit to get them. Found some HC 22s instead.
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