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  1. I had one of the seats taken apart to get to the motors. It wasn’t to bad just had to get a little rougher with them than I’d like a few time to get fasteners to let go. I hate to hear that the switch wasn’t the final answer. In looking at the circuit diagram I think you were right in saying bcm flash is the only good way to get power to the mother and have fan speed control.
  2. So I looked at myalldata.com for a wiring diagram specific to my vehicle and you are correct there is a logic function internal to both seat cooler motors that drives the speed control to both seats. The power comes from the passenger side fuse block straight to both coolers and the logic board is sent a signal (I assume a mili-amp control signal) from the switch in the dash to energize the motors.... So you are right it seems there is no way to "hotwire" the seats. however, what that wiring diagram also showed me is that apart from the switch in the dash and the empty fuse spot all the wiring is there to make the seats work. They just need to be hotted up from the fuse block and get the signal from the dash switch. I ordered a heater control panel that includes our missing ventilated seat button and I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope that with the fuse in place and the heater/ac cluster with the proper button pugged in the seats come to life like all the other functions have so far. the heat/ac cluster with the button were between 100-150$ so a drop in the bucket at this point haha. worth a shot. I will keep you posted and keep your fingers crossed.
  3. I contacted WAMS about enabling the seat cooler function and they said this. “Should be possible however we have not mapped this for the T1's yet. White Automotive & Media Services” I know they advertise it on their website but when I contacted them about enabling the seat coolers the person that responded said that. I’ll do some more looking and tinkering to see if the coolers can be run that way. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s not that simple. I’ll let you know if I find anything more out.
  4. Thanks, I bought the seats specifically for the cooling function so if they unlock any other functions that's a bonus for me. I got in touch with WAMS also about the seats and they said it was possible to enable the seat cooler functions and make them switchable from the infotainment screen but that they had not mapped the T1 trucks for that yet. With that in mind I might just try and discretely run a new line and switch just for the coolers. With how well the memory and powerfold mirrors worked for you I'm gonna try and see if I can't do the same. Thanks for the information
  5. So I think I'm reading all what you've done correctly. I have a 19' TrailBoss LT that has heated/power drivers seat and heated passenger seat. I swiped a pair of power/heated/cooled (and probably memory I'm not sure) front seats from a 19' High-Country. I was plaining on either getting the BCM programming from WAM or running a switch for the seat coolers to both sides, but the 10-way power and heaters should just be plug and play for both sides right? Am I correct in thinking that the only thing that will not work if I install my the High-Country seats are the seat coolers? Also, did you ever get your seat coolers working?
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