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  1. What brand of anchor tie downs are people buying for the bed of the truck? I've seen a lot of people buying the Bull Ring ones from Amazon which look nice and are rated for 1000 lbs PER anchor. They are however made in China and the outside cover \ bezel looks like plastic? I just wonder how well they will hold up? Anything plastic in AZ tends to rot quick in the AZ sun. The price is pretty good, 9 for about $100 which is WAY cheaper than OEM. Thoughts on this? Thanks, Smitty
  2. The center console safe looked nice. Has anyone installed the GM one yet?
  3. Why would you chose a 3.5 ecoboost over a larger displacement 6.2 that barely has to work while the 3.5 is having to use a turbo and whine all the time?
  4. I'm really sorry to hear that you have to go through cancer. My prayers are with you and your family but like many have said keep fighting! Doctors are always practicing and don't KNOW how your body will react, i hope you beat it! They gave my father a week or two and he lived well over a year on his SECOND occurrence, the first time he beat colon cancer for 10 plus years. This was a long time ago and medical advances have changed quite a bit since then. Thank you for all of your knowledge and advice you have given many on this forum, that's been really helpful for people. My advice... live the best life you can, tell everyone how you feel and regret nothing. I hope to see your posts for many years to come, keep fighting! We appreciate you! Smitty
  5. I'm a Chevy \ GMC fan and have been for years. I looked at every model (except the Nissan) pretty close before i bought and I haven't regretted my 19 Chevy at all. After Dodge just recalled something like 350k of those I'd stay away. Just check long term reliability. I agree they are pretty nice looking but I like to keep my trucks for a few years. If you are going to flip it in 2 or 3 years you would probably be fine but like someone else said they don't hold up well on re-sale. The big 3 all make good trucks, just get what fits you and how long you want to keep it. They can all be made to look good but will they last?! I've tried to like the Ford, Dodge and Toyota but apples to apples (and I have the 6.2 so not really fair) I haven't looked back since. Try the 6.2 with the 10 speed, that alone will make you decide. That was the MAIN thing I wanted. Good luck in your decision! Smitty
  6. February this year and that was not with Costco.
  7. 2019 LTZ 6.2 Silverado 4x4 - $61k msrp + TTL (Around $65k) and I was out the door $55,700. I had to battle hard.. Quick tip... look at the manufacture date on the driver side, mine was sitting on their lot for 4 or 5 months when I bought it and they had 2. I told them when they are serious call me or they can keep it on the lot for another 5 months, that it was too much money and that's why no one was buying it.. a lot more to that but look for one that's been on the lot for a while. They called me 3 times on the way home, I got my price and they delivered it to my house at 8:00 PM that night. I felt like that was a good deal at the time but I'm sure there are better out there now. Also.. don't pay and finance an extended warranty, you are just paying interest on that! Wait until you are almost out of the factory one and buy then! Why pay for something you aren't even going to use for 3 years AND pay interest on it.. Smitty
  8. I'm in AZ, I'll take that adjustable sun visor! hahaha
  9. Look under there, there is a TON of room to put a larger one in there for sure..
  10. I'ts my first GM with a 6.2, I had several 5.3 and 5.7 and I will never go back. the additional cost is WELL worth the enjoyment! It get's better gas mileage than any previous V8 I had to boot!
  11. The gauges are personal preference, who cares, look at that MPG! It's a truck...

    Nice job, that looks great!
  13. Real world city MPG?

    I just took my 19 6.2 on a couple of hundred mile road trip over the weekend. The previous best on my fuel economy gauge for 50 miles was 25.5, I'm not sure how but the average turned up at 26.0 with a best of 28.1!! I have a little Honda Accord that only gets low 30's as my commuter car! This thing must have been in 2 cylinder mode going down hills! Smitty
  14. I've had my 2019 6.2 LTZ for 4 months \ 2900 miles and I've had ZERO real issues. The only thing I've noticed has to do with the wheel well liners. One of them is missing 2 of the screws that hold it in there. I don't see that as anything at all. Performance and everything else has been fine on mine. Mine was built 8/18 just as a reference. The 10 speed transmission and 6.2 are amazing, that's the main reason i bought this. Smitty
  15. It doesn't come with a magnetic drain plug?!? Where did you get yours? Thanks for the info!

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