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  1. It doesn't seem like it can handle that much, a basic power tool or an air pump but that's about it. I tried to plug in a kids baseball pitching machine to it and it wouldn't do a thing with that. Oh well.
  2. So living in AZ we use sun shades quite a bit. When I put one up and covered the sensor behind the rear view mirror (i didn't know there was one) it made the outside mirrors dark. I didn't know the side mirrors would change at all but they sure do when that sensor is covered. Matt
  3. Disappointed weekend -_-

    That stinks! Man... no one takes pride in their work any longer. I always feel like I have to double check everything done at a dealer etc now as well. At one time you paid more for a dealer to do thing because you expected the work to be better somehow and the parts were OEM. I hope they make this right for you.
  4. Well that's a real bummer to find out. There has to be a way to bypass that.
  5. I didn't think the LTZ had an option for the HUD standard? Did you get the technology package to get that?
  6. Available mods for 2019 Sierra

    Who makes that front bumper? Really nice, I like how you could probably put a winch in there.
  7. Rear window leak

    So what happens after the 3 \ 36,000?
  8. Is there a way to add the HUD to an LTZ? I already get the red light notifications on the windshield.
  9. 2019 Z71 LTZ

    Congrats and enjoy! I got the same 6.2 Z71 LTZ and i couldn't be happier! It has so much power and just wants to pull like crazy! How is your gas mileage compared to your 2017?
  10. Rear window leak

    Shamrock - That really stinks man, I'm sorry you went through all of that crap, that's not cool at all! It's that crappy dealership, I would raise hell about them for sure! Few people take pride in their work anymore! Please let us know what happens.
  11. Wow that looks nice!! My 19 is still stock and that picture was a punch in the face! Really nice job, thanks for sharing!
  12. Console Organizer

    I agree, this one is less than the other one mentioned and you get more functionality out of it.
  13. Sotally Tober's T1 Build

    What brand antenna is that and does it work as well as the stock? I'm tired of the stock one hitting the entrance of my garage when I go in \ out. Really nice job, looks great! Thanks for sharing with us.
  14. GM Financing - Early refinance

    I was told the dealership can come after you for the rebates, that has nothing to do with GM financial.
  15. GM Financing - Early refinance

    FYI - Legal fees are NOT tax deductible. hahaha.. I actually asked about that for tax season this year, write offs have changed.

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