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  1. Well it's been about 7 months since I had my 2019 rear window leak repaired. It was a painful process and I am very hesitant to put it in a high pressure wash, but no leaks YET. It's been in the rain 2 or 3 times, a quarter car wash with the high pressure wand 4 or 5 times as well as 1 high pressure automated (no touch) wash. Nothing... I took it to a new dealer the other day for some software updates etc and asked how many they repaired. The guy wasn't shy, he said they were doing several a week and had a wait time around a month - three months on some of theirs. He said the key was learning how to apply the new gasket for the spoiler \ light. He said they really didn't replace many of the sliding windows. I'm sorry so many are going through this still but eventually they get it right. Don't hold your breath on them doing anything for you as far as compensation, I tried. Smitty
  2. So after getting my rear window sealed and my headliner taken out via the front windshield and being replaced, the sensor for tracking your lane changes doesn't work anymore. I can't hit the button to turn it on \ off and it's just dead. I'm guessing this is because they didn't calibrate it after the replacement? Does anyone have any info on this by chance? I dread taking my truck back into the dealer again, 35 days was enough! Thanks in advance... Smitty
  3. The only reason Toyota is so reliable is because they don't update their trucks for a LONG time. Just wait, when they play catch up with all of the big boys they will have issues also. I refuse to pay Toyota prices for outdated and under powered trucks. Toyota makes a good product in general but they aren't worth the money they are asking.
  4. We really need a sticky on the new window model number being used to replace the bad one.
  5. Day 35 on my windows leak and I got it back yesterday. They did the caulking job, replaced the headliner and detailed it totally. I went over it with a fine toothed comb and it all looks good EXCEPT they broke the hinges on the storage compartments under the back seat. They didn't hassle me at all and ordered replacements under warranty ( back order also). I will be checking for leaks but it did get rained on multiple times and no issue yet. I'm still waiting from GM to hear how they want to compensate for all of this. They also did 4 or 5 recalls on the truck while it was in there. I figure they owe me the equivalent of a car payment so I asked them to simply give a 6\100k bumper to bumper extended warranty, this will cost them $0 and give me peace of mind. We will see what happens. Keep in mind the first time they tried to return it the headliner was still horrible and the seats had grease marks on them in multiple places. Smitty
  6. i'm very curious what they offer. I just want an extended warranty so I don't have to worry about other garbage from all of this.
  7. Wow .... I'm so sorry!!!! Please keep us updated. I"m nervous to get mine this week. I'm going to check the carpet and look for rust like others have stated. Thanks for the info!
  8. Day 21 - Still waiting to get mine back, hoping for this week. All i got was a seal and a new headliner so far.
  9. I think that's a great idea, can someone create a poll? maybe list 2019, 2020 and if they leak? That would be something people can view quickly vs reading all of this. Maybe something like Window replaced \ fixed and spoiler \ seal? Great idea DuRsT!
  10. When I opened my case with GM I told them about this forum and made sure they were going to read it etc. I suggest you open your case with then and do the same. I highly doubt they will but HOPEFULLY we can gain traction in some fashion with all of these issues.
  11. I'm curious what color your headliner is? My truck is just over 2 weeks in and they got a headliner for mine on Friday. My headliner is a silver \ gray color so I'm guessing yours is something different? I'm HOPING to get a call today to pick it up to see how the headliner looks and test for leaks myself. Hopefully they cleaned the greasy fingerprints off the black leather seats this time.
  12. PLEASE reply back and let us know what the compensation is. I'm going to inquire also. They told me the same thing about "making it right" and compensation. They also said that if ti's something that can't be fixed they will look at getting me out of the truck. I won't count on that but I want an extended warranty after all of the recalls and this window garbage. With my luck this will fail right at 36,001.
  13. Take it for a test spin and go wash it at a car wash with a high pressure washer. Make sure you spend a few minutes on each corner of the top rear window \ brake light area and see if it leaks.
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