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  1. I don't want to lose the tie down anchors, I love the idea of the storage areas but I'm not willing to lose those on the sides.
  2. Great job, very impressive! I hope you get it dialed in and listed on Amazon soon! Include a template for people to follow on where to cut and mention it won't work with a sunroof! hahaha Good luck to you! Smitty
  3. That's good to know! hahaha.. I was a young kid at the time and horrified! Hey I learned a lot about carb rebuild kits because of it! hahaha. I"m guessing that was straight alcohol at the time. .hahaha
  4. Very curious what they changed..
  5. I agree! I think the interest is more in the improvements made technology wise and if we are paying a ton of money for a truck that was half the price not too long ago we better get something noticeable! hahaha I every day commute in a 4 cylinder, I didn't buy a 6.2 for gas savings!
  6. I'd never buy gas in Mexico again. hahaha.. it's been years but the last time I did from a station it ate through the carburetor gaskets! I don't think they have the same regulations there at all. Not to get sidetracked but they have bad water and bad gas I'm guessing! hahaha
  7. I have to imagine that no little wing on the back of the cab and the lip on the tailgate are helping with that now. The tailgate it also aluminum so it can't count for much.
  8. I've only taken my 2019 6.2 on one semi long trip and I was getting 25.8. Around town I can get 18 if I drive it carefully but that's no fun. I think you could get 28-30 pretty easily on a long trip if you keep your foot out of it. This thing is really impressive on MPG. Smitty
  9. Great looking truck! You are going to love it.. CONGRATS!
  10. I"m anxious to see pictures also! I just bought a 19 LTZ 6.2 and I've wanted this kit installed as well! With those Duratracs it's going to look amazing! Congrats on your new ride!
  11. I see about 1 a week and I drive all across Phoenix. They are still pretty rare.
  12. MPG 6.2l

    6.2 running 92 octane average 16.8 with the best being 25.8 MPG after about 900 miles total on the truck. I'm fine with that!
  13. I agree.... WHY would you store the fob anywhere else? What's the purpose of this device you made? Why would it need so sit in the truck? My pocket works great and then I don't have the truck honking at me when I get out without it. I'm confused...
  14. Supercharger?

    I have to agree with you, I bought the 19 LTZ with the 6.2 \ 10 and I can't imagine ever needing more, ever. It's very impressive. If I needed more I would get a sports car, this thing has tons of power. How much quicker \ impressive was the supercharged 5.3 over your 6.2? Night and day, barely noticeable or not worth the hassle? I'm just curious.
  15. Thanks for posting this, I was looking at a pedal commander for my new truck and now I'm not. hahaha. I'm sure they will come up with a fix for this but I'm totally happy with my truck overall.

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