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  1. i'm very curious what they offer. I just want an extended warranty so I don't have to worry about other garbage from all of this.
  2. Is anyone on a second headliner yet?
  3. Wow .... I'm so sorry!!!! Please keep us updated. I"m nervous to get mine this week. I'm going to check the carpet and look for rust like others have stated. Thanks for the info!
  4. Day 21 - Still waiting to get mine back, hoping for this week. All i got was a seal and a new headliner so far.
  5. I think that's a great idea, can someone create a poll? maybe list 2019, 2020 and if they leak? That would be something people can view quickly vs reading all of this. Maybe something like Window replaced \ fixed and spoiler \ seal? Great idea DuRsT!
  6. When I opened my case with GM I told them about this forum and made sure they were going to read it etc. I suggest you open your case with then and do the same. I highly doubt they will but HOPEFULLY we can gain traction in some fashion with all of these issues.
  7. I'm curious what color your headliner is? My truck is just over 2 weeks in and they got a headliner for mine on Friday. My headliner is a silver \ gray color so I'm guessing yours is something different? I'm HOPING to get a call today to pick it up to see how the headliner looks and test for leaks myself. Hopefully they cleaned the greasy fingerprints off the black leather seats this time.
  8. PLEASE reply back and let us know what the compensation is. I'm going to inquire also. They told me the same thing about "making it right" and compensation. They also said that if ti's something that can't be fixed they will look at getting me out of the truck. I won't count on that but I want an extended warranty after all of the recalls and this window garbage. With my luck this will fail right at 36,001.
  9. Take it for a test spin and go wash it at a car wash with a high pressure washer. Make sure you spend a few minutes on each corner of the top rear window \ brake light area and see if it leaks.
  10. I've put on 1200 miles with their loaner car and still going. They could have just replaced the rear window and been done with this mess.
  11. It would be nice to have one lawyer represent all of us on this junk.
  12. 88 days... OMG!! yea... well my registration is due on mine and it's in the shop, i'm not happy about paying $750 for that right now. . hahah I am calling GM every other day and complaining about this. I also pointed them to this forum and explained there is almost 1000 posts about this junk. I suggest you call them at 866-790-5600 and complain as well if you have not. They will get tired of hearing from this group of people if we make them aware on a regular basis. The dealerships do not care..
  13. Please let us know what happens with lemon case. 50 plus days in insane!
  14. This whole thread about all of us with leaking windows, the miserable repairs by the dealers and the lack of parts is sickening. I think I'm on day 14 and waiting for a headliner. To think I have to wait a few more days for that, get it home, find it leak again and then wait for a rear window, ANOTHER headliner, windshield removal and gawd knows what damage. I'm ready to get out of this truck if that's the case. I've been a GM truck guy since I was 16 and this is probably the final straw for me if something significant doesn't happen. Seeing you guys with 50 plus days is pretty bad. What does it take for an actual recall to be issued? PLEASE report your issues to GM directly, not the dealers!!! Smitty
  15. Wait.. from our bad window to the first new window, they now have a 3rd window for this? I wonder what changed and if that explains why Shamrock had a problem still on his 2020? Ugh. If you get any info on that new part number can you share please? I spoke to my dealer today and the headliner won't be in until late next week from Michigan! By the time it even arrives i'll be at 11 - 13 days in the shop at that point. Thanks, Smitty
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