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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    Thx. Looking at the same. I'm surprised you have any rub. You maintained same width of stock tires. Assuming stock were 275/55/20 , which I have. That +24 only pushes you away from suspension/frame, .12 inch. If I do the +20 it pushes me out a little over a 1/4 inch. If I do the +1 , it pushes me out a little over an inch. I look down the side of my truck and my wheels are pretty close to flush right now. I called Bilstein to verify part # and asked the rep if I would notice any difference between 3rd and 4th setting. He said no. It's designed to feel the same. Asked about change on UCA's and he said as long as your not doing spacers, the 5100 and 6112 are designed to work with stock UCA. Obviously, what he said regarding ride has been disputed back and forth. There are so many variables when you start this. If your shocks are worn and need replacing, hell yes the Bilsteins are going to be nice. I have read a bunch of guys that swapped out new shocks on fresh truck and really liked them. Obviously they are a nice upgrade over stock. Another thing that could throw people off is switching from P rated stock tire to a LT. I'm still a bit undeceided on 3rd or 4th setting. If I try and bump tire size a tad, I'll go 4th. I did order the 2" block to replace the stock rear blocks. I've also considered a 17" wheel vs 20". You can save some pretty decent money dropping down wheel size. I would consider a 285/70/17 tire if I did that. I do think 17" leans more offroad and I worry they might not look good in a High Country in White , wth more than it's share of chrome. Guys down south and especially in the West have it easy. In Vegas they had wheel shops with so many wheels on the wall, you'd just stand there like a kid in a candy store. It took a bit to take it all in. Everybody has custom wheels. On the east coast , not many guys are modding trucks. You have some shops with a couple sets all dusty on a rack. Have to pick something out on the internet which isn't easy. All said and done , suspension, wheels and tires don't come cheap. You want it to look perfect or damn close. I have the 6112's on the way. I'm going to do everything at once and trying to select a wheel and tire combo.
  2. John, you running stock blocks in back or swapped those out earlier when you had spacers? I'm thinking a 2" block in back and that should give me a slight rake at max and a hair more at 3rd setting.
  3. Nice. I'm thinking of doing the same stuff. Finger on trigger with 6112/5100(R) for me. Very little input on people running 6112 up front. Looking forward to hearing feedback after alignment. I'm back and forth between 3rd and 4th (max) setting.
  4. Bilstein shocks thread

    I have Factory 20" chrome. My 2017 has +27mm offset and I'm guessing then you are about the same. Someone will have to chime in that knows more than I, on offsets. Ideally , somebody that is running something similiar to what you have. I'll be pulling my stock wheels and back and forth between a 0 offset and +20. I should be good, but have plans on running a slightly smaller 33" tire. On my specific application, these are my plans. 6112 up front, 5100 in the back. Plan on pulling stock blocks in the back and installing 2". That should lift me 3/4" in rear. 20" wheels with +20 or 0 offset, 275/60/20 tires. I'll check my UCA's when done, but hoping to run with the stock.
  5. The perfect truck?

    Everybody is different, along with priorities. That's why they have some many variations on models and colors. My truck is a second vehicle. When i buy stuff, I keep it for awhile and meticulously maintain. Works for me. I wanted the 6.2L and balked at some of the options, but after experiencing those vented seats on 100 degree, humid as hell day... well, it would be hard to go back. Lots of guys love modding stuff and if they didn't, well this forum wouldn't exist.
  6. Bilstein shocks thread

    Lots of variables. You running 9" width wheels, Offset? Those 285/60's are about 1/2" wider and taller than a wheel I'm looking at which I feel would be safe (no rub/trim). That wheel being 275/60/20 which is a 33" tire. I'm looking at Fuel Wheels with +20 offset. I've been researching the heck out of leveling options. About to pull the trigger on 6112/5100(r) also. The Bilsteins are designed to not require an upgrade on UCA. Used alone.... I have the stamped steel also. I don't want to use spacers up front with the coil overs. I guess you could keep the RC kit and run 6112's at lowest setting. If you pull everything apart and install 6112 up front and later go back and do it again. That would be (2) front end alignments, no? Some decent UCA's will run you $300-$500, (ball joint). No way I pull everything apart and then do it again in a couple weeks. Their is no definitive answer on rubbing. Ask 10 people and get 5 different answers. I do think you are pushing limits just a hair. 1/2" here, 1/2" there adds up. My biggest problem is I've stopped at some tire shops and really received some conflicting answers. Reminds me of shopping at the stealer ships . You walk in and ask a couple questions after researching options for a day or two and you know more than the sales guy and thats his job. GL
  7. The perfect truck?

    A lot has to do with the grades on the road you tow. I have the 6.2L and it's a beast. I have a 28'9" V Nose Aluminum trailer that I use for Sleds. It weighs about 2700# empty. With 3 sleds in it and gear, I'm looking around low 4,000 #'s. I swear, sometimes I forget it's behind me when towing. When I get into the mountains of Vt, it will hunt around a bit in the lower gears, but this is only on serious grades with truck climb lanes. On the other hand, awhile back I had a Chevy Tahoe and had a 29" Travel trailer. I used to go fishing and camping in the mountains of Utah, near Zion. Some of the hills and grades were brutal. I don't recall what the trailer weighed, but sometimes I'd have the pedal to the floor and was maxed out at 30mph on a steep hill. It was brutal.. I swear sometimes I thought the damn pistons were going to come through the hood. This always happened when I had lost momentum when some idiots in car's were sight seeing and forming blockades on the hills. You'd lose speed and were dead. Same SUV was great at pulling a 28' boat, but that trailer killed me. The 6.2L with some exhaust mods is a hoot to drive and gets great gas mileage. I've never had an issue with the transmission. The hill descent is sweet also with a load. I have no experience with the 5.3L , but very happy with the bigger motor. So glad I was patient and kept looking till I found one. Those Travel Trailers are boxy and have no aerodynamics.
  8. Nice write up. Interesting stuff.
  9. That's the exact dealership I was going to provide a link to. OP wants Chevy, that's cool. Guy should get what he wants. I've bought a lot of cars and learned as I went, the more flexible you are the better chance of really getting a deal. Don't get me wrong, I had a bunch of items on my list that I wasn't flexable on. Sometimes just flexability on colors works. When I was looking, I wanted a Midnight Edition with 6.2L. They were real tough to find with a big discount. I added the High Country and Denali, because I was bumping into a bunch of them with the 6.2L. Same Powertrain, interiors almost identical, different lights and grilL and emblem on the nosel. I went from Black to White when I made a low ball offer and the dealer bit. You can always find what you want, but it takes time and hard work, maybe a little luck. I never do trade ins and always sell private. Thats a lot of work to. OP, use Goggle to search "Chevy Dealers, Il". Scroll down to the map and you'll see the 1st three hits on whats closest to you. Click "more locations" and a map will click open with links to all the chevy dealers close to you. Move the mouse to move around the state.You'll get pretty good at clicking those links and using the filters to quickly see whats available in your area, or can expand to states that are close. Target holidays. Memorial Day is coming up and deals will be hot. GL
  10. Yeah, your right. Just double check that there's no pay off penalty, which is doubtful with GM finance.
  11. Jason, Truck looks great. Thanks for posting the pics and data.
  12. I didn't see that at quick glance, but to achieve those extra discounts, that 7.54% note rate is brutal . So, just call it $5,500 discount and go with the lower rate.
  13. $3500 off is nothing. Trade in's always complicate things. Would you consider a GMC Sierra SLT or AT4? Everything you want and more, Dealer installed Pro Comp Level, 20" Fuel wheels, Nitto Terra Grapplers + cheaper price point. Most guys add that stuff later at no small expense. If that's not your cup of tea, you could save more. Know your KBB basic value, of current car. Consider private sale options, or at least trade in value and compare to that $28k they are offering. Car Max will low ball you, but dealer likely offering wholesale. If you want to stick with the exact specs you have, $10k would be my minimum discount target.
  14. Damn, I was going to try Battle Born. They are active on Facebook. I don't see the 6112 listed or available @ Auto Anything. You get up around that $700 range for the 6112 set up front and you start contemplating The Fox 2.0 for an extra hundred bucks. They come pre assembled, which is nice. They say they are set at 2.0 inches from factory, but I'm seeing lots of different numbers after install. Consensus seems to be around 1.5"
  15. Bilstein shocks thread

    M thanks for the info and link. Thats a great price. I see you are in Vegas. I lived there 10 years before moving back east. Awesome place. I'll look into that info and check those rear shocks. Sounds like that's your shop? Some of the coilover kits like Fox, King seem like overkill for street. I was leaning Eibach because you get 2 1/2" up front + the sport shock in the rear would easily allow me to pull the stock rear block and place a 2" block in there, bumping me up roughly 3/4 inch. You seem to imply that the Eibach might ride better for street? I understand the bigger tube on the 6112 would be superior in dirt and recover much quicker. Curious what you would select if you needed a level to allow larger wheels and didn't want to sacrifice ride quality? I would never take my truck off road. I have dirt bikes and ATV for that. My truck rides very smooth now and I'd really hate to see handling suffer just to stuff some bigger rubber underneath. I'm getting ready for Hockey playoffs , but will look at your site later. Lots of options. Thanks again.

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