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  1. I'm actually very surprised those tires fit. It's usually the width that gets you and rubs on the UCA and sway bar. Not a lot of room in the rear of the front wheel well. I'm looking at 275/60/20 which maintains stock width, but increases diameter to 33". Not convinced they will fit. Looking at 20" aftermkt rims in +10 to +18 offset , to push the tire out just a hair. I have no problem using zip ties or modding the felt liner. It's the lower rear of the front wheel well that has the black plastic trim piece on it that I keep looking at. I did the Bilstein 6112's up front on 3rd s
  2. Cover looks nice. I've been using soft covers, roll-ups and tri folds for 20+ years. Never had an issue. I like the versatility and ability to roll up or pop off quickly. Do yourself a huge favor and use a good vinyl cleaner and protectant on your cover and it will last as long as you own the truck. I use 3M LEATHER & VINYL CLEANER/RESTORER -#39040. I've moved to mostly Pinnacle products now and Adams and Chemical Guys have some very effective products that are available on Amazon with attractive price points. I always used when I do my semi-annual detailing, but
  3. I can verify that the part # you have is correct. I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 High Country with the 6.2L motor. Motor doesn't impact part #. BSN-47-273702 is the 6112 part # for 2014-2018 Silverado 1500's. Part # for the 5100 series monotube = BSN-33-238319. The 5100 does not come with Coils. I used the part # above for the rear.
  4. Looks great. Now you got that nose up. How do you like the ride?
  5. Did it rub before or after Bilstein's? Or both?. Only had to ziptie liner? I think the 2016+ with stamped steel UCA is a concern, where the UCA is a bit wider.
  6. I'll be watching this because thats the tire i want to run. It should fit because you aren't incresing width, but total circumference of new tire increases close to 3 1/2". I'm looking at 3 different 20x9 rims with a + offset. A Fuel wheel with +20 and the other two are Hostile wheels with +12 offset (20x9) . I mentioned the wheels because I'm pretty sure it will fit with a +20 offset. Could have sworn I read of someone using stock snowflakes with maybe 1/4 " spacer and that tire worked. Would love to order everything online and save some good scratch on pricing + tax.
  7. Yes, 5160 is same as 5100, just adds a reservoir. Good luck waiting 2 weeks, you'll keep second guessing which setting. Don't think you can go wrong with 3rd or 4th setting. Can't recall if your end goal was larger tires or just to lift the front end/level. I think I would be happy either way. I'm still liking mine. I never liked how low the front end is on a high country with z60 suspension. I'm having a hell of a time trying to pick rims. Originally wanted Black with machined/blade cut/milled look. I think I have to much chrome and it might look odd. I
  8. Yeah, when I opened mine up and held the strut of the 6112 against the 5100 I had for the rear, it was like wow. Tube is much stouter, springs are beefy. You sticking with #4 setting and rear block?
  9. I posted before and after pics of bilstein 6112 on #3 setting in the Bilstein 6112 Installed thread for those trying to get visual.
  10. Irwin. If you or anyone else are trying to figure out tires, this is a slick visualizer. www.tiresize.com Punch in your current stock size and offset and then enter what you are looking at. Lots of options with alternative tire sizes. It's pretty tough to move the sidewall closer to suspension. Most start dropping offsets to accommodate a wider tire. That will push your outer sidewall out also. Lots of info here if one takes the time to look around.
  11. I'd be surprised if that fit without some trimming. Its the width that usually gets you and thats a wide tire. I'm looking at rims and tires now also. Do you have stock rims? I don't know offset on stock 18" rims. Whats your current offset? That tire will move over .65" closer to suspension + frame. 2016 models started with the Stamped Steel UCA's. Do you have those or aftermkt UCA's? You might get away with a 275/70/18, maybe even 295/65/18. Both are basically 33" high and the first tire is 10.8 " followed by 11.6 " width on 295. I'm guessing you will rub UCA if you
  12. Easy to tell, wet pavement and better lighting all are after the swap.
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