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  1. Some group-buy advice for you. 1. Keep your post to the details of the part. There’s a lot of fluff in you “pitch.” You’re trying time get guys to throw a LOT of money at something, VERY clear kit details matter. 2. How much would someone save if they participated in the group buy versus buying on their own? That wasn’t clear to me. 3. Boosting a truck is a super niche market, might was to realign the # of participant expectations. 10 won’t happen, 3 is likley more attainable. 4. Your only presence on this forum is this thread where your asking guys to drop a $1,100 deposit based on your pitch. This group buy is likely DOA because of that...
  2. It was my brother in laws truck and I’m pretty sure he’d do it again, he uses the strobe function for job sites so it works well for his application.
  3. Here’s a close up of the light components.
  4. I installed those Cab Over lights on my brother in laws Chevy. Only think I didn’t like about them was they get out of sync easily. There are newer models out now with only a few functions but overall a cool option when you don’t want to drill into your roof.
  5. I wasn’t really sure where to post this but this is a referral link for Lamin-X products that was set up for my YouTube channel. This will get you 20% off your order of anything on their site. Enjoy! https://go.referralcandy.com/share/624F3PC
  6. Hey guys, Lamin-X set up a 20% off referral link for my YouTube channel. They make thick vinyl overlays for lights and some body parts. Figured I’d share if any of you were looking to pull the trigger on smoking/tinting your lights. http://laminx.refr.cc/waterfowler41 Hope all is well in the GM world and hope you all are staying safe out there.
  7. Anyone want this touch up paint pen? No longer need it. Found it while cleaning out my garage. Shipping is probabaly less than $5. Pm me you PayPal and I’ll ship today.
  8. That’s 100% mandatory after you lift the truck especially if you only change the ride height in the front. There’s info in your manual about how to verify you have the headlights set properly
  9. I used Oz USA pods that had amber DRL’s. Basically when my headlight came on, a relay turned the drls on. When I flipped my brights the white LEDs came on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I demodded and traded that truck in last month so unfortunately no pictures of it anymore. My opinion in the ditch lights versus single front light bar debates. Ditch lights are the way to go BUT I had retrofitted lights so I had relatively good coverage straight ahead just wanted to wash the ditches better for suicidal deer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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