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  1. Careful with methods, Discount Tire bought mine back because the rim bolts kept rusting...
  2. No word back from Zroadz yet, will follow up with them.
  3. I have yet to see a truck that looks bad with the fuel anthracite wheels. Your truck would look great with them.
  4. I did but on a different topic I will ask them about a GB on those pods. Seems a lot of people (including myself) would love those.
  5. Thanks for the feed back, Back to the drawing board
  6. Alright folks, Got a hold of Putco. Thoughts on a grill group buy? The boss grill is extremely high on my list. https://www.putco.com/boss-grilles https://www.putco.com/lighted-boss-grille-w-20-light-bar
  7. Alright I started contacted some of the companies last night. Will reach out to a few more tonight. Awesome ideas fellas!
  8. Yup I agree, that type of product is the sweet spot for group buys. I’m going to touch base with them and see what they can help us with
  9. You’ve got some good ones in there. Thanks!!!
  10. OBD gauges like Banks 1.8 gauge? Aero force interceptor?
  11. Great ideas guys. I like the shock idea and tow mirror idea. My fear with shocks is that it’s a pricey purchase even with a discount so we’ll get limited participation but doesn’t hurt to ask some of these companies.
  12. Alright everyone, as some of you know I helped run a group by for Ecoological a few months back. I think the buy went great, we got 14 people and ended up with a 15% discount on shellz. Awesome of Ecoological to round up on the discount. I enjoyed setting the buy up and would like to try and set up another one for forum. Before I start contacting vendors I wanted to reach out to you all and get ideas for parts we can set our group buy up around. I'm not guaranteeing anything but if we can show enough interested in a certain product, there's probably a good chance we can get something going. My question, if we were to set up a group buy, what would you all be interested in buying? While we all want superchargers and new wheels on our trucks, let's be practical with our suggestions. Here's a couple I've been thinking about but would love to hear other suggestions: Opt7 Rock lights Zroadz hood hinge LED pod brackets Some sort of grill (rough country, Trex, putco, etc.) Let's see those ideas! WF41
  13. They are sending me a new capacitor so we’ll see. If they continue to cause issues maybe it’s time to go LED...
  14. I have the capacitor already. Been installed since day 1. I’m wondering if it’s failed and that’s why I’m having this issue now.

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