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  1. No trimming but make sure you talk to supreme before ordering. I sent them my video on their kit and they said they will be updating the hardware provided. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Dropped my diff like its hot... used the supreme suspension kit. The hardware was useless as it was 2” too short. 1/2” spacers hopefully resolved a low speed vibration i was having. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Freeing up some room in my garage for some new parts. I have DeeZee Hex Series side steps and the matching bed rails. Both parts are less than a year old and were. Motivated to move these. Price for both is $325 + shipping OBO. Individual prices listed below. I'm located in Northern Illinois. Side steps: $235 + shipping. Brackets are part number 66317, rails are sized for crew cabs but can be shortened. Deezee hex series running boards and brackets. Textured black finish. Steps are adjustable side to side, they slide forward and backwards. Used for 7 months. List below of all trucks these will fit on copied from Deezee’s website. 2014–2018 SILVERADO 1500 2015–2018 SILVERADO 2500 HD 2015–2019 SILVERADO 2500 HD 2015–2018 SILVERADO 3500 HD 2015–2019 SILVERADO 3500 HD 2014–2018 SIERRA 1500 2015–2018 SIERRA 2500 HD 2015–2019 SIERRA 2500 HD 2015–2018 SIERRA 3500 HD 2015–2019 SIERRA 3500 HD Bed Rails: $150 + shipping. Rails are part number DZ99701B. They shit short bed 1500 GM trucks 2014-2018. These were on my truck for roughly 5 months. List of vehicles these fit. Only fits short bed GM trucks. 2014–2018 SILVERADO 1500 2014–2018 SIERRA 1500
  4. Resuscitating the thread. 2014 GMC Sierra crew cab with chrome trim. Would love to trade for some in tact black window trim pieces. My chrome trim was replaced when I bought the truck so its in excellent shape.
  5. You got a link to these parts elsewhere? Tried searching the part numbers and nothing came up. Only think I see on RC's site is the forged UCAs.
  6. I HIGHLY recommend these. We have them on every truck in our family. They stick out a little beyond you fender for more rock throw protection. They are drilless too. THey have them for your 2500. https://duraflap.com/truck-model/chevy/models-2500-3500/ I am sure the install process is pretty similar to my 1500.
  7. I have Wet Okole covers in my truck and my wife's explorer. I swear by them. Seats will look brand new when you go to sell the truck. I have an 80 lbs lab and two kids, the covers handle everything they throw at them (literally).
  8. Better late than never, quick walkthrough of OZ-USA’s Amber pods versus their white flood pods. Overall I really like the “pop” the amber pods have on my truck. Fits my theme. For $43, you can’t go wrong with them whether you go with white or amber! Waterfowler 41’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brittmork
  9. That’s how I was with my uncle’s C5. I washed and waxed it all the time and always got to take it for dates. Way better than my civic at the time. Waterfowler 41’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brittmork
  10. Curious, some of us have had our kits for a while, feedback? Would you change anything? Likes/dislikes? Anyone absolutely hate the kit? I still love the kit, had to replace 1 strut covered under warranty due to internal valve failure. Stock UCAs still going strong. Considering going to 3” soon. I saw Eibach is going to be making their own blocks soon which I think is because most of us are adding blacks to their kit. I’ve been bagging on them to come out with some UCAs and sway bars for our trucks. Waterfowler 41’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brittmork
  11. The modifications have slowed down lately but the upkeep is weekly. Have to work on his “top down” with rinsing. Waterfowler 41’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brittmork
  12. 100k miles out of my rear brakes, upgraded to Raybestos EHT pads and RPT rotors. Have them up front so easy decision in the rear. Waterfowler 41’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brittmork
  13. If you have polarized sunglasses on, can you still see the screen?
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