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  1. Had a call with them this afternoon: Sale will be on the hood hinge kit (led pods and brackets for Silverados and Sierras) As of right now, planned start date is June 10th, volume discounts like our last buy (10 people = 10%, 15 people = 15%, 20 people = 20%). Likely the same deposit process as the Ecoological GB. Setting up the deposit side of the buy is what takes some time so please be patient (remember, Rome wasn't built in a day). Based on the posts above, I'm betting we end up over 15 pretty fast. Nothing's written in stone yet, I will touch base with them all next week to firm everything up.
  2. These... https://www.zroadz.com/product/zroadz_z362081_kit2_hood_hinges_mounting_kit_2014_2017_chevy_silverado_gmc_sierra_1500
  3. If they do the refundable deposit process like we did with the Ecoological GB I imagine there is some process set up time needed to make sure there are no issues on the refund side. Just contacted them, will report back.
  4. I believe so, got an email Tuesday saying they are working with their webmaster to confirm set up for a group buy. Based on all my communication it appears we will be moving forward. When and specific details i don’t have yet. I’m pumped, had my eyes on these back in my F150 days.
  5. At the end of my video is clips of my stainless works exhaust and an after when i have straight headers. I am back down to just the stainless works system and love the rumble.
  6. I used the factory wiring with led pods in my fog housings. No issues.
  7. Truxedo Lo Pro QT Tonneau Cover FOR SALE

    There is a minimum post requirement in order for users to be allowed access to the marketplace. Prevents scammers. I would wait until you have the proper requirements then repost in the marketplace. Include pictures of the part, part numbers, and remove the craiglist link.
  8. Heard back from Z Roadz, sent them some ideas and suggestions. Fingers crossed!
  9. Same on the f150 side, everyone wanted color matched pillars now on the GM side everyone wants black pillars.
  10. Good point on the factory/manufacturer warranty versus the extended “warranty”
  11. I just went through a whole bunch of troubleshooting on my truck's TRS kit and I will say, I am 99% sure it is your capacitor on the antiflicker harness. I bought my kit around the same time as you. You probably have the old cylinder style cap. They updated the cap to a square one which has higher capacitance. My lights would only work right in the manual ON setting. In any other setting they lights would flicker like crazy. I replaced a ballast, headlights, and relays before I figured this out because I too was told the caps don't go bad. Jimmy at TRS sent me a new cap and no issues since. I did not need to test my cap... WF41
  12. There is a rule for this. It’s called the Magnusson Moss act. Basically a law that requires the dealership to cleanly tie the root cause of an issue to aftermarket parts before denying coverage. I have a handheld tuner, air intake, and stainless works catback. They recently replaced my radiator due to cracking under powertrain warranty. I was ready to fight this but when they said it was covered I saw the value in leaning on a trusted dealership.
  13. It can only blow your warranty coverage of parts that failed AS A DIRECT result of the aftermarket installation. A leveling kit is not going to void a failed headlight harness issue or an ac issue. If you’re concerned have a gm certified shop install the level. They will warranty it.
  14. Careful with methods, Discount Tire bought mine back because the rim bolts kept rusting...

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