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  1. Looks real good, like it should have come factory like that
  2. Penguin's Blackout '16 Sierra 1500

    Where are the pictures???
  3. My seat heater went out and its not under warranty on my 2015... apparently the warranty ended in November.. and I only have 17k miles
  4. Dead heated seats

    Yeah, mine are bad too. Back works fine, bottoms are garbage.. only 17k miles 2015
  5. Considering you're also from MN you know how important that can be. I will have to take it to a dealer even if its not under warranty at this point
  6. Im hoping my 2015 is still under warranty? Isn't it only 3 years? Yeah sounds like I have a problem. Sometimes I can't even tell its on when its on high after 10-15 minutes!
  7. So Im sure this has been covered but I'm terrible at searching and finding what I'm looking for so if someone knows where please let me know My driver seat never seemed to really get too hot or even warm. I just thought it was what it was, but I finally sat in my passenger seat and it is HOT. Whats the deal? is this common or is my driver side faulty? 2015 silverado LT
  8. I don't like it at all. I had the same thoughts as everyone. Front end looks like a ford, and the back like a toyota. I do not like.
  9. Hey guys, I have a 2015 without CarPlay and I'm looking to upgrade it to CarPlay. My problem is when I plug my phone in and try to use spotify it never works, it plays like 3 seconds of the song and stops every time. I'm just curious if anyone uses spotify with CarPlay and if it works good before I spend $1000 on the upgrade
  10. Lifted my 15 on stock 20's

    They look pretty similar, I think yours are just "chrome" and mine are polished. And the center cap yeah.
  11. Lifted my 15 on stock 20's

    Nope, I didn't do anything. It's def darker gray than it is black Yeah it came with everything This video explains the process exactly
  12. Lifted my 15 on stock 20's

    I wonder what’s up. I always use mid grade gas too. I figured the calculation might be off but I have a hard time believing it went from 21 to 12.5 even with the speedo being off. I’m assuming with your tune you’re not turning off the 4cyl mode? ill have to hand calculate. I honestly haven’t driven much I think I’ve only done one full tank so far. I only use the truck for work usually so it does that get plenty of miles put on her anyway so it’s whatever. I am a little heavy on the gas. It just sounds soooo nice with that exhaust and intake growling. I reserve my grandpa driving for my grand marquis
  13. Lifted my 15 on stock 20's

    Man what kind of mileage are you getting? I knew mine would drop but I was reading some people were getting up to 17mpg with 6 inch lift on 35's. I went from like 21 to 12
  14. Looks too small

    I agree. My 05 tahoe's 5.3 felt like I was driving a big box of cement blocks down the road, and the couple 07 platforms I drove were meh. My 15 gets up and goes, especially after only a few hundred in mods I did.

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