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  1. Not bad for under $1k
  2. Did you just do the fronts? or also rear.
  3. Never tried that. I just ordered the kit with the fox shocks so I didn't have anything to compare to, but Ive been thinking about doing bilstein.
  4. same as you (oops, same as OP)
  5. I have basically the same exact setup as you except mines a 2015 double cab and I agree the ride is pretty damn rough. I was thinking about doing the front shocks, but my back end seems the roughest (bed is loud as heck over bumps)
  6. My 2015 silverado is the same way. Doesn't seem like they heat up at all.
  7. Lift/Larger tires

    I live in the mountains part of the year so my lift is necessary. When you get 5ft of snow overnight, I don't care if I get 1mpg. At least I can leave my house.
  8. Lift/Larger tires

    Ive only put on maybe a thousand or two miles. I hardly drive highway, I hardly drive the truck at all honestly. But yeah..Id like more
  9. Lift/Larger tires

    I did my intake long before I did my lift. With intake and exhaust i was getting 20-22. After the lift it all went out the window.
  10. Lift/Larger tires

    Yeah it is what it is I guess. I didn't lift it to get better mileage
  11. Lift/Larger tires

    2015 5.3 double cab.. 6.5 zone lift actually, 35x12.50 BFG KO2... KN intake. Flowmaster muffler. Blackbear premium tune. Said my average was like 10.5 the other day.
  12. 14 no heated seats

    Mine never worked since I bought it with 8000 miles on it. Finally had dealer replace it for a few hundred and it worked for maybe 200 miles and I think its out again. Garbage. My friends 04 chevy is CRAZY hot still.
  13. Lift/Larger tires

    For real, I hate him, I get like 12-14.... 6" inch lift on 35's with intake exhaust and tune.
  14. Looks real good, like it should have come factory like that
  15. Penguin's Blackout '16 Sierra 1500

    Where are the pictures???

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