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  1. I went 20x10 method race wheels. It sticks out a bit.. wasn't exactly going for the look but it does look pretty beast.
  2. Yeah this is what I was going to do, but it seems people are recommending to go with DSP. If I'm already spending 1k plus on this setup I might as well just not cheap out on this part.
  3. Hmm, did you use a LOC or just hook up straight to the amps high input? Maybe I should just use a dsp
  4. My amp already has high level input, though.. so I should in theory be able to run the speaker wire directly to that without the Audiocontrol is what Im thinking.
  5. I just ordered https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_142893_JL-Audio-Stealthbox-SB-GM-3GSLVCNSL-10TW1.html and to power it https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_97403_JL-Audio-XD300-1v2.html I have a 2015 without bose. For now, I'm just looking to add the sub. In the future I might mess with the speakers. Anyway my question is, is it necessary to spend the money on a DSP? Such as the axxess, fosgate one I've seen talked about on here.. it seems most people do that just because of the chime issue (which shouldnt be a problem as a subwoofer) or can I get away with just tapping into the speaker lines for a high output line?
  6. Have it done at a local offroad / 4wheelparts place. Most places are bad at aligning such large tires.
  7. This may sound dumb, but what sort of connector did you use for the wire going to the high input of the amp? Did the amp come with some sort of plug? I just see it has a few pins.
  8. I agree with the whole thread. I have a Tahoe I put a pioneer screen (350) and a pioneer camera (100) in and the difference is outstanding. Much better product than GM's
  9. Never tried that. I just ordered the kit with the fox shocks so I didn't have anything to compare to, but Ive been thinking about doing bilstein.
  10. I have basically the same exact setup as you except mines a 2015 double cab and I agree the ride is pretty damn rough. I was thinking about doing the front shocks, but my back end seems the roughest (bed is loud as heck over bumps)
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