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  1. Has anyone figured whether or not one can go to the dealer and have them force update it v803 or whatever the latest is? I’ve been checking mine for some time now, and it’s showing v509, as if it’s the latest.
  2. Software Update

    I have v509, from January ‘19. What package do you have? “803.1” is a weird one! Hmmmm!
  3. V509 is what I’m currently at. Where can we find out when we will be able to get the latest version?
  4. How is it installed? May be interested. How long was it used?
  5. 2017 GMC 1500 TO A 2500 Hood Conversion

    I wonder if the 2019 Denali will be able to fit the 2020 2500 hood? I would love to swap them
  6. So, it is an “always hot” outlet? No way to turn off? Hey guys, thanks for the Hotwire input. I will more than likely wind up going that route anyway.
  7. Is there a way to turn the cig plug, next to the 110 plug on ‘19 Denali, off when vehicle is turned off? My radar detector stays on all times!

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