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  1. Found a video of a double cab, can't tell what trim it is?
  2. I LOVE the exterior. Cant wait to hear about the specifics. Chevrolet took into account all previous model designs, including other models. Look at the rear of the current Corvette and compare it to the front of this new truck.
  3. Coasting is better doing this and I was able to gain 1MPG. There is different performance characteristics from pushing the button while parked versus doing it while driving or in gear. But my mileage has improved from this only when babying it is when It comes in handy otherwise no difference. Have not tried it on E85 yet.
  4. Rough country 2.5 with kit rear block 275/70/18 Cooper ATP Flowmaster exhaust
  5. I smell something?...... I think it's a dead horse
  6. I don't like either, but lean more toward the 16' Chevy LTZ + models , just think if the refresh didn't have L.E.D of H.I.D and just Halogen.. Next! on both
  7. I see in your info one of your vehicle's was a BMW, coming from a BMW myself these auto climate controls are terrible.
  8. 2014 5.3 DOUBLE CAB 2WD #E85 LEVELED WITH R/C 2.5 ON 275-70-18
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