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  1. The noise came back slightly so I ended up taking my truck to another dealer for that and a loose/popping seat problem. I was completely honest and told them about my experience with the other dealer and at least wanted a second opinion. They replaced the steering gear under warranty. I think removing the level was the key for them to cover it.
  2. I was going by this guys measurements: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoDIX8yJLwM He just did the springs and set them at the bottom snap ring. I was hoping to do the same and leave the rear alone. I had a 2 inch spacer level before and the front height was perfect to me.
  3. I had the 6112’s on order but gave up and decided to go with this same kit. I thought the springs give you 2 inches? Did you take any fender measurements? Glad you didn’t have any problems with those spring compressors. Think I’m going to chicken out and just have a shop do that part.
  4. I just took my level off and the 285/65/18 Bfg ko2’s still fit.
  5. It has been a week since I took the level off and after the alignment last Tuesday the popping is gone I think. I cant get it to make the noise anymore and the steering does feel better. Good news is my tires don't rub but I don't like the look of the factory rake. Also took off the lower valence when I went in the woods last weekend to help keep the front end from scraping every time I got in a rut. Still waiting on delivery for the Bilstein 6112's and I think I will go ahead and set those at 1.23 inches.
  6. You sure can fit some stuff back there. Here is a few pics of my 5 channel sundown and lc7. I also did the rear seat mod so I can access my stuff without taking out the back seat. Here is the full thread if you want to read more: https://www.gmfullsize.com/threads/2017-crew-cab-silverado-audio-upgrade.308436/
  7. Well I took off the level yesterday. Going in for an alignment soon. I heard the popping noise as soon as I backed out of the driveway but haven't heard it since. Maybe its in my head but it does feel like the steering is easier. Will keep listening for it and most likely take it to another dealer this week or the next. I placed my order for the Bilstein 6112 coilovers so maybe those will come in and I can install in the next month or so. I had the 5100's on my last truck and it seemed to mount up a lot better than the stock struts and a spacer. Someone asked earlier and in case you cant tell, yes I install my own stuff. Here is a pic of my last truck just for fun. 2008 Sierra with RCX 5 inch, Bilstein 5100 at top setting, 1.5 inch zone body lift, 35x12.50x20 Hankook MT's, 4.56 gears and a Detroit trutrac. I had the 2008 for 8 years and plan on keeping my 2017 just as long.
  8. I was going to do this at least to get a second opinion in case the first dealership didn't diagnose properly after seeing the level kit.
  9. That's kind of what I was thinking. I bet a quarter GM has taken note and will deny the claim if they see my VIN number again from another dealer for the same problem. At that point I guess it would be up to the dealer but I doubt they would want to pay for it. I wonder if GM started cracking down on the newer models because they know the new rack is shitty? Has anyone with a 2017 had this same problem fixed recently by the dealer even with a level or lift?
  10. My dealer also sells the trucks leveled and lifted but they told me the customers sign a waiver. I think its BS but that's what they said. Their policies might have changed too because they were acquired by a larger dealer across the freeway since I bought my truck. I thought about removing the level and getting a second opinion but I bet they will then point at the larger tires as the culprit. Because my tires are waaaayy bigger than stock ;).
  11. Mine is a little bit different with more of a cranking type noise. I will try to post a video soon.
  12. I installed a 2 inch zone level kit on my 2017 Z71 with 285/65/18 BFG all terrain ko2’s back in November. A few months ago I developed a slight popping noise in my steering. When the truck was off I could hear it coming from the steering shaft in the firewall. Took it to the dealer and they replaced some parts in the steering shaft. That took care of it mostly but the noise was slightly there sometimes so I took it back since I have about 6k miles left on my warranty. Now the dealer is telling me the steering rack needs to be replaced but GM won’t cover it because of my leveling kit and bigger tires. I called GM to complain and even other dealers to see what my options were but there is nothing they will do for me. I know everyone says “but magnuson moss!!!...” and they have to prove it. Well their proof is the level kit and heavier tires causes more stress that puts the steering rack in a bind. It is rumored on the internet that 2 inches of level is within a safe range and people have been doing it for years but I can’t prove that on my end as a fact. I should have just left it alone until the warranty was out. I wanted to share my experience because others ask all the time about warranty issues from leveling kits. My steering feels fine and the noise is intermittent so I’m not going to replace the rack unless it becomes more of a problem. Does anyone else have this popping with a level kit? I’m thinking about doing the Bilstein 6112 struts at the top #4 1.85 inch setting or #3 1.23 inches. That would relieve some stress that my 2 inch level is supposedly causing. I could also go with a 285/70/17 C load range wheel and tire combo after these tires wear out to save a little rotational weight. The CST 4.5 lift would give me flat stock angles but I think my tire size would look a little funny. I have done a lift with 35’s and gears on my last truck but I’m not really into that anymore. Just trying to have some more ground clearance when I go out in the woods.
  13. Fold Down rear seat back

    I did this on my 08 and it was the same on my 17.
  14. Yesir.... just the stock block though. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk

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