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  1. Hey so im having the same issue. I just bought the Mechman Elite 370A alt and can not seem to find a good belt for it. What belt did you end up getting and found one that worked?
  2. Stock unit. So Focal tweeter come with an inline crossover. Im just gonna tap into the existing wires and connect them to the focal tweeters. Best option
  3. Damn, i really dont know how to install a crossover well its because im not using the stock harness for my speakers. I routed completely new 12 gauge wires through the truck and basically have the 4 channel solely controlling the Focals. This is also because i dont want to touch any of the stock wiring just so in the future i can convert everything to stock. Now i know that (highly think im wrong) the tweeters have to work with the door speakers via crossover. But how will i combine them when im not using the stock wiring?
  4. Im almost done with the full system in my 2015 Silvy and I want to upgrade my dash tweeters but i do not know how to go about it. Here is my setup: (2) Focal ICU 690- Front doors (2) Focal ICU 165- Rear doors Skar Audio RP-75.4AB 4 Channel Euphoria MX 2000.1 Mono (2) Skar Audio DDX-10 subwoofers Audio Control LC7i Now I want to upgrade the dash tweeters too since everything is upgraded. As of now those tweeters are controlled by the factory HU. Mounting and a little fabrication of a new set is not a problem for me. Is it possible to tap into the existing wires and run the new tweeters off of the stock HU? I know it will not make a huge difference but i just do not want to go through the whole crossover hassle. I basically want an upgrade from the stock tweeters and for the truck to do the same thing its doing but too a better tweeter. Is this possible? Or do i need a crossover and all that other good stuff? Also, if it is possible, what recommendations are there for a good set or should I just go Focal all around?
  5. oh ok and the 12 gauge speaker wire fit right under the cab side connector? lol you saved my trucks life. I was about to drill holes everywhere
  6. How did you get the speaker wire into the truck? Im having this issue. The part of the harness that goes into the truck is very hard to get to from the inside
  7. I have a 2015 Non-bose Silverado. Im adding new speakers all around and want to run new 12 gauge wire through each door to my amp. Now the issue is routing a positive and negative through that factory plug under the rubber gromet for the front doors. I have no problem drilling into the factory harness where there is no pins being used. I can the door side plug easily but the female which is towards the interior is way to hard to get to especially if you have big hands. The rears are easy because the molex plug for the rears are easily accessible. I will NOT run the wires from the back of the headunit even though this is the recommended option because i want to leave everything how it is factory wise. I have seen multiple posts with this issue and a lot of people have done it this way but their answers are very vague. If anyone has done a system this way, can you please give me some pointers (kind of a step by step) on what to do? Thank you!
  8. Hello everyone, so i have a 2015 Silverado non-bose crew cab. I can not understand how to properly wire the headunit for adding aftermarket amplifiers. My setup is: Skar Audio 4 Channel amp Skar Audio Monoblock Audio Control LC7i Now i am going to be using the factory headunit and want to know how to make my own T-Harness that will go from the headunit to the LC7i? I currently have the Metra 71-2107 and 70-2057 harnesses but i want to know if someone has made a harness with these for an LC7i and can provide a detailed step by step process on how to combine these harnesses? I also am aware that there is a ready made harness online but i want to make one myself so i know what is going on. Thank you in advance!
  9. So i have a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 crew cab with the NON-Bose system. I recently bought a 4-channel amp with new door speakers and a mono amp for two 10 inch subwoofers. To combine the both im going to install the Audio Control LC7i LOC. The issue im having is finding a harness that will plug into the LC7i. The LC7i has 4channels for the speakers and another 2 channels for subs. It also come with a remote section. Is there a plug an play harness that connects the factory stereo to the LC7i? I know LLJ customs makes the wire but their customer service is horrible and i need the system finished relatively quickly. Or does anyone know a T-harness manufacturer that has a harness similar to theirs? Cause i dont want to do any tapping or re wiring, just straight plug and play. Thank you in advance and sorry if this has been asked before
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