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  1. I did the same kit on mine a year ago, it sits pretty level. I think I'm 5/8" higher in the back but it looks level with naked eye. I would like a little more rake and am looking for a 2.5" block for the rear now.
  2. Only people with the 8 speed that have the tune done can really answer that question. That being said I would guess he can tune that out.
  3. Those are the first things I noticed as well. I will probably do some 0-60 runs while doing the WOT logs just to see what it clocks at. I know what it was stock so I have a baseline. And yes Lew has been great to deal with.
  4. Just received my custom tune from Lew the other day, only put a few miles on it so far so I cant give much of a review yet. But I can say its a different animal. I will give a review after I put a couple hundred miles on it.
  5. Yes its still for sale. I do take Venmo but not setup for paypal. email me at [email protected]
  6. Thank you. I will have to find where that noise at idle is coming from. Was sure it was here. More to come!
  7. It’s making a whining noise at idle. It’s located on the frame. If you crawl under the drivers side door towards the middle of the truck it’s mounted on the frame. I don’t know what it is. Might need to be replaced.
  8. I have a range AFM Disabler for sale. 100 bucks, I've had about 4 months and I just bought a diablo so I don't need it anymore. Its has the red light. My truck is a 2016 sierra 5.3L so should fit most years with AFM.
  9. Kinecr, what brand/model are those nerf bars? If you don’t mind me asking
  10. Here is a video of a start with flowFX. It’s not a cold start. But now that I know how maybe I will post one. Video doesn’t do it justice https://youtu.be/smz6sg8vp74
  11. Yeah she would! I had it in the garage when I fired it up the first time and she texted me "Thats rediculous"... ha ha. If I can figure out how to post video or audio clips here I will. Cold start its at its loudest then its quieter after that. and honestly after driving it for a while sometimes I wish it was a tad louder. I do have the Range AFM disabler (which I really like and would recommend) to remove the 4 cyl mode and I have driven it with and without the AFM disabler in it. its not too bad in 4 cyl mode, sounds a little funny but if 4cyl is activated its at a quiet point anyway so its not that noticeable.
  12. I do have a video but I can’t post it. I have a wife and 3 yo and it’s quiet when your cruising and rumbles when you step on the gas. It won’t be too loud. I was looking at the borla touring and that’s what I wanted but it’s almost 3x the money. For me, very few things I buy I am happy with. But I’m happy with this. Makes me smile every time I fire it up. I’d pull the trigger man! I know they are back ordered, took me over a month to get mine.
  13. the ride is good, much better than the stock ranchos. No bouncing, little more stable in the corners. washboard isn't as bad.
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