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  1. On my 6.2, I paired an aFe stage 2 pro dry with my Corsa exhaust and am really happy. I’ve had a few intakes in my life and the aFe is pretty awesome. Sits really solid and looks cool. Good luck you all!
  2. Hey Team - just a quick update. I didn’t like the rear partial Husky over the full Weathertech in my ‘18 crew cab. The Husky didn’t seem to sit properly over the rear hump in the middle, but may have settled better over time and could be the same issue with the WT partial. I returned the Huskys. Front and rear. Fronts were a flip of the coin compared to the WTs after testing them out for a few days, but decided keeping the mats the same all round looked better. FWIW. I have WT in my wife’s ‘17 Tahoe, and with kiddos, they have been pretty good over the past two years. There is one part in the rear that rolls up, but a heat gun helps correct. I will say the rear deck WT cover on the Tahoe sucks. Slides everywhere. Why they didn’t put cleats on it is beyond me. My conclusion is Husky has a great product, but frankly, I’d be happy with either option at this price point. You can get both through a local dealer like Home Depot and test and return as you see fit. Good luck!
  3. Hey Guys. Appreciate the thread and support. Based on the feedback, I am sending back my WT and ordering Husky X-act for my 2018 crew cab (30 day returns on WT - but have to pay for return shipping). I wanted to also let you all know that Home Depot has Husky mats (and WT) on sale for many models. 20% off. Got x-act fronts and rear (not full length rear since I have car seats - can’t easily remove a full coverage option). Cost was $204 (including tax $14 and shipping which was free). Doesn’t seem to be much cheaper than Amazon, but I can return to any Home Depot if not satisfied. Thanks again.
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