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  1. Hey just wondering if anybody installed this kit yet? Looking for opinions on it. Pics of before and after if u can. Thanks
  2. Has anybody installed volant CAI on there new truck? Just want to get some opinions on it. Looking to order one. I have the 6.2l. Thanks
  3. Did anybody get the Corsa Sport put on there 6.2 crew cab standard box yet?
  4. Good to hear, did extension piece come separate or with exhaust system?
  5. Ok cool any cutting with the extension piece to make it fit? Looking at this exhaust set up, any complaints? How is the drone on new generation trucks?
  6. Is this the full exhaust system or just muffler? Just wondering if they gave u and extension piece for cc standard bed
  7. Truck arrived last friday, talked to dealer today and got everything squared away and will be picking truck up this Saturday
  8. Hey guys, new to the forum, longtime follower. I ordered my new gmc truck back in beginning of January and Tpw of 2/25. Customer service from gmc said truck was shipped on 3/2. Recently spoke to dealer and said truck is still waiting to be shipped. My question is, is this normal when ordering a truck to take this long to ship? Thanks
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