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  1. Have not saw a duel stabilizer kit out there for 2500hd GMs. There are a few singles, this one has had some decent reviews. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/spx-smx-ssb2520k?seid=srese1&gclid=CjwKCAjwrcH3BRApEiwAxjdPTZimRMX7DicwVe7CDdoSP2pDH5BL3zNP8JRjdKeYZvIfpLc80-geRRoCMmAQAvD_BwE
  2. zmnypit, Very nice, I love that look. I have same truck with RC 3.5” lift. I don’t think the arms change much but the ride. Bought the truck the keys were cranked with shock extensions. Terrible ride. RC kit made a huge difference in ride, by adding arms and shocks. I would like to ask, how far do the wheels extend out past the fenders with the -40 offset? Did you notice a major change in your fuel mileage after installing 35’s?
  3. “Update” After reading more online, owners manual and playing with it. I have discovered that if you hold the talk button on the steering wheel for a few seconds longer it will bypass the On Star system and Siri will come up. Then you can use Siri to make calls and connect to Apple Car Play, hands free using Siri. I was used to my wife’s Hyundia where it always went through the car’s system.
  4. Ok so my ON STAR trial has ended, I tried to make a hands free call and couldn’t without On Star. I have my phone connected to intellilink, when Push the talk button on the steering wheel everything works as before, except she says unavailable at this time. I can push the button on my phone bring up Siri an d make the call. Is there something I need to change in the settings menu ? I thought I would be able to make calls with my phone connected. thanks for your help.
  5. I don't believe it will fit. The other problem i heard is the set part will hit the trailer hitch if it is in the receiver when lowering the gate. Also you would have to get the Tailgate from the wreckers because GM won't sell it alone you have to buy the truck.
  6. I was wondering if you lower the tailgate with the step down and a trailer hitch in the receiver. Will the step hit the trailer hitch and dent the tailgate.
  7. Can You remove the bed liner? Is the bed liner the spray in kind? If it’s just the stock box get a spray in bed liner done and have them plug the holes. The trailer hitch sleeve rusted in. I have had good results with straight vinegar on rust, it may take some time to soak all the way in. That’s a tough spot to soak it but keep applying it should work.
  8. Check for power to switch. Power to motor from switch. If there is power at motor when switch is activated I would say motor has a problem.
  9. I purchased a 2017 2500HD Denali that had a level kit installed. Truck looked great, after driving it for a couple weeks never liked the ride. After reading info posted here and other places online I figured out why. There was very little down travel left in the front suspension, the upper control arms had less then a 1/4” before bottom out, the ball joint was pushed all the way over to the outside, basically in a bind. The ride was choppy and harsh, even at slower speeds over speed bumps potholes etc. So you may want to rethink just leveling. Unless you do it using Upper Control Arms with the correct geometry. Differential drop, shock spacers or new longer shock. Buying these parts individually cost more then complete kit from Rough Country. I decided to install a 3.5” Rough Country lift. This kit includes everything needed at an affordable price and made the ride 100% better. There are other kits out there but they are all near 1k more in cost. After installing the kit last weekend, I took the truck to Les Schwab for an alignment. While there I asked them what size tire would fit using the stock wheels. They are telling me 295/65r20 which is a 35” no problem. I am going to give these a try next month, after I collect a few more pay checks. I will let you know how it turns out. Here is. Couple pics. The first pic you can see where the Stock UCA was making contact with the stop right above the brake line. The second one shows how much better the geometry is at the ball joint. Good luck, hope this helps.
  10. Maybe lift is the way to go. I will have a lot at what there is out there. I don’t think I want to go 6” maybe if there is a decent 3”-4” lift.
  11. Bhurt, That's what i am afraid of happening on mine. At any rate the ride is terrible and needs to be corrected. I like her being leveled and will likely get some 33" tires, but I first need to address the control arm issue. Will your dealer install after market UCA or just put the same stock ones back? I noticed that the ball joint on mine is at a very steep angle and with the after market UCA they have changed the geometry of the Ball joint so it rides straight up and down when the front is lifted. My problem is trying to decide weather to go with a full lift or one of those leveling kits. For the price of one of those leveling kits you can get a full lift. I noticed that some of the leveling kits sell them with shocks but the you still need to use shock extensions. If you are lifting the truck 2"-3" why are the shock extensions only 1". shouldn't they be 2"-3" or just sell longer shocks.
  12. Hi, I’m new to the forum, I just got into a new to me 17 Denali 2500hd, looks very similar to yours Riggin’. They could be sisters. I love the look with those wheels. It would appear that they leveled my truck by just cranking the keys up. The front suspension look very similar to the original pics you posted Riggin’. I should have read up a lot more about these trucks and their mods first. Did you by a complete Kit? If so what is it? Or just piece at a time? I have been looking at 3 different kits for leveling https://kryptoniteproducts.com/products/kryptonite-stage-3-leveling-kit-with-bilstein-shocks-2011-2017 The above comes with everything except diff spacers. Which I have found for as a separate kit from a few places. https://cognitomotorsports.com/i-30498951-cognito-standard-leveling-package-for-2011-2019-gm-2500hd-3500hd-2wd-4wd-trucks.html#!make%3DGM||year%3D2017||model%3D2500||submodel%3DTRUCK This one starts to get pretty costly with all the add ons. https://suspensionmaxx.com/product/SMX-GM-HD-STAGE2F This one seems to have everything complete. I don’t know if I really need the shocks or not. They add quite a bit of cost to the whole thing.
  13. I have been very happy with the Toyo AT2, great traction, ice, snow and mud. Smooth and quiet running, good warranty, although never had to use it. In fact I have never had to do anything with them other then rotate.
  14. Hi everyone! I bought just a 17 Denali from a dealer who leveled her. I have been doing some research on leveling the front and raising the entire truck. I would like to get some bigger tires, not sure what the dealer did exactly,to level the front. Looks like they cranked her up at the torsion bars. The UCAs are stock and I don’t particularly like how the ball joint is at an angle. So that is the first thing that needs to be addressed. I would like to install a diff drop kit to straighten the cv shafts. I found this kit attached below. This may be just what the Dr ordered seems to cover everything, as far as leveling. https://suspensionmaxx.com/product/SMX-GM-HD-STAGE2 What do you guys think of this kit? Anyone use this kit?
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