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  1. I thought I replied to this a few days back but it never posted. Try the link above the picture. It helped me. Just put in the actual of your truck on left side and then what you propose on right and scroll down to see what the difference is.
  2. Hi DM, First off, what are you trying to accomplish? Lift for greater ground clearance or just wider tires for looks? Is your truck lifted/leveled? Do you want more/less poke. If the 285s rub the 295s will a bit more. By going to 295s on +20 offset should make it near the same as +1 offset with the 285s. Not knowing all the perimeters makes it hard. The link below gives a very accurate dimension for various size wheel and tire combos. This is what I used to fit my truck with new shoes and had no rubbing whatsoever. Good luck. https://www.wheel-size.com/calc/?wheel1=285-7
  3. I checked atomic fab out. They only do the 1500 to 06. I wouldn’t think just adding a bracket would be beneficial for 2500, due to weight and plods. Also alignment issues would likely come into play. If it were me I would go with a tried and true system. Especially if the reason for trading out torsion bar is because the ride is rough. That says you are running on pretty rough terrain. Wonder what wheel size and psi you are running. Also seats can make the ride better. I don’t find my ride bad on 195/60r20 tires inflated to 60psi, 3” RC lift, under stock Denali seats. I like it bette
  4. https://bds-suspension.com/product?kid=723FDSC Take a look at this offering from BDS. I don’t think it would kill the resale value. Close to 5 large. There are links to reviews. I know the 1500 are coil over and ride very nice.
  5. A couple more pics shot looking down with camera held against side of truck above fender. passenger side
  6. Merry Christmas! So I just had new wheels and tires installed, they look awesome however I have discovered a discrepancy. The passenger side has about 3/4” more poke than the drivers. See pics of rear, the front is exactly the same. Before anyone says the bubble being out on drivers side, if I plumb the level. She is 1/4” to 3/8” off the wheel at the top and gives 3/8” more to the 3/4” the tape shows. I am wondering if any of you have had similar issues? Or know of this bing the norm? I never really noticed with the stock wheels but there would have been 3/4” difference. The drivers
  7. Ok from the link below my stock wheels are ET44. Hope that is correct. I was told they were 0 offset, so was working from there. https://www.wheel-size.com/size/gmc/sierra-2500/2017/ If the OE wheels are +44 then 22x10. -18 would give 3+” of poke. That’s more then I want. 1” is about all I want to go, any more would just destroy the paint by throwing everything off the road up on the body. Using the calculator in below link, installing 295/60R20 on 20x9 +1 wheel I would have 1-5/16” poke. This is more what I am after. I will have to confirm the OE wheels are 44, and go from ther
  8. I have had good results from AutoAnything.com. Last years Black Friday sale prices were better then all others on Pace Edward retractable tonneau. Shipping was 3 days free. Plus coupon which I never used.
  9. Hard to say, each tire brand is slightly different. The wheel offset and width of wheel. My friends 2500hd has 285/55R20 all stock, no clearance issue. Goodyear Wangler. Try the link below it may help some. Good luck https://www.wheel-size.com/calc/?wheel1=265-60-20X8ET44&wheel2=315-70-20X8ET44&fcl=1in&wcl=4in&scl=2in&sr=0in
  10. Looking good! Pbz I put RC 3.5 under mine too, looking to get a new set of wheels and tires. What offset are this wheels? Bgill How much poke do you have on your set up? i found a good deal on some 22x10 fuel wheels I like, but w/ -18 offset,I think might poke to far.
  11. Hi all, Hoping someone can help me with these “diagnostic alert” text messages I received gm. I was up in the mountains on some logging access roads. Coming back down I put her in L 1 and enabled the hill decent, which worked beautifully in 4Hi. The truck just rolled down the steep hills and only had to use the brakes a couple times. So about halfway down I had a message come up in the instrument info saying Service the StabiliTrak stability control system, pushed the ok it went away. A few minutes later it returned. When I got home later I received two text messages from GM
  12. Have not saw a duel stabilizer kit out there for 2500hd GMs. There are a few singles, this one has had some decent reviews. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/spx-smx-ssb2520k?seid=srese1&gclid=CjwKCAjwrcH3BRApEiwAxjdPTZimRMX7DicwVe7CDdoSP2pDH5BL3zNP8JRjdKeYZvIfpLc80-geRRoCMmAQAvD_BwE
  13. zmnypit, Very nice, I love that look. I have same truck with RC 3.5” lift. I don’t think the arms change much but the ride. Bought the truck the keys were cranked with shock extensions. Terrible ride. RC kit made a huge difference in ride, by adding arms and shocks. I would like to ask, how far do the wheels extend out past the fenders with the -40 offset? Did you notice a major change in your fuel mileage after installing 35’s?
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