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  1. Well, saw GM released the '21 info on the 15th on https://www.gmfleetorderguide.com/ and went to the dealer over the weekend and put money down. Got my order submitted today on a 3500 AT4 Duramax with the Premium Plus package. Anyone have any ideas or info when they change over to '21 production? Dealer said they could still '20s too so I'm guessing best case is I see the truck in October. Worst case is maybe December considering the backlog with COVID disruption? Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone.....I've lost a couple of the plastic caps that cover the holes in the bed floor when not using the gooseneck hitch. I'd like to replace but can't find part number(s) on any of the on-line parts diagrams. Anyone know where they may be in the diagrams or what the part number is? Thanks in advance.
  3. Looking for advice. I bought a brand new 2017 Denali 3500 Duramax about a year ago and had the dealer install the Intellihaul camera system. I paid full retail for the system but negotiated the install for free. Anyway, the passenger side mirror camera went out and Echomaster warrantied it. I live 3 hours from the dealer so I told them I would do the work myself since I have all the needed tools and skills and they agreed. As I started the work i found the following stuff wrong from the dealer install: Camera system control unit was not installed with the mounting bracket - bracket that was supposed to mount the unit above the CD player was just left out and the unit was tucked behind the glove box. Driver side mirror was damaged by trying to pop the chrome caps off so the tech tried to hide his tracks by melting the scratched plastic and gluing the new camera pod in place. Missing screws in both door panels. Missing trim clips in passenger door. Broken electrical connector clips on the mirror harness. All the hardware from the center console and glove box was mixed up with the door hardware - different lengths in the wrong spots. Advice on what I should ask the dealer to do? Other than the missing hardware i was able to pretty much correct everything (Echomaster was super cool and shipped me the missing bracket for free when I told them my story). I really just want them to know that the crap work by the tech went unnoticed for about a year but I eventually found it..... Thanks in advance for listening to my rant.
  4. Thanks everyone for the input. The dealer called today and said not only is my truck built, but it has already shipped and they have the VIN so I should be cool to utilize the current program from my GM Card. Any ideas what the transit time might be for delivery? My dealer is in Fargo, ND...... thanks again.
  5. I stopped at my dealer and ordered a '17 Denali 3500 long box SRW crew on 12/9. I asked on 2/8 about status and the dealer could only tell me my order was "accepted" - no VIN has been assigned yet. Does the timing seem strange? I see others have ordered after me and got build dates already. What do the codes above mean? What should I ask the dealer to get more details? I'm not really concerned other than I got a coupon from my GM card to exceed the normal allowance by $2000 but it expires on 2/28.......thanks in advance for any info.
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