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  1. Try bringing no 1 cylinder to TDC and verify the rotor is pointing to the no 1 spark plug wire on the cap. If it’s not, adjust the distributor accordingly. Following this, you’ll have to disconnect the timing wire (tan w black stripe) and set timing to 0 once it’s running. After that, you can plug the wire back in and it should be good to go.
  2. It can be done.... drop the spare and be sure to put the stands on the frame and not the axle to ensure the rear suspension unloaded. After that, should slide right out. Took me about 45 minutes from start to finish
  3. From what I gather, the puddle lights only light fully when the unlock button is hit on the key fob. From what I gather, the puddle lights only light fully when the unlock button is hit on the key fob.
  4. I have the same issue you are having. 6.2/8 speed and 15k miles. My problem was not exhibited until I was towing a 5k boat ~1200 miles. When I got home and did some driving around town, I noticed the shuddering issue. It was exactly as described in 5337. This is a well documented issue with GM and as such, they have 5 different revisions for this TSB. The issue I had was finding a dealer that was willing to admit that there was indeed an issue and that this was not something I was dreaming up. Several told me "no MIL, no problems". Finally, after dealing with several people that thought I had a made up problem, I contacted the last dealer. I told them the problem I was having and they insisted that they did not need my diagnosis and that their Techs would diagnose it for me. Following that, I told them my diagnosis was that for a $50K truck with 15K miles on it, it sure had a weird vibration and I didn't care much for it. I had run a log to see what the TCC slip was and it was most certainly out of spec. I finally dropped the truck off and a week later, much to my surprise, the torque converter was deemed "defective". This topic struck me because I also have a tune but had 12K uneventful miles with it. I only had an issue after towing a relatively small boat for an extended distance (should not have been an issue). If I were you, I would look in your area and try to find a dealer that isn't going to run you around and offer to fix the issue. While it may take a lot of phone calls, it may save some time in the end. If I have anymore information once mine is repaired, Ill be sure to let you know. Also, I noticed you said that your truck didn't exhibit this issue until after a 2 hour drive. Mine would not do it until the trans was at or above 165. I work close to home so most times I don't notice. Its only after driving 30-45 minutes or more that it starts. I didn't know if that information would help. Good luck with it.
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