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  1. Mine started this exact same behavior yesterday. I opened the door after the ignition button was shut off, my infotainment and gauge display stayed on. I tried starting and shutting it down about 8 times, with both key fobs. After I returned from my son's practice last night the update message appeared and I initiated it and never returned to the truck to see what the result is. I'm guessing that the software update has nothing to do with this glitch, because it seems that it's random and has been occurring on the 1500's from '19 model year as well. I have to say that I was way more impressed with the infotainment system in my '15 Sierra HD than the '20.
  2. Gotcha, it has to be the seat leather. I wonder if the SLT has the same leather as the Denali?
  3. Exactly! A-holes constantly cutting in front of you would drive the ACC batty. My wife's car has it and it's be disable since day one. If you want autopilot just ask anyone how well that is working out.
  4. As of now you can option a set of $2200 chromed aluminum wheels on the Denali. Was not available when I ordered mine. I’m assuming there will be other added options only available to the Denali throughout the year to separate it from the pack.
  5. Before I ordered this spring, I built an AT4, SLT, and the truck a I purchased, a Denali Ultimate. You can option them all identically, functionally. It comes down to badging and appearance on the outside and interior, that's it. The AT4 1500 at least offers a factory lift and tires, my Denali 2500 is just as off-road capable as the AT4 2500, and can be the same for the SLT (X31 off road formerly Z71 left to Chevy). In fact a loaded SLT with chrome tow hooks was priced identical to my Denali Ultimate on the website. The only "option" I saw that the Denali and SLT have over a loaded up AT4 are the 4 digital gauges on the dash. Not only are they digital instead of analog, the voltmeter "transforms" to transmission temperature when in tow/haul mode. That may explain the $1000 price difference from the Denali and SLT from the AT4. My 16 was a loaded SLT because I wanted chrome bumpers. Even then, it only lacked the digital gauge feature to the Denali.
  6. Anyone got the tailgate speaker package? Btw pause it on the commercial where he opens the multi function tailgate on the mountaintop. There are speakers in the tailgate
  7. I had the software update installed 2 weeks ago, 2 long trips and no SES light, seemed to work.
  8. Picked mine up from the dealer last night P20EE emissions code 2nd visit. The first time they just reset it, this time loaded new software for the NOx sensor so I will cross my fingers and wait. BTW the code only comes in on long highway trips. It usually resets (SES light) on its own a few days after city driving. Which is nice because you get your remote start back.
  9. Picked it up last night, the current solution is a software update. They reset the NOx sensor and uploaded the software, not fully confident it will work but I imagine the software update may take a few revisions.
  10. Also click on the pencil icon and make it your favorite network. It’ll pick it first
  11. Go to settings-personal hotspot on your iPhone and make sure the slider button is on and a password is displayed. Go to settings on your infotainment. Choose WiFi networks and select your iPhone, enter the password, and it’ll look for it every time you turn your truck on with your personal hotspot on
  12. Yup, so I just circumvented that issue. I have unlimited cellular data, so I just hotspot the truck to my phone now. I leave the hotspot button on so my truck has the wifi name and password memorized, full use of all apps for free now.
  13. That makes total sense now that I think about it. It only happens when I am close enough to my house to be connected to it's Wi-Fi
  14. Cool thanks Kevin, I will call Verizon. I have the business plan and I need to remove an obsolete tablet. Maybe I can replace my truck with it. Yeah, myself and 2 others ordered the first HDs in Pueblo. Ironically all 3 2500 Denali Ultimates with the Duramax. Mine is Carbon Black Metallic, a silver one, and a burgundy one.
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