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  1. Passenger Seatbelt Rattle

    Perfect, I never thought of that, great idea!
  2. Passenger Seatbelt Rattle

    Perfect, thank for the quick response, so you "taped" the Velcro loops to the seat belt side correct?
  3. So I searched here on this topic, and to my surprise I found nothing. Ever since the first drive of my 2015 HD the seatbelt bangs against the B pilar, constantly. I have many friends with this generation truck and they have the exact same issue and it drives them just as crazy. Is there and aftermarket tether out there to fix this problem?
  4. aftermarket tow mirrors

    Ah, I see what you're saying, I was under the impression that our "old" camper mirrors had the sensor in them as well, so I tried an experiment. I unhooked my passenger side mirror and started my truck, drove around up to temp and turned on the exhaust brake, everything functioned fine. Maybe our temp sensor is in the grill? I'm kind of baffled now because I was under the impression it was in my passenger mirror this whole time.
  5. aftermarket tow mirrors

    No, I ordered the mirrors with the sensor, I did my research and found posts from this site and the diesel page concerning your issue. Users trying to install mirrors without temp sensors got the result I explained
  6. aftermarket tow mirrors

    You need the temp sensor. Without it your truck with throw a code and the check engine light will come on eliminating the remote start function. The sensor is used for the diesel exhaust brake. I would inquire with Phil further to see if it’s a possibility to add it.
  7. aftermarket tow mirrors

    Looks as though I need to update my sig with the new mirrors installed!
  8. aftermarket tow mirrors

    I just want to give a shout out to Phil Gamboa, he helped me out tremendously and I cannot be more grateful. My 2015 had a rare anomaly that seems to plague only a certain amount of early pre 2015i HD's with the memory seat and carry-over camper mirrors. The passenger mirror needed an extra jumper harness to make the fold option work, and he spent countless hours of research and development to build this harness and send it to me in what I consider light speed. He is very professional and patient and in the days of crappy customer service, a shining star. Please understand this build is not for the desk jockey, it takes care and a ton of patience. In fact, if you have a friend or family member with tiny hands they will be your best tool in the box. Anyhow Phil is the man, and he will go to great lengths to find THE solution. Thanks again Phil! Shawn
  9. Tried the upgrade obviously before reading this post. 2 issues; switch does not function and was extremely hard to plug in, I assume it was the wrong one? Pulled a switch from my buddy’s 2018 and everything functioned except passenger mirror will not unfold or fold for that matter. Pulled a ton of fuses didn’t find a blown one. Which one would it be? Power window still works on passenger side figured it was that one but apparent not. Plugged my old switch in and functions except obviously no fold feature? Sorry to bug but I’m in desperate need of help
  10. Yeah that would probably be the best solution, I have always liked the fact that the G80 did the "locking" for you over having to disseminate whether you should lock up or unlock now because you may not need it,etc. I have owned 6 GM trucks, all had G80's for the exception of one, my first, a 1972 K10 short box with a "limited slip" option, using the same principle. Loved them all except my 2015 because it does not allow itself to lock without turning the traction control off, may has well be like the Ford or the Ram, you have to "activate" it now, and it's totally not an "automatic" locking rear differential any more. I realized this long ago when I bought the truck in 14' just griping about it now. Yeah, and I kick myself every day that goes by that I sold my 72 K10. I sold it to my little brother who was turning 16 (I was only 19 myself), he still has it to this day, and will not let it go. I upgraded to an 88' 1500 4x4 short box with the G80, it was a 4 wheeling motha!
  11. So I pulled out of the driveway yesterday and we had a little bit of frozen rain over night, yea I know Colorado weather is ever-changing. Any way, I started out on a patch of ice, under one rear tire only. Before the spinning tire produced enough centrifugal force to engage the G80 clutches, the traction control engaged the rear brakes on that particular wheel, basically stalling the truck out by fighting brake force against engine torque. Question: So the G80 locker design is to overcome the one wheel spinning open differential age-old problem and provide traction to both wheels and get you off of the ice correct? If traction control does not allow the spinning wheel to reach the proper RPM to engage the locker, what is the point? I can't imagine trying to climb a hill or slog through heavy mud and snow in four wheel drive and have this act up. I realize you can disable it, and the stability control re enables on it's own, and causes other issues, I have tried to just "tear" through the snow in 4 wheel drive and all of the "safety" enhancements really just drown out that fact that these are still designed for some off road capabilities. Also, being and engineer I realize that these safety feature, while not fun do serve a purpose, most of the time. Back to my question, is there really any value to the G80 anymore while traction control is enabled?
  12. All four of my windows roll down upon holding the unlock button, without changing any settings. With that said my truck is a 2015 (not 2015i) that came equipped with the carryover camper style mirrors that do not have the power fold option. I hate the mirrors, my biggest regret is not waiting a month and getting the power fold, spotlight, chrome capped mirrors. I have searched this forum high and low to see if I can convert and it seems I'm stuck with the old style. Hope this helps.
  13. Tow Mirror Conversion

    Awe man that is a real bummer, if I could not get the power fold option to work it's not worth it. Thanks for all of your help!
  14. Tow Mirror Conversion

    Wow, quite the undertaking it seems. I really like the mirrors and it buds the crap out of me that I have the 9 year old carry-overs and most everyone else does not. I'm sure I am mechanically capable of doing it but I really wanted to have the power fold option. I thought that if the door switch was purchased and the BCM was flashed that function was able to become available? It almost sounds like a trade in is about as expensive.
  15. Tow Mirror Conversion

    Yes and yes, when I ordered it the other mirrors were not even available yet. They were carryovers from the previous generation trucks. Power, heat, and turn signals only

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