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  1. Yep mine is on order as well. Not loving all the trips to the dealer.
  2. And now all the seat warmers have stopped working in my truck. Front and rear so I guess another trip to the dealer. Anyone else having any issues like this?
  3. Unfortunately you can't actually get to that menu if the truck isn't running on the new ones. I've done what the manual says and it won't work, so I'm assuming there is an issue. Looks like it'll be another trip back to the dealer.
  4. I did that and also 5 seconds or longer and it beeps but nothing happens. When you press the wheel it switches over to the confirmation page that asks if you want to reset it, I select yes and it stays at 28%. When I hold the wheel down for any amount of time it beeps but doesn't switch to the other screen.
  5. I doubt anyone has changed their fuel filter yet but if they have are you having trouble resetting the fuel filter percentage on the computer? Mine won't reset to 100%.
  6. I've got just shy of 14,000 miles on mine and I'd say about ¾ of that is towing a utility trailer with anywhere from empty(2860 lbs) up to 14k pretty often and I'm averaging 14.2 mpg overall. I don't have the large amount of wind resistance like the campers do though.
  7. Yep I noticed this a couple weeks and it also said 22° if I remember correctly.
  8. They don't have the spin on filter anymore which is a disappointment.
  9. Totally agree with the use of biofuel, but a lot of the stations I fill up at don't have biofuel or at least they don't advertise it on their pumps. The hot shots secrets works out to about $2 a tank. It's not a huge amount of added cost and I don't know if it works, but I have to have this truck last me a lot of miles so it is piece of mind using it. I do seem to get a little better fuel mileage when using it, .5 to 1 mpg better but you know it's pretty hard to get a true number since there can be so many variables involved.
  10. Interesting watch and this guy has some really good unbiased product tests. I use hot shots secrets. What about you guys?
  11. I've had 4 or 5 hard shifts when speeding back up after a construction zone or going up a hill. It's a little unsettling and I mentioned it to the dealership when I took it in for something else. They asked if there were any lights on, I told them no, and that's pretty much as far as that conversation went.
  12. Well I've had the truck 2½ months and it just rolled over to 10,000 miles. We'll see how this redesigned l5p and 10 speed hold up. Anybody else racking up the miles yet?
  13. I'm now having this pop up when I start my truck. Has anyone else seen it? I washed my truck today thinking maybe a sensor was dirty but that didn't help. Last week when I was pulling my trailer the orange light on the right mirror came on like someone was passing me and just stayed on for several hours of driving. They updated the computer early last week so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it but it looks like I'll be headed back to the dealer.
  14. Thank you for the replies guys and taking the time to check your camera. The picture on the display is pretty clear but you can definitely tell where that camera is on the 360° view. Not really blurry just look a little different.
  15. The dealer told me the lense was supposed to be hazy and it wasn't condensation. They told me they went and looked at another truck and it was the same and it's designed like that. Any thoughts on this? Not sure if you can tell from this picture or not.
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