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  1. I removed and prepped my 06' flares on my own and had a body shop spray them. It was years ago, but seemed like I removed the mold release with Comet and Mineral Spirits. I know I wet sanded them with fine grit paper until they were smooth but had a minor profile for the paint to adhere. The guy at the body shop gave me exact instructions. He sprayed them for $150 including material. Not sure if I have the ambition now days but $660 seems steep!
  2. Thank you! Now I know that I am not crazy! I saw a Denali SRW the other day without roof lamps and was just dumbfounded (here in CO), it must have been a Cali truck. At least we can spot them coming
  3. I installed the diodes on my '15 and removed them after constantly being blinded when using the easy exit lighting function and backing out of my garage with the mirrors folded in. The kit may be different now but mine jumped the reverse light circuit to the cargo light circuit (which controls the LEDs). On my '20 I just use the cargo lamp button if I need the extra illumination.
  4. I have checked alternative part numbers (84580657 for one) and they all are the same part that is on backorder. I'm like you, have a new truck with technology capabilities that I cannot use. Been pulling my 5th wheel and sure do want my camera! I ordered mine in January!
  5. I went from a '15 LML 6-speed 3.73 to this my '20. I agree with the post above, the 2 highest gears are not made to pull above 10k IMHO. The improved fuel mileage is very noticeable unloaded due to the higher gearing. I only pull ~14K (double-tow) but, it's over Colorado mountain passes, i.e. Monarch Pass, which does not get any steeper up and down. My first legitimate pull was this weekend, my comparison as follows 15' to '20 No noticeable difference in climbing, flat land, acceleration, etc. I would guess 20K + would be the true test Downhill the 10 speed, using manual shines for compression hold-back, mainly because in manual mode you have more gears to choose from, the exhaust brake is barely noticeable like the '15 My 5th Duramax, and I love them, no other machine like them! I have the Curt 25K puck system hitch, as well. Totally too low on the highest setting, almost laughably too low! I imagine it will take a DOT, engineering approval but they need an extension system, at least 3 more bolt holes up. Not happy at all with it. Pro Grade app/system is buggy at best, the commercials make it look perfect. My cameras have been on back order for 5 months but I created a profile for my 5th wheel and it constantly turns my brake gain to 0 when I turn the truck off, and I run the TPMS system all of the way through. When I hit the "Done" button the readings disappear, went through it 8 times and gave up.
  6. Thanks Michael, I will give that a try. Beings I only have the 4 that are installed maybe I will try the 2 tire set-up and see what happens. This was my first time setting up my fifth wheel and I'm not very happy with the results of the Pro Grade trailering system. I made a profile for it and so far it won't recognize the sensors, turns the trailer brake gain to zero randomly, and my cameras are still not here! I know I complained above. My best bet may be to delete the whole profile and start from scratch.
  7. Getting ready to brave the Memorial day weekend crowd and finally got a chance to program the TPMS. So I loaded a profile for my 5th wheel and when I begin the process to recognize the TPMS, I run through the manual program 1) Initiate program and timer starts 2)start with tire 1 and deflate until it honks, move to tire 2, 3, and 4, get honks and the final 3-honks stating it's done Get back in the truck and the system is functioning as it should in the DIC and infotainment. When I navigate to another screen and the back to the trailer profile, it says not TPMS programmed? I went through it 4 times with the same results, am I insane? P.S. my cameras are still on back order!!!! Since January!
  8. Ordered Jan 31, still on backorder!
  9. Mine started this exact same behavior yesterday. I opened the door after the ignition button was shut off, my infotainment and gauge display stayed on. I tried starting and shutting it down about 8 times, with both key fobs. After I returned from my son's practice last night the update message appeared and I initiated it and never returned to the truck to see what the result is. I'm guessing that the software update has nothing to do with this glitch, because it seems that it's random and has been occurring on the 1500's from '19 model year as well. I have to say that I was way more impressed with the infotainment system in my '15 Sierra HD than the '20.
  10. Gotcha, it has to be the seat leather. I wonder if the SLT has the same leather as the Denali?
  11. Exactly! A-holes constantly cutting in front of you would drive the ACC batty. My wife's car has it and it's be disable since day one. If you want autopilot just ask anyone how well that is working out.
  12. As of now you can option a set of $2200 chromed aluminum wheels on the Denali. Was not available when I ordered mine. I’m assuming there will be other added options only available to the Denali throughout the year to separate it from the pack.
  13. Before I ordered this spring, I built an AT4, SLT, and the truck a I purchased, a Denali Ultimate. You can option them all identically, functionally. It comes down to badging and appearance on the outside and interior, that's it. The AT4 1500 at least offers a factory lift and tires, my Denali 2500 is just as off-road capable as the AT4 2500, and can be the same for the SLT (X31 off road formerly Z71 left to Chevy). In fact a loaded SLT with chrome tow hooks was priced identical to my Denali Ultimate on the website. The only "option" I saw that the Denali and SLT have over a loaded up AT4 are the 4 digital gauges on the dash. Not only are they digital instead of analog, the voltmeter "transforms" to transmission temperature when in tow/haul mode. That may explain the $1000 price difference from the Denali and SLT from the AT4. My 16 was a loaded SLT because I wanted chrome bumpers. Even then, it only lacked the digital gauge feature to the Denali.
  14. Anyone got the tailgate speaker package? Btw pause it on the commercial where he opens the multi function tailgate on the mountaintop. There are speakers in the tailgate
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