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  1. The best offer I've been able to get on a 2021 order is invoice + whatever incentives are available at the time. Fees would be 695 dealer plus tax,tag, title. This is on a 3500HD LT with an MSRP of just over 58K. Anyone seen anything better?
  2. Thanks for the replies. Thought you guys might find it useful to know that Silverados can be ordered now but HD models are not open yet. I found this out when working with a dealer on my build this afternoon. He mentioned that he thought things might open up next week. I didn't talk price with them yet, just got my build straight. Any opinions on % off MSRP, before incentives, that I should target? MGP
  3. Good afternoon folks, I'll be ordering a 2021 Silverado 3500HD which will be my first custom order. I'm trying to figure out when to approach dealers. I'm in a position to buy as soon as they can build it and get it to me but I know we are likely right at the model year switch over. Anyone have an idea of when dealers will have allocation for 2021 heavy duty trucks? Any advice on targets for pre-incentive discounts? I've traveled to purchase vehicles in the past and don't mind doing so again (or having them shipped). Any advice on the best dealers to work with on this type of thing? I appreciate any other advice you can lend. Thanks in advance, MGP
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