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  1. This is it. Some option derated the gvwr. I want to say mine is 10650. I have a 2021 Silverado 2500HD High Country Gas CC SB.
  2. That doesn't make any sense to me in a gas engine truck. Every 2020+ 2500 gas I've seen has been 3k+ payload. Post your stickers?
  3. Thanks for the well thought out response. I'm going to check into getting the torsion bars swapped. You're the 2nd to suggest it.
  4. And I'll never understand why people contribute to threads in a way that isn't meant to be helpful but rather only has value in tearing people down. I can see why some people have angst about posting on forums for for advice. It's not like I'm cross shopping sports cars and HD trucks. Call it a comparison or whatever you want. I was trying to provide context for what a stiff suspension is to me. I think if you actually read what I wrote, it's clear the vehicle is a need not a want. I'd ask that you consider the value of your post. You could choose to be helpful but instead you've chosen to be antagonistic. It's not for you or I to decide how anyone uses their vehicle. Lastly, I didn't join this forum or post this to get into internet pissing matches. If you want to continue to post things that aren't productive, that's your call. My choice is to ignore it and respond to helpful posts instead.
  5. For what it's worth, I just finished my first tank of fuel in my gas 2500 High Country CCSB 4WD. I averaged 10mpg but I had a lot of city driving. Maybe 100 miles interstate the rest on slow city roads. One tank isn't a lot of data so take that for whatever it's worth.
  6. To your point, these are built to tow. A 1500 isn't going to have 3K+ lbs of cargo and 16K+ of towing capacity. That said, I was merely asking if there were ways to make the truck more comfortable when not towing. No one is comparing sports cars directly with HD trucks. What we are saying is that we are used to stiff suspensions and this is pretty stiff. It's a measure for where the opinion comes from. I need the truck to make memories with my family. I'd rather not put up with having my spine shattered and my teeth rattled. If I can make it more comfortable, I'm going to do that.
  7. I really appreciate the helpful response. Thanks so much for your contribution.
  8. Thanks for this. A little concerned about a lift as it's already a tall truck and I don't want my wife and kids to struggle getting in and out anymore than they have to. It's compelling if it helps the ride though. I'll check into it.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. Any suggestions for which bars to change them out for?
  10. Good evening all, I’ve had my 2021 Silverado 2500HD High Country for about a week and I have a few questions I was hoping you smart folks could answer. The ride is really rough. I’ve owned sports-oriented Audis and BMWs in the past and I think this suspension is way worse. My S4 that I sold to buy this truck was downright plush compared to the suspension lol. I knew what I was getting into but went forward because the vehicle is a tool to be used to get some quality family time with my wife and kids. I don’t HAVE to enjoy driving it but I’d like to make it as enjoyable as I can though. My truck has the Z71 package and the camper/snowplow package. I took one with the camper package because trucks are scarce and it was otherwise equipped exactly as I wanted it. Long story but, in order to get what I wanted, I had to have this truck shipped from Minnesota to Florida. Options were not plentiful. 1.) I did let some air out of the tires and it did help. I’m at cold pressures of 55 front and 60 rear. I’m concerned about impacting tire wear or setting my self up in an unsafe way. Am I okay? Should I reduce some more when unloaded or add some back? I’ll air back up to the pressures on the door sticker when towing. 2.) I’ve read repeatedly that people think the rancho shocks suck and generally recommend replacing with Bilstein 4600s or 5100s. I don’t plan on lifting the truck and I don’t want to compromise my tow ratings. Can anyone provide guidance on whether replacing the shocks is the correct move for me? If so, what is best for my situation. 3.) I do not like the High Country wheels and would like to replace them. Is there anything I should take into account besides load rating / index? I plan on getting wheels, keeping the existing tires, and matching the load rating as close as possible. Is my plan sound? Anything else I should consider? 4.) Anything else you guys would suggest? I’ve done some searching but I'm still left with the questions above. I’m willing to go read and educate myself if you’ll nudge me in the right direction. Couple pics attached for funzies. Thanks in advance for the help. MGP
  11. 2021 2500 High Country Gas CC SB w/ deluxe, sunroof, snow plow prep, z71 = 3248 lbs of payload available
  12. The best offer I've been able to get on a 2021 order is invoice + whatever incentives are available at the time. Fees would be 695 dealer plus tax,tag, title. This is on a 3500HD LT with an MSRP of just over 58K. Anyone seen anything better?
  13. Thanks for the replies. Thought you guys might find it useful to know that Silverados can be ordered now but HD models are not open yet. I found this out when working with a dealer on my build this afternoon. He mentioned that he thought things might open up next week. I didn't talk price with them yet, just got my build straight. Any opinions on % off MSRP, before incentives, that I should target? MGP
  14. Good afternoon folks, I'll be ordering a 2021 Silverado 3500HD which will be my first custom order. I'm trying to figure out when to approach dealers. I'm in a position to buy as soon as they can build it and get it to me but I know we are likely right at the model year switch over. Anyone have an idea of when dealers will have allocation for 2021 heavy duty trucks? Any advice on targets for pre-incentive discounts? I've traveled to purchase vehicles in the past and don't mind doing so again (or having them shipped). Any advice on the best dealers to work with on this type of thing? I appreciate any other advice you can lend. Thanks in advance, MGP
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