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  1. I am having a hard time locating a solution for what I want. I have a 2.5” receiver and a 2.5” Andersen Adjustable ball hitch. I would like to find some sort of solution to add a bike rack to my hitch as well. Ideally I would like something that is a sleeve that the Andersen hitch goes thru like how a towtector would mount but I haven’t seen anything. I have seen 2” dual hitch extenders that would allow me to use a regular hitch mount bike rack but I have never seen a 2.5” and my Andersen ball cost over $200 and don’t really want to buy a new one. Any ideas would be helpful, thanks.
  2. Also, unfortunately, there are few people that know less about towing than the people who sell you the truck and the rv.
  3. That camper, even when maxed out, is going to put less than 1500lbs on your truck. On these new 2500’s that is nothing and probably going to only mean 5-6 inches or so of squat and there is already around 3 inches of rake from back to front. The idea of a WD hitch isn’t to evenly distribute the weight, it’s to make sure the truck is sitting level and will handle/brake properly. So a properly setup WD hitch is only gonna need to transfer a couple hundred pounds to the front axle and that’s not even factoring in the couple hundred pounds it took off the front axle before the weight distribution. In my opinion, I would be surprised if with a properly setup WD hitch and that trailer you had much more weight on the front axle than an unloaded truck, and if so only a couple hundred pounds. I personally would not order the heavier front springs.
  4. Yeah I ran into the same issue with my last truck, locking pin wouldn’t fit. I used the reducer sleeve for a while though until I actually needed a new hitch, it doesn’t decrease the towing capacities of your current hitch so I just bought a new pin. I actually considered buying my new hitch in a 2” as well and continuing to use the reducer so it could be used with other receivers if necessary but I ended up getting a 2 1/2.
  5. I tow around 8500 lbs regularly and rarely heavier loads. I upgraded to a 2500 Duramax 3 years ago and will probably never go back to a half ton. My Duramax gets 2 MPG better mileage than my old 6.2 and 4-5 MPG better when towing plus diesel is cheaper than the premium you have to put in the 6.2. If you want a standard bed 1/2 ton in any of the higher trim levels you pretty much have to customer order it. I love the way it handles and for longer trips I’m not maxing out the payload with the boat plus a loaded bed and 4 people. I don’t have any experience with a 2500 gasser though and I know the Duramax drives the price above a 1500 by a decent amount.
  6. Right now my dealer is advertising $13k off msrp on ‘19 Denali HD and that is before some of the GM discounts. Look else where
  7. Those wheel and tires are the worst but the fender flares are pretty sweet
  8. I would guess you could get that truck for $67-68k right now if you find the right dealer. Some of the smaller volume dealers probably do have to sell it for $70k right now with no factory incentives but the larger volume dealers will be able to pass a few extra K in savings to you.
  9. Thanks for all the input guys, I picked up the Rhino shackles that I posted an Amazon link to earlier in the thread and they work perfectly! I did have to put them in the rear side of the hitch though because they stuck out a little far and interfered with my locking hitch pin, but worked out great! I should have taken a pic, maybe later tonight but the quality for the price of the Rhino shackles was awesome, at least out of the box. Super thick coating it seems like so hopefully no rust issues for a while.
  10. That was nice of them...thanks for letting us know how it went.
  11. If you want to know what a good deal is go to Laura Buick/GMC website. It is one of, if not the largest Sierra dealer in the nation. The also have a pretty close to no haggle pricing policy where what they list online is what they sell it for and they are usually the best deal you will find. Right now it looks like around 10% off for a brand new ‘20 Denali but closer to 20% for a new ‘19 Denali. They have tons of inventory as well. https://www.laurabuickgmc.com/
  12. I have had the Retrax Pro on my previous 2 trucks but honestly can’t remember why I chose that over the Retrax One. I know the Pro is aluminum and the One is polycarbonate but what benefits am I getting paying extra for the aluminum? There website doesn’t list many advantages that I can find.
  13. Cool, thanks for the dimensions...do you leave them on when not trailering and do they rattle around loudly when not being used?
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