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  1. While I am not in the market for a half ton, I will be looking to upgrade next year when the HD’s are updated and there are a lot of areas that Chevy missed the mark with this new ‘19 that I’m hoping maybe they tweak before next year and this is one. The Max Tow Package is actually pretty legit...larger rear axle, bigger radiator, locking rear diff, heavier rear springs, tuned suspension etc. These are real life upgrades and not just a different axle ratio and a wiring harness. The fact that that you can’t get the trailing cameras and the other tech (360 camera, hud, dic, etc) together is very frustrating. While I am used to large trailering mirrors on the HDs I would still like the option of the cameras and it would be a HUGE upgrade to the mirrors on the half tons that are crap when towing. Ford has been so far out in front of GM with their tech it’s embarrasing and this could have been GM’s chance to maybe have a leg up, if only for one year, but they decided to only catch up (if that even) after years of lagging behind.
  2. As someone mentioned, the 16k lb number you see is the gross COMBINED weight rating not the tow capacity. As someone who has experience towing 14-16k LB loads I would tell you that even 12k is crazy to consider that in a half ton even if they say it’s possible. The brakes, rear axle, suspension isn’t meant for that kind of hauling and your truck will be completely worn out in no time. The 2500/3500 WT’s are very little extra money over the 1500. I know you were just commenting on the max tow rating but if you are actually considering towing 16k get a 3500.
  3. https://www.etrailer.com/Vehicle-Suspension/Chevrolet/Silverado+3500/2015/AL88339.html?vehicleid=20154021009 Check these out
  4. 2020 Silverado HD

    That is a terrible photoshop putting together some features of the '19 1500's and a hood scoop. Even the actual teaser picture from GM that looks better than this one has Chevrolet across the grill instead of the bow tie, and that look is garbage regardless of how good the rest of the truck is. It will be available in one or two trim packages but most will retain the bow tie I'm sure. I too would not be interested in anything that looks like the picture above, but I have a feeling it will be a much nicer finished product once we actually see it.
  5. Higher load index tires

    Just a guess from your numbers... Actualt trailer weight right at 16k and your probably right around 11k gross weight for the truck (or about 1k over the 10k gvwr) does that sound right? I will be upgrading our 5er in the spring to a very similar unit and was curious about the need to upgrade the truck too (which I don’t want to) so i appreciate your feedback
  6. Higher load index tires

    Nice looking setup, that is a heavy 5er for a 2500. Do you have airbags or timbrens or what are you running for rear suspension help because it looks very level for that much weight.
  7. 2020HD Wish List

    Oh, I forgot...put the def fill next to the fuel fill instead of under the hood and hide the gd def tank Also, 50ish gal fuel tank would be nice...the ford super duty’s are 48
  8. Transformation

    That is correct, the 2500 Duramax and all 3500’s have the 11.5, only the 2500 gasser has the 10.5
  9. Transformation

    While I’m not encouraging him to tow something that isn’t safe, I don’t believe this particular information is correct. Don’t exceed gvwr and especially axle weight ratings. #1 the 2500 and 3500 have the exact same brakes #2 the entire drivetrain from the engine/tranny/differential is the same. If you have the Duramax even the axle is identical between the 2500/3500 #3 it doesn’t go on and on...the only difference is one extra leaf on the rear springs (6 instead of 5) and 126 load rated tires instead of 121 (3750lbs vs 3200lbs) The tires are the real weak link. #4 the difference isn’t even close to 3000lbs vs 7000lbs...it’s more like 2500 vs 3500 and then 4500 for the DRW (add about 500 to each one of these for base models/reg cabs) Regardless, for similarly equipped trucks it’s about an extra 1000lbs from 2500-3500 and another 1000lbs from 3500srw-3500drw Even for the DRW the only change is 2 extra wheels/tires (which is the weak link like I noted before) even the axle stays the same NO you cannot get a truck certified with a new GVWR. As far as towing the 5er, Duramax would be more important to me than 2500 vs 3500 unless it was over 16k or so and then you need DRW anyway. You get the bigger rear axle, Allison tranny, exhaust brake (big deal when towing this 5ers) not to mention 900 lbs of torque. As long as he has the Duramax, if he adds some helper springs (ie timbren) and makes sure he doesn’t exceed his axle weight ratings (his combined axle weight ratings will exceed his GVWR) he will be fine.
  10. The suspension looks like it’s handling it pretty well actually. Not a ton of sag, pretty level actually. You said it’s hurtin, is that referring to the engine being underpowered or just overall too heavy for the truck?
  11. 2020HD Wish List

    Yes, I forgot about this, good call...also a 14k GVRW option on the drw instead of only 13k
  12. Higher load index tires

    Thanks for the link...I’m aware of how payload numbers work
  13. Hello all, I have searched through numerous posts and haven’t exactly found the answer I’m looking for, or maybe I have and just don’t understand it. So I thought I’d ask. I have a ‘17 2500HD Duramax High Country with stock 265/60r20’s with a 121 load index (3197 lbs) I am looking for a tire with a maybe a 126 like the 275/65’s or but i would like to keep everything stock if possible. Stock rims, no loft or level etc. It doesn’t have to be 275/65’s they just happen to have the load index I wanted. Is this an option?
  14. Also, don’t forget to re-torque that hitch after you put the weight of the trailer on it.
  15. I have a retrax pro lockable bed topper on mine so that helps against thieves when I don’t wanna remove it.

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