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  1. Unlike previous years the 2020 HD’s have roof marker lights as standard equipment Nevermind, that statement only applies to the GMC, you can still get the Chevy without
  2. There is a very similar statement in this article https://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/trucks/sierra-heavy-duty-purpose-built-to-trailer-like-pro#sierra-heavy-duty It seems they don't talk about it much anymore but when they originally announced the new 2020 lineup and there was press info all over the place it seemed very clear. I'm assuming GM has decided not to explicitly say the 2500 is limited because it makes it sound weaker when realistically it can't make that much difference, they just say the 3500 isn't limited.
  3. I don't really care that much, I was just trying to clarify what GM has been telling us from the beginning. Here is the final piece that I feel shows torque is limited in the 2500's. If you don't think its true, thats fine too. I'm sure its very little and barely noticable. Go to his article directly from GM....https://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/trucks/introducing-next-generation-sierra-heavy-duty#sierra-heavy-duty Halfway down he page you will see this paragraph...the article is covering he entire HD line no just the 3500 so why would they single it out if it was true for both trucks?
  4. This was the closest proof I could find, but it’s definitely true
  5. I bought my first new truck 6 years ago. Silverado half ton High Country. It was a leftover ‘14 after they had ‘15s on the lot and I got it for around $45k. I saved $10k for down payment and used that plus about $10k worth of previous paid off trade in to finance only $25k and also got a 3% interest rate. 2.5 years later I upgraded to a ‘17 Duramax High Country the same way, as a left over after the ‘18s hit the lot. Sticker $68k and I paid $56k plus still had $20k equity in previous truck plus I saved another $10k to put down. Then I had less than $30k loan on a $56k truck. This year I owed $12k on that truck and sold it for $46k for $34k equity plus another $10k savings. $80k sticker, bought it for $68k minus $44k down equals $24k loan on a truck with an $80k sticker price. If I didn’t need or want such an expensive vehicle, these trucks are easy to sell private party and I could pocket $35k easy probably closer to $40k and move on. Thats one way
  6. Aren't you in Reverse when "hooking up" therefore the screen stays on? I'm not sure what you mean
  7. I'm not 100% certain on this but I think the infotainment system on trim levels below SLT are limited in their input availability and can only accommodate one or the other. One of the standard features found on the SLT when upgrading is "Premium Infotainment System" whereas the SLE omits the premium part when describing the Infotainment System it includes. It would be weird to include that word with one trim level but not the other if they were the same but again I don't know for sure. Another way to get people to upgrade to the higher trim level is to limit options that can be added to lesser levels I suppose.
  8. Any pics of the Duraflaps? I am considering them but would like to see coverage and how they look. I also don't feel like the OEM would be of much use.
  9. If equipped exactly the same (Denali with Denali Ultimate and 5th Wheel Prep) are there any differences between the 2500 and 3500 SRW? I know there is some suspension difference (previous gen the only difference to a 3500 was an extra rear leaf spring and higher load rated tires). I am more interested in the difference in actual features and options. For example, in the previous generation the 3500 had smaller wheels and no TPMS but it looks like the '20s have the same 20" wheels and also have the TPMS so I'm just curious if there is anything I'm missing. Thanks
  10. When you build a truck on gmc’s website it takes into account cab size, bed size, 4 wheel vs 2 wheel drive and engine when calculating payload but doesn’t take into account and options above and beyond the standard features. The Denali will definitely add around 1000lbs or so. I was under the impression a fully loaded Denali was still in the 2100-2200 LB range but I guess you have something else that weighs a couple hundred pounds.
  11. GM advertises -20 F starts in less than 3 seconds with no block heater. The lowest I’ve seen is right at -20 and a couple more cranks than normal is about all I noticed. I suppose if you live somewhere that could get lower than -40 F maybe you could run into some issues
  12. And I answered it. That engine will start no matter how cold it is if it can get fuel. The block heater is to reduce cold start wear on the engine, it will not be the limiting factor in IF the engine will start
  13. What’s going to keep your L5P from starting is whether or not your fuel has gelled to the point it can’t flow they the injectors. My first winter with mine the fuel gelled one night around -20 F air temp. Took a couple days and a fuel filter replacement to get it going again. Even Diesel 911 didn’t do anything for me. Now I run fuel from truck stops only all winter and add a supplement if it’s below 0. The block heater just helps it warm up faster and makes the cold starts less damaging to your engine long term. But it shouldn’t really have any impact on actually starting or not.
  14. When I need to take the bikes along with the boat it’s becuase we’re going camping and the truck bed is loaded to the max so that isn’t an option. I will will have to ask around, I don’t know any fabricators in the area and honestly I would be more comfortable knowing a an actual weight rating on something as opposed to just having someone welding something together and guessing. It seems the 2” dual adapters decrease the overall towing capacities by about 50% so I may just have to figure out a different solution.
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