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  1. Disregard what I said; I missed that it was a travel trailer and not a 5th wheel…’20+ 2500’s will be fine for you
  2. I wouldn’t mess around with anything but a dually for a toy hauler especially a higher end one like the momentum, but here ya go. 2021 2500 Denali Duramax 4x4
  3. This doesn’t help a ton but something is definitely off…my Duramax Denali has a max payload of only 3065 but an 18500 conventional trailer rating. I doubt the tires have anything to do with it, they may effect your max payload but not your towing capacity. Maybe someone with a gasser can chime in but those are my numbers.
  4. My ‘21 Denali is rated for 18500 conventional trailer with 1850 max tongue weight. Those weights sound a lot more like 5th wheel specs than a conventional travel trailer. If you are truly pulling a 35’ 15000+ LB travel trailer then it must be a park model and I hope you aren’t planning on towing often because it won’t be fun.
  5. Yeah GM designed these trucks with lots of cool features and the ability to tow an entire house but only allowed the cool features to work with tiny trailers making them useless. You also won’t be able to use the invisible trailer feature they are constantly advertising as it doesn’t work with any gooseneck or fifth wheel and even if you had a bumper pull it’s limited to 32’. Good luck, let me know if you figure something out.
  6. Wow, that’s gotta be the fewest changes YoY I’ve seen...especially on the GMC
  7. So here’s the deal, just a couple months ago it was possible to find the truck you are looking for in the $72-74k range if you negotiated a solid deal, and they were hard to find at that time so that would have been a very solid price. As of right now inventory is so low and demand is so high you are going to pay very close to $80k for your $82k MSRP and that’s if you find anything. Unfortunately you had to sell your other truck already because that’s how/why people are able/willing to afford these prices. Used truck value is just as crazy if not crazier. I bought an $82k MSRP 2500 6 months ago for $72k and I’ve had a dealer offer me $80k cash for it just this week and it’s used with 10k on it if that gives you any idea the current market. Probably not the info you wanted to hear but it’s real world what’s happening in the truck market right now. I can’t speak to other brands outside Chevy/GMC but I am assuming it’s similar. Good luck to you.
  8. Like mentioned above ‘23 for the HD interior upgrade at the earliest. And the trade in loss is a complete guess for anyone right now even more than usual. With demand so high currently you are going to pay a premium for your new truck but depending on what you are trading you may be able to make up all or even more of that premium. Currently HD trucks (diesel especially but applies to gas as well) are so hard to come by that trade in values are thousands above normal. How caught up will the industry be by the time you trade again, who knows. I just traded in a 4 year old High Country Duramax with 50k for damn near what I paid for it I’m 2017. I looked into trading before the pandemic with 10k less miles and was going to get more than $10k less that I just did. I’m guessing at some point this demand will settle back to the norm but at that time new trucks may be more aggressively priced. Again who knows what’s going to happen to the HD truck market in the next 12-24 months. Good luck
  9. Previous generations this was more of an issue as they capped the gvwr at 10k for the 2500 up until ‘20. Since then they are both well over 10k gvrw so I doubt there would be much difference, escpecially of you don’t already know because of certain regulations that you need to adhere to. I actually had the opposite problem, I wanted a 3500 becuase they are more capable for essentially the same money with no drawbacks but all I could find was a 2500. I would do it
  10. I know this isn’t much help but on the Facebook L5P page I have seen multiple people mention this exact problem and back order issues with no dates being given for availability...sorry about that, good luck
  11. Yes you are correct in assuming the camper package is referring to bed campers...I knew there was one other main use for it besides snow plow that I was forgetting
  12. Very little impact at all for a bumper pull trailer even with wdh. Really only used for snow plows or other front end heavy applications. It can decrease ride quality when not loaded so if you aren’t plowing I wouldn’t add it.
  13. So here is an idea. I have heard of people having their adjustable pedals set too far back and the accelerator only being 70% or so when they “floor it” thinking they’re 100% throttle. Try adjusting your pedal forward some and see if you have more travel on your accelerator. Long shot but it has happened to multiple people. Honestly I don’t remember if it was too far forward or too far back causing the problem so just try messing with it some and see if anything changes
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