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  1. Hello all, I have searched through numerous posts and haven’t exactly found the answer I’m looking for, or maybe I have and just don’t understand it. So I thought I’d ask. I have a ‘17 2500HD Duramax High Country with stock 265/60r20’s with a 121 load index (3197 lbs) I am looking for a tire with a maybe a 126 like the 275/65’s or but i would like to keep everything stock if possible. Stock rims, no loft or level etc. It doesn’t have to be 275/65’s they just happen to have the load index I wanted. Is this an option?
  2. Also, don’t forget to re-torque that hitch after you put the weight of the trailer on it.
  3. I have a retrax pro lockable bed topper on mine so that helps against thieves when I don’t wanna remove it.
  4. Sweet setup! Come back and let us see the sweet rig when you get it all hooked up. Maybe some real world weights too. Costs $11 at a CAT scale if you never done it. Super easy and it will give you front axle, rear axle, and trailer axles (one weight for all trailer axles) with one weigh. You could do an empty weight before you pickup the trailer if you really wanna know what the pin weight/trailer weight is after you load it.
  5. Exact setup I have, you’ll love it. And it’ll be easy to move to your one ton when you decide it’s necessary
  6. Just trying to make sure you know what you signing up for, those toyhaulers can get very heavy, very fast! Also, good choice on the anderson hitch, they're awesome and easy to free up the bed when needed. Its what I use. Maybe someone else can help you with the acceptable sag, my truck sits about level with the Timbrens and around 1900lbs on the hitch but not sure about actual measurements. You should take the rig to a CAT scale when you get it just so you know what the actual weights are. Being over your GVWR is one thing but being over an axle rating or your tire load rating is another.
  7. Glad I could help. It can get very confusing as most truck manufacturers are somewhat misleading when advertising capabilities (almost all advertised capabilities are with reg cab, short bed, WT, gas engine) And RV salespeople obviously aren't gonna talk you out of buying something. I will admit, I tow a 12,500lb 5th wheel with my truck and I am over my payload. I am under front axle weight rating, rear axle weight rating and combined weight rating but with the pin weight I am over the GVWR (10,000lbs) of my truck by 400lbs. I made this decision knowing that my engine/transmission/drivetrain/brakes can handle it (they are all identical to a 1 ton). I have added the Timbren SES to my rear axle and believe it helps with the slightly lighter rear suspension my 3/4 ton has. I would look into this if i were you, $200 and less than 30 mins DIY install. No difference unloaded ride quality but once you get enough weight it makes a big difference https://www.etrailer.com/Vehicle-Suspension/Timbren/TGMRCK25D.html My next truck will be a 3500 DRW for sure. I would upgrade now if the tech from the '19 1/2 tons had already made into the HD's.
  8. There are a few different things going on here. #1, that isn't how you calculate payload or tow ratings. Many trailers have a much lower % pin weight than most RV 5th wheels. Gooseneck trailers, horse trailers, car carriers etc have a much closer to 15% pin weight than the close to 20% RV's put on the truck. On a 14,400lb trailer that is 2160lbs vs 2880lbs, so while it may be possible for your truck to tow 14,400lbs it would have to be with the right setup. (Bumper pulls put even less weight on the truck) #2, a full tank of gas is included in those payload numbers so that doesn't need to enter your calculation #3, 2901lbs is actually very good for a 3/4 ton so that is on your side (my diesel High Country is only 2200lbs) #4, you mention a motorcycle so I'm guessing this is a toyhauler. That may actually play in your favor for the payload aspect. The pin weight you mentioned is pretty high for the trailer weight (22%), which is common for toyhaulers becuase most of the cargo is loaded behind the trailer axles therefore actually taking weight off the pin. They make toyhauler unloaded pin weight higher than normal so that when it is loaded it still is in the 18-20% GVWR of the trailer range. Lets take 2900-2300 (pin weight)- 200 (you)- 100 (hitch) That leaves you 300lbs of payload left to play with for luggage, tools etc. If it isn't a toyhauler and you are putting that motorcycle in your bed then you are well over payload.
  9. Probably...5ers are really difficult for 3/4 tons unless they’re small. Check the sticker inside your drivers door, (the one with the tire psi info) and it will say “combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed xxxx lbs” Each truck has its own specific payload based on model/options and payload numbers from a website are for stripped down regular cabs so don’t google it. Thed add 2300lbs (that’s empty, probably closer to 2500lbs when you load it with stuff but that can vary) plus 150lbs for hitch and then yourself and any other occupants, plus anything else you may have in the cab or bed when towing. I can’t imagine you wouldn’t be well over the payload. With that being said, MANY people tow heavy 5ers with 3/4 tons. You see them all day on the highway and they are ALL over their payload. Especially with the diesels, the only real difference is an extra rear leaf and heavier duty tires (no 20” rims on 1 tons) but with the gassers there’s even more difference because of the rear axle. Ultimately it’s up to you but I’d hate for insurance to claim overweight limit in case of an accident, or being held responsible for negligence in a more serious circumstance or even worse something happening to you or you family.
  10. I’m guessing your payload is around 2600lbs and that trailer is gonna have a pin weight real close to that. And that’s not including the weight of any people (including yourself) the fifth wheel hitch and anything else in the truck. I’m guessing you’ll be well over 500lbs over max payload probably more and that’s if the actual trailer weight is 13k and not the UVW which would mean the real world weight would be higher. 3500 minimum, preferably DRW for 5er that size. Also the 2500 gasser has a smaller rear axle than the 2500 diesels (same axle as 3500) so even if you do decide to go over payload (many people do) you’re also gonna be over rear axle weight rating which is even more concerning. I would reconsider your choice.
  11. What's Up With Tow Mirrors?

    To each their own I guess but I use my tow mirrors almost every single day, even when I’m not towing. Will never have a truck without them. Wish GM would make them power telescoping in addition to folding. Lots of times I forget to pull them out or push them in before or after towing.
  12. 2020HD Wish List

    I haven’t really paid too close attention to the 1/2 tons so it is encouraging to hear at least some of my wanted list has been added, I’m sure we will see them in the 20’s then. A new tranny would be cool if I got better mileage but honestly they don’t have to change a thing about the Duramax/Allison and I’d still be happy. I will definitely be getting a 1 ton next time but that’s what I’m referring to. I looked at actual payload capacities of high end loaded 1 ton drw’s and the Ford and Ram were still almost 1000lbs higher payload.
  13. I have been upgrading my truck around every 3 years which means I hope to be trading in my 2017 2500HD High Country Duramax for the new design (getting at least 3500 maybe drw). With that being said they will have to check at least a couple things off my list or I may just wait. Here’s my list, curious what everyone else is looking for. I want more factory trailering tech ie. Third tail light camera, 360 camera, blind spot monitoring (we don’t even have that without a trailer while ford offers it with trailer compensation) I know some of this can be added thru 3rd party dealer installed but I want a factory option Rear seat climate control or at least their own vents rear heated seats Adaptive cruise led lighting (looks like that is pretty much guaranteed at this point) power telescoping mirrors (the current mirrors are perfectly fine I just want power telescope) Some sort of update to the mylink display/interface and features Much higher payload and max trailering...my truck has less than 2200lb payload (I firmly believe gm is grossly underestimating these trucks capabilities) Zero chance but would be nice: Mega Cab equivalent airbag suspension option Fuel filter heater (I was under my truck in -20 windchill this winter with a hair dryer on my filter for about 40 mins because of some bad diesel) Lets hear what you think!
  14. Retrax Pro MX

  15. Husky Under Seat Storage Box


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