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  1. I know this isn’t much help but on the Facebook L5P page I have seen multiple people mention this exact problem and back order issues with no dates being given for availability...sorry about that, good luck
  2. Yes you are correct in assuming the camper package is referring to bed campers...I knew there was one other main use for it besides snow plow that I was forgetting
  3. Very little impact at all for a bumper pull trailer even with wdh. Really only used for snow plows or other front end heavy applications. It can decrease ride quality when not loaded so if you aren’t plowing I wouldn’t add it.
  4. So here is an idea. I have heard of people having their adjustable pedals set too far back and the accelerator only being 70% or so when they “floor it” thinking they’re 100% throttle. Try adjusting your pedal forward some and see if you have more travel on your accelerator. Long shot but it has happened to multiple people. Honestly I don’t remember if it was too far forward or too far back causing the problem so just try messing with it some and see if anything changes
  5. Wireless Airplay and some minor color changes. Some trim levels have different standard features. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2020/05/2021-gmc-sierra-2500hd-heres-whats-new-and-different/?fbclid=IwAR2chgk9zCX60PrENCbh-PSwhochDv6VhrYew4oybqTA9hJiHVP9N8-slrc
  6. What is everyone seeing for payload on the yellow sticker on their truck. I am specifically looking for the 3500 SRW Long Bed Denali Duramax but curious to see all the different configurations. I know the advertised payload but I want to see everyone’s real life numbers. Make sure to leave the model/trim/cab/bed/engine Thanks
  7. There’s no way to disable it but if you put it in neutral with the parking brake on in won’t shut off
  8. Unlike previous years the 2020 HD’s have roof marker lights as standard equipment Nevermind, that statement only applies to the GMC, you can still get the Chevy without
  9. There is a very similar statement in this article https://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/trucks/sierra-heavy-duty-purpose-built-to-trailer-like-pro#sierra-heavy-duty It seems they don't talk about it much anymore but when they originally announced the new 2020 lineup and there was press info all over the place it seemed very clear. I'm assuming GM has decided not to explicitly say the 2500 is limited because it makes it sound weaker when realistically it can't make that much difference, they just say the 3500 isn't limited.
  10. I don't really care that much, I was just trying to clarify what GM has been telling us from the beginning. Here is the final piece that I feel shows torque is limited in the 2500's. If you don't think its true, thats fine too. I'm sure its very little and barely noticable. Go to his article directly from GM....https://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/trucks/introducing-next-generation-sierra-heavy-duty#sierra-heavy-duty Halfway down he page you will see this paragraph...the article is covering he entire HD line no just the 3500 so why would they single it out if it was true for both trucks?
  11. This was the closest proof I could find, but it’s definitely true
  12. I bought my first new truck 6 years ago. Silverado half ton High Country. It was a leftover ‘14 after they had ‘15s on the lot and I got it for around $45k. I saved $10k for down payment and used that plus about $10k worth of previous paid off trade in to finance only $25k and also got a 3% interest rate. 2.5 years later I upgraded to a ‘17 Duramax High Country the same way, as a left over after the ‘18s hit the lot. Sticker $68k and I paid $56k plus still had $20k equity in previous truck plus I saved another $10k to put down. Then I had less than $30k loan on a $56k truck. This year I owed $12k on that truck and sold it for $46k for $34k equity plus another $10k savings. $80k sticker, bought it for $68k minus $44k down equals $24k loan on a truck with an $80k sticker price. If I didn’t need or want such an expensive vehicle, these trucks are easy to sell private party and I could pocket $35k easy probably closer to $40k and move on. Thats one way ?
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