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  1. Does anyone know if the tanks on the 2019's are the same part number as the 2020's?
  2. Basketcase, I showed this post to my dealership, and they wanted to know if it would be possible to get some more information on this? Perhaps the name of your dealership so that they can contact them? Or a picture of the two wires jumped? Or a description of the process? We're dying for anything about this possible fix! You can PM me the info if you want to leave it off the public forum. Thanks!
  3. I've got a 2020 Denali HD with 44k miles on it and this is the second time now that I have gotten a service def code. This time they told the the def heater was bad. It's part of the tank and evidently you have to change the whole tank. There is literally no availability on these ANYWHERE. I'm being told no dealerships in the country have them. There is a single one at a dealership in Illinois but they won't sell it because it's for one of their customers and they have had at least 95 calls on it trying to buy it. So basically I have an 80 thousand dollar truck tha
  4. If you go to the mygmc app on your VEHICLE. NOT your phone, but from the touchscreen in your vehicle, and then you go to "manage plans" Does unlimited data show up in your list of plans? Thanks
  5. Just got my 2020 denali duramax a few months ago, 8k miles on it so far. I pay 25 dollars a month for the unlimited data plan, but my data is not working. The truck is broadcasting it's hot spot. and I can connect to it's hot spot from my phone, and it works just fine. But with any data going through the actual dashboard of the truck itself, it doesn't work. Apps won't download, spotify doesn't work, I cant even see the anything in the "manage plans" under the mygmc app. This just started all of a sudden out of nowhere a few nights ago at about midnight. I've talked to onstar
  6. Where did you see gm is offering a 2000 loyalty discount? I thought it was 1,000?
  7. So come to find out the build I ordered back on October 6th is STILL at event code 1100, and when I questioned my dealership on why it's still on 1100 and asked them why they don't have any allocation to make the order, they told me that "no one does right now, the gas engine is on constraint" So they are saying that no one has allocation for a gas engine 2500hd because gm won't let them order one. Are they giving me the run around, or is this legit?
  8. GM chat would only say that my order shows as "order accepted" Which they said means it's scheduled for production but that no production week had been scheduled for it yet. Does this mean I'm making progress here? Should I be asking for more/different info on the chat?
  9. I'm 2 hours away from Flint. I wish I could just go pick it up and save 1500 bucks. But...my understanding is that this is not allowed.
  10. Just curious the effect that the strike really had on new builds. I was told 12 weeks even WITHOUT the strike. I ordered mine october 6th. As of right now, 2 months later I don't even have a build date yet. And then my understanding is 1 more month after the build date?? Is this accurate? Any thoughts from anyone on if I should be trying to skirt around my dealership and check on the status with GM directly, or if this is normal? Thanks
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