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  1. Sold my 2006 Sierra VortecMax in the fall, been trying to figure out what would be a suitable replacement. With every half ton now standard with cylinder shutoff, electric power steering, and other doodads I wanted no part of.. I pulled the trigger on a new 2500hd Chevy Silverado. It’s a 6,6 gasser WT with the Alaskan package and I ordered it with all the power/convenience packages, aux battery, few other things. im I’m Thunder Bay , Ontario Canada. I ordered the truck on January 21 21, and it’s set for a build date of March 8, will be completed 6-8 weeks after that date. will be worth the wait, I feel it’s a happy medium truck in the 3/4 ton truck segment.
  2. If it were my truck I’d look for an ly6 engine. im actively searching for an 11+ ccsb truck with a dropped lifter so I can perform the same swap ..
  3. Hi there guys new member here. Have a 2006 GMC Sierra, vortec max 4wd truck. Came with a 4.10 gear and LQ9/4L70e from the factory. has been a great truck for me so far, use it to tow my 8,000lb travel trailer fairly often. my second gear has started to slip and rather than replace it with another 70 I have bought a complete parts truck and was hoping someone could give me some insight on the swap. I have a pretty good idea but just want to make sure I’m not in for any surprises before I start. i currently have -4L80E (pulled from complete truck, 2002 gm Sierra 1500hd with the LQ4) -261hd (I believe?, from same truck, has autotrac like my vmax) -all other usable parts from the 1500..cooler lines etc. Didn’t keep the stock flexplate as I sold it with the motor -Michigan Motorsport 4l60 to 4l80 adapter with iss plug -hp tuners mpvi2 for doing transmission segment swap on my current ecm (will go over power enrichment and torque management at the same time ) i feel like this should have me well on my way.. I know I will also have to : shorten my driveshaft (not sure how much but would like to use the 1500hd transfer case. I’ve heard it’s shortened by 1.5” if using stock case.) move my trans mount back appx 2.5” And does anyone know if I need a flex plate spacer and the bolts for my setup? any other relevant info would be great thanks guys n gals!
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