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  1. Yeah, this is confusing to me since 220 amp is standard on 1500 with Max Towing Package, but not standard on HD. I am also trying to understand if I need to check this box (220 amp vs 170) for my future HD that I intend to use for towing a TT.
  2. Thank you'all, When I make the move, I'll know I don't need/want that option.
  3. Thank you for that advice. It's listed as "heavy duty spring/camper package" which must refer to bed campers as opposed to travel trailer campers and, to sow further confusion, is separate but included in the "snow plow prep/camper package".
  4. Looking at options on 2500 HD and wondering if the heavy duty front spring would be useful for a conventional hitch trailer. I currently tow a ~6000 lb travel trailer with a WDH, so think the springs could benefit even if I'm not hauling a 5er and it's only a $45 option. Also, want the ability to upgrade in future. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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