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  1. This bothers me too. I think it adjusts just as "high" as the passenger mirror, the problem is we sit so much closer to it. I wish I could raise it up higher as well.
  2. I know!! I just need to talk myself into that. I freaking LOVE the truck other than this one thing. I need to get over it. I'm just all up in arms right now. I'm sure it will fade.
  3. I hear you. I don't drive it often, but most of the camping we do are up in the mountains. I didn't want to deal with a diesel. From what I read if you can answer "yes" to at least 2 of these 3 conditions you should get a diesel: 1. Tow heavy 2. Tow all the time 3. Tow at altitude Really, I can only answer yes to the 3rd. I guess the only reason I'm disappointed is that I feel like the Ford F250 and RAM 2500 gassers could do it. I researched the heck out of these trucks before buying but didn't look at this at all. I figured the powertrai
  4. That's a good thought, I didn't know that could be an issue. Unfortunately I don't have adjustable pedals. But I'd be interested to hear if that helps anyone else.
  5. That's the same stretch that I ran into problems. Speed limit is 60MPH which I couldn't maintain. Like you, I held about 50 MPH. What's frustrating is my 2017 RAM 1500 was able to maintain 60 (granted, I was flooring it the whole time.)
  6. And..... Just because the spreadsheet is set up and easy to use now, here's what it would look like if GMC offered the 10 speed in the 6.6 gas. I don't know why I'm doing this, I'm just getting more disappointed ? GMC 2500 6.6L Gas (redline: 5600 RPM) Diff Gears 3.73 55 MPH 60 MPH 65 MPH Gear Gear Ratio Final Drive Engine RPM Engine RPM
  7. I did the same exercise for the Ford 7.3 (w/ 3.55 and 4.30) as well as the RAM with the 6.4 (3.73 and 4.10). I know I'm only looking at one specific speed range (55-65MPH) but that's where mine is struggling. What you can see from the data below is at 60MPH both the RAM and Ford (in BOTH axle gear options) have a gear (or TWO) in the 4000-5000 RPM range whereas the GMC does not. (I had a hard time finding redline for the RAM 6.4L hemi with the 8HP75 trans as well as the for Ford 7.3 with the 10R140, but this will get us close enough). RAM 2500 6.4L Hemi (redline: 580
  8. I really hope something is amiss. I love this truck otherwise but this is really making me regret my decision. I'm not a Ford guy but looking at the 7.3 gas with the 10 speed is making me wonder. I really think if my truck had the 10 speed I wouldn't be having this problem. It just needs a gear between second and third to bring the engine RPMs back near the power band at 60 miles an hour
  9. Mine is 4WD. We tow in the mountains about 6 times a year. The only thing that makes me nervous is I'm only towing 5500lbs. I bought this truck so we could get a bigger camper (around 9500lbs). Given how it struggles now in the mountains, I'm not sure how much worse it will do with the larger camper. I'm going to call around and see how much a re-gear is. Also, not sure the jump to 4.10 would be enough of a difference. Might need to go up to 4.56 and at that point you need a new carrier as well...
  10. I'm with you! And I LOVE the truck and the towing other than this one issue. Unfortunately for me, the times it struggles and can't maintain the speed limit kill the rest of the experience. Maybe a re-gear will help me, or maybe I just need to get over this one instance of under-performance (that would be cheaper haha)
  11. So just to have some hard numbers to look at I looked up the gearing for the 6 Speed: Gear Gear Ratio 1st 4.03 2nd 2.36 3rd 1.53 4th 1.15 5th 8.5 6th 0.67 Other stats: Front and Rear Gear Ratio: 3.73:1 Engine Redline: 5600RPM Max Torque: 464 @ 4000RPM Max HP: 401 @ 5200PRM Tire Size: 265/70R17 (without actually measuring my tires, that'
  12. Heading eastbound up to Eisenhower is definitely one spot I can't maintain 55mph. Maybe I just need to learn patience and take it at 45. Haha. But that was the spot where it was embarrassing. My father in law passed me in his 2014 Tundra and my buddy passed me in his 2019 Ram 1500 (we all have similar weight trailers). I was the only one that couldn't maintain the speed limit in my brand new "big" truck.
  13. I guess a better way to say it is while towing if I lock it into 2nd gear before the hill my speed will be limited to about 59mph and that will be around 5500rpm. The only way to get to 60mph is for it to shift to 3rd gear which drops the rpms to about 3500rpm and I loose all power. I haven't been able to maintain 60mpm up a steep (long distant) incline. Is there something else I should try?
  14. I usually use mid grade which around here is typically 87 I need to look up the torque and horsepower curves. I'm thinking about regearing, need to figure out if that will help my problem I haven't looked up where the truck makes its max torque and horsepower. If it's around 3500 RPM you are correct. But to me it feels more like around 4200-4500 RPM. That's why I feel like it's a transmission/gearing issue. There's no gear to keep me around 4500 RPM at 60mph. I was surprised there was no gearing option lower than 3.73 for the gas. I'm considering going to 4.10 or 4.30
  15. We drove up and back from Breckenridge this weekend. Same story. Any long uphill grades the truck could BARELY maintain the speed limit and in a couple instances couldn't maintain speed. I tried the following with no improvements: Turning on cruise control Turning off tow/haul mode Putting it into "L" and manually downshifting What's really weird about the last one is even when I tried to force it to downshift it wouldn't..... What's even stranger is it would be at 3500RPM at 55 MPH and when I'd try and manually downshift the RPMs would increase to about
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