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  1. 14 to 18 tow mirror paintable caps

    What'd you do with the tow mirrors they were supposed to go on?
  2. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Looked all over for that color, and could never find one exactly like I wanted. I pass em all the time now, and the Chevy version, and am so jealous every friggin time! Looks great!
  3. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Yup. Sand, etching primer, sand, primer, wet sand, paint. Super easy.
  4. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I did mine about 9 months ago. Totally changes the truck. Ignore all the bugs on there, lol. Have been up and down the highways of Arkansas the last few days. Did my grill as well and plan on switching the chrome honeycomb for the black, once I get my bumpers wrapped.
  5. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Not today, but earlier this week.. Installed AMP steps. Wife wouldn't quit complaining about having a hard time getting in the truck. I just used it as an excuse to grab her butt and help her in the truck every time Finally said screw it and got a set. I don't really use them, but as long as the wife is happy.. right? Door Closed: Door Opened (already dirty lol):
  6. Color matched door handles

    If the inside is smooth, they should have no problem holding up, should you decide to paint the inside too. I had chrome handles and painted them white (taped off the inside black part). The paint has held up on the chrome just fine, and you can't even see the black part, unless you're looking straight down at the handles. Whichever you want to do will work. If you're having someone paint them, it might be easier to just have them paint the whole thing.. less masking and attention to detail IMO.
  7. Chrome, Painted Mirror Caps

    There is a set on FB marketplace by me, summit white. I can proxy them for you and ship to you.
  8. WTB- Summit white Door handles 14-18

    That dude has sold 46 of those white handles. I am about to buy a set. I painted my chrome handles white, and they're starting to chip.
  9. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Yea, it is a crew. I am not really worried about it being perfectly level, but I think the 1" or so will help.. at least in my head it will. It will be going from a 2.5" level to stock front and rear block removal. Had the same setup when I bought the truck, but it was with 20s. Have 18s now (just switched the tires to a 32" in anticipation of dropping back to stock). Current set up (sans tires): Front end is color matched for the most part, but got a new bumper and will be painting it white in the coming week. Rear too. Pulling the running boards when I drop back down to stock. Might go back to 20s in the future, but I love the ride of 18s. What it looked like before I started color matching/switched wheels: Going for this look without the wheels for time being:
  10. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Currently have a leveling kit on my 15. It is a 2wd, and I am thinking about dropping the front back down to stock and pulling the blocks. I guess that would consider me "lowered". Anyone went from leveled set up to stock/lowered? Happy you did? No rear blocks make a drastic impact? I feel as if stock with no blocks would ride lightyears better than leveled front and blocks in the back.. but maybe I am wrong?
  11. Thank you, sir! It is an LTZ. I painted the handles, grill, and the headlight surrounds to match. Bought mirror caps that were painted to match as well. I wanted to color match as much as I could, since I had an alloy looking wheel now. Traded my 20s for the Silverado/Tahoe 18s. I didn't like the way my 20s rode, and liked my tire options better with the 18" wheels. Here are some pictures of it before: I also de-badged the truck as well, and took off the door trim. Leveled the truck, replaced the running boards with a set of the squared off ones that came off a Sierra, traded the wheels and tires for 18s, then color matched the door handles and mirror caps: Then painted grill and headlight surrounds:
  12. I didn't know about the Bose subwoofer, which I see someone above has explained. I like my bench, but just thought for some reason there was no way that they put out an LTZ package with a bench. Seems like it is pretty common though, since you and others have the same deal! I appreciate the compliments. Yes sir, I traded my LTZ 20s for 18s a while back. They ride lightyears better than my 20s and less maintenance on keeping them clean!
  13. Thanks for the info! I will take a gander. It is an LTZ. Checked the vin and door jamb sticker. Everything lines up. Trust me, I was going to bust them for selling me an LT as an LTZ, but everything checked out when I looked. I had just never seen an LTZ with a jump seat before. Weird.
  14. Bought my truck used (1 owner CPO), with ~20k miles on it. The truck is an LTZ with all the bells and whistles.. except it has a jump seat, instead of a console. Now, I know a lot of folks switch the console out for the jumpseat, but the previous owner was 65 years old. I highly doubt he switched the console out for a jump seat, or even knew the option existed. Does anyone on here have a jumpseat LTZ (or high trim package) truck, that was like that when you bought it? I am in the market for a console, but haven't looked too hard. I know I will have to get a harness from @pgamboa at some point. Might try and kill two birds in one stone, next time I am in Dallas, and pick up a console and the harness all at once. I don't mind the jumpseat, but miss having a full length console, and am very curious to if these LTZs come from the factory with an LT/WT type jump seat console. Thanks!
  15. So many Arkansans in here. Love it!

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