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  1. I just had mine done a few weeks ago. Was going out on me, especially at slower speeds. It was under warranty and took less than a day to do. They had to fix my driver side power window, too. Had all kinds of things messed up, lol. The switch messed up my AMP steps, so after they got the window switch connector fixed, all was good. The AC condenser also went out the day before taking it in for the brake job. Easy fix for them. Bill was like $2300 or something.. thank goodness for warranties.
  2. Nothing wrong with reps at all. The OE brand is right on par with OEM wheels. I have multiple friends with OE Denali 22s and Y Bar 20s. Never had a problem. They're actually probably more popular than OEM, since OEM seems to be crazy prices new. I'd also look around on Facebook Marketplace. I see 22s on there (OEM) all the time for $1000 with tires. Can take the tires off and put on your G2s, and save some cash. $2000 sounds high for 285s, but I haven't bought Nittos in a long time.
  3. Thanks, bud! Yea, it is all factory housing/assy. They're kind of black, if that makes sense. I like the look and the white surrounds really made it pop more IMO. Murdered out will look good, but I really like the chrome grill inserts on black trucks. I think if you stay with chrome wheels, that grill will look good with the surround and head light surrounds black. As well as your chevy emblem on the front. I had planned on getting a black grill insert, color matching the bumpers, and running black Fuel wheels.. but felt like the storm trooper look is getting to be outdated. Once I had my chrome wheels back on, I really liked the pop of the grill insert. Now, if I can find the time to get the bumpers done, I think I will stop messing with it, lol.
  4. Good looking rig! Like others have said, those wheels look great, but I read you comment about wanting to have it more off road suited. I bounced around from 20s, to 18s, back to 20s. Both ride great off road/on gravel. Paint/wrapped to match grill and headlight surrounds make a world of difference. I have a 2014 LTZ but white, and the the chrome always bothered me. Painted the grill surround and headlight surrounds 2 years ago and they've held up great. Got the color matched mirror caps as well. Going to wrap the front and back bumper when I get time to do it.
  5. Added new tires to mine yesterday. Was running the 275/65/20 Michelins that came off our farm truck when we bought it. Ran them into the ground and was looking for an AT. Decided on Ironman All Country AT.. $527 delivered to my tire guy, and $30 to mount and balance the 4. So, $557 total and they ride like a dream. Seen nothing but great reviews on them, so we will see how they work for me! Truck has a 2.5" level, 275/65/20 Ironman AT tires, and AMP steps. Painting the back bumper and wrapping the front one to match, next.
  6. I don't like lowered rides, but I'd drive the piss outta this one.
  7. Got them done at my buddy's shop. They're awesome! I don't use them, but my wife/mom/inlaws/friends use them to get in and out every time. And yea, they make the truck feel/look higher. Love em. Can't even see them:
  8. Hated my steps. Went back and forth a few times, mainly because wife wouldn't stop complaining about not being able to get in. Finally broke down and got amps. Best thing ever. Looks clean and she doesn't complain.
  9. Saw it Friday when I was at Cattleack BBQ. It is clean for it not to be direct fit stuff, but not my taste at all.
  10. What purpose does it serve? I've got one, but if it doesn't do anything, I can take it off and sell it to you
  11. Honeycomb is preferable, but I'd look at anything black. They're removable, I am 99.9% sure. It pops off in a shell. I had my grill surround painted and we popped it out.
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