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  1. Range AFM Disabler

  2. Range AFM Disabler

    Lightly used, in like NEW condition. Red LED light version, and the most current updated software. Comes without box, but will be padded and shipped securely. Free shipping. $100 shipped in the US priority FEDEX. Compare at $200.00 new: https://rangetechnology.com/afm-disabler/
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Damn.. quite the turn of events LOL! "Honey, I am going to the dealership to get my oil changed" *2 hours later* "Honey, come look at my new truck!"
  4. I'm Out!

    Had the exact same truck, in a 2013 form. Tundra was awesome, and I got 188k miles out of it. Was missing some tech/interior stuff, that most other trucks had at the time.. but it was still a tank and never gave me a problem. Kinda wish I still had it.. since it was paid off LOL. You wont be disappointed in that new Tundra though. They're super nice, and the paint to match from factory makes those exteriors pop. I came from a Tundra, to a 4Runner (for 3 months) then got back into a Chevy Silverado. Both trucks have their perks. Enjoy the new ride (and space)!
  5. Did these sell? I'll give you $100 for the back, and send you a FedEx label to use.
  6. Stock Height/ Stock Wheels/ NEW TIRES

    I felt that!! LOLLLLL. My wife cant ever tell what type of mods I have done, because I just show up at the house with it done. A lot of folks on here have done it, my self included. The only problem is, most if not all, 275/65/20 tires, will ride rough due to their rating/spec. You can get a softer ride with a 275/60 tire and keep it in the P rating/softer than the 10ply you'd be looking at for a 275/65. I went back to 18s and got a 33" tire that rode way better than the 34s I had on my 20s.
  7. I was so close to buying a 16 Slate Sierra.. but it had more miles than I wanted on it.. so I ended up going with a Summit White Silverado. Every time I pass a Slate truck, I have buyers remorse. Wish I would have just nutted up, and bought the Sierra. It was only a 10k mile difference between the two, but still.
  8. I drove one the other day. It is seamless. You wouldn't notice it if the radio was turned up. The only way to really tell, is the engine somewhat starting up, when you get out of auto stop mode and start rolling. My wife's Escape has it, and my dad's F150 has it. Takes a minute to get used to, but I didn't even notice it til I tried to feel it. It isn't annoying at all. Literally unnoticeable.
  9. New Wheels Rub

    Depends on how "hard" it is rubbing. If it is slightly catching the carpet/metal fender, then yes the 285/65 will most likely be the answer. If it is hitting it hard, then I don't think a half inch will make a big difference. Will still rub.. just not as hard.
  10. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Is this the TSB you had performed? Any cost associated with it? https://gm.oemdtc.com/1647/pi1183a-front-seat-lateral-movement-andor-click-type-noise-while-driving-2014-chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra
  11. Level, Shackles or Remove Rear Block?

    Yea, I am already leveled in the front. Have a 2" spacer. Have always wanted to drop the blocks, because I am about .25" higher in the rear right now. If the rear dropped enough, I'd consider taking the front spacer off and going stock. Might save the ride a little bit. I go back and forth between "I like the stiff ride with a spacer. Rides like a truck!" and "Damn, this thing rides like a wooden wagon", LOL.
  12. Looks like it has some sort of spacer in the front. What size tire are you running? You would be a little higher in the rear than the front, if you didn't have some sort of front spacer, but you look "level" or almost lower in the rear than the front.
  13. 2018 Silverado Cheyenne Big 10

    Dealership here had two green ones. Not my cup of tea, but a cool concept for the guys that grew up with that paint style/wheel style.
  14. What level are you running in the front?
  15. Level, Shackles or Remove Rear Block?

    Yea, I am going to drop my blocks now, lol. Mine sits about a half inch low in the front, so if I pull the back, it should end up a half inch high in the front. I don't tow anything, so I think I will try it out. I also might end up going back down to stock height if the rear drops enough.

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