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  1. Truck is a 2015 2500hd with 65K on it. Running kryptonite uca and ball joints that were just installed about 8k miles ago as well as bilstien 5100s. I really only notice it when i hit a bump slow turning slightly. From what I can tell both upper and lower ball joints seem tight and in good shape. The keys are not over cranked either they could go up another 2" if I want but i felt I should keep it at a safe height. All boots are solid without any holes. Is there anything else fairly common I should check for on these trucks?
  2. Will I need to pull the shark fin off entirely or should I be able to see everything once I drop the headliner?
  3. Kryptonite leveling kit without a doubt. I replaced my shocks with bilsteins 5100s designed for leveled trucks. Kryptonite offers a kit that includes shocks. IMO you dont need torsion keys, stock ones are fine. I replaced mine with the keys kryptonite provided and they are damn near bottomed out and it sits level, I can only imagine cranking them up.
  4. It hasnt rained much where I am. Truck is a 2015
  5. The radio is saying XM radio No Signal, reception may be blocked. Called Sirius and they are pretty sure there is something wrong with the radio / antenna on the truck, as they have sent several refresh and activation signals with no luck. Has anyone dealt with something like this? Its not getting any signal at all and it was working fine a couple days ago. I also noticed that the info for the stations and songs playing on the AM/ FM side is not showing the details. I guess there is a satellite module somewhere in the truck. ANyone know where that is located or something i should try to get this to work without going to the dealer?
  6. No shock extensions, just bilsteins 5100s made for a leveled truck.
  7. Its well worth it to do it right and get a kit with upper control arms, longer shocks, diff spacers etc. Im running kryptonite stage 3 kit and it brought the ride back to factory, and kept the ball joint and cv angles much better than they were.
  8. Anyone have any trouble getting a front end alignment with new upper control arms? My camber is "within Spec" but its at the far end of the range at 1.3 degrees and its pretty obvious when looking at the truck/
  9. I just leveled my 2015 2500hd with Kryptonite stage 3 kit with Bilstein 5100s and a set of 285/75-R18 Ridge Grapplers. Just thought I would whore it out a little bit, I am pretty happy how it turned out. No rubbing at all on stock rims.
  10. Just thought Id share some pics of my CV angles and ball joint angles after kryptonite upper control arms and diff spacers. What do you guys think? Too much angle?
  11. Does anyone have pics of clean light bar installs? I was originally thinking in the hole in the bumper but open to other options if they are clean and hidden. Post pics if you guys have any
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