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  1. No shock extensions, just bilsteins 5100s made for a leveled truck.
  2. Its well worth it to do it right and get a kit with upper control arms, longer shocks, diff spacers etc. Im running kryptonite stage 3 kit and it brought the ride back to factory, and kept the ball joint and cv angles much better than they were.
  3. Anyone have any trouble getting a front end alignment with new upper control arms? My camber is "within Spec" but its at the far end of the range at 1.3 degrees and its pretty obvious when looking at the truck/
  4. I just leveled my 2015 2500hd with Kryptonite stage 3 kit with Bilstein 5100s and a set of 285/75-R18 Ridge Grapplers. Just thought I would whore it out a little bit, I am pretty happy how it turned out. No rubbing at all on stock rims.
  5. Just thought Id share some pics of my CV angles and ball joint angles after kryptonite upper control arms and diff spacers. What do you guys think? Too much angle?
  6. Does anyone have pics of clean light bar installs? I was originally thinking in the hole in the bumper but open to other options if they are clean and hidden. Post pics if you guys have any
  7. My truck is displaying that my hood is open even though it is not. Is this a common issue, if so what is the resolution? Replace the latch or is there a switch or sensor in the hood latch that needs to be replaced?
  8. Looking for pics of leveled trucks on stock 18s with bigger tires. I see alot of trucks with levels and 20s, but hardly any on stock 18s.
  9. What are some rust areas on the new 2014+ trucks that I should look into treating or keeping clean to avoid mine rusting out. Id like to be proactive and try to treat sheet metal areas with fluid film or undercoating to avoid any future rust forming. For those that have treated/rust proofed their trucks what where some methods you used? Im not just talking about the frame or under carriage but also sheet metal
  10. For those who would run the BFgoodrich, what size would you recommend for going a little bit bigger? Like I said, I think 35x12.5x18 is a bit too big but what are your thoughts?
  11. Looking for something A/T. I am planning on going bigger on my factory 18s, and was thinking 285/75-18s or something around there. I really like the BFgoodrich but they only have a 35x12.5-18 and I think thats a hair too big. Just seeing what other brand tires you guys recommend. I would like that aggressive look but also longevity.
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