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  1. I looked at the other posts but didnt see anyone ask. Brand new truck a week ago and it has the dreaded tire shake around 70 m.p.h. It has almost 600 miles on it. Is there a T.S.B. for this ? It's a 2019 2500 HD double cab 4x4. It has the 20" wheels with good year wrangler sr-a's. I should have just kept my 09 Thank you.
  2. Looking for winter wheels and came across a set of 17`s from a 2012 GM 2500 HD W/T. The 2019 has 265/60/20`s. Will they fit ? Thanks.
  3. Much , much better looking. Im still going to try and pick up a 2019 but I have to wait until I get my bike sold . A bit of plowing money would be nice too Buying a 2020 sierra could happen if I run out of time to get a 2019 .
  4. I hope its better looking than the 2020 Silverado. Does anyone know what cut off date is to order a 2019 ? I heard the 2020`s will hit the lots in mid 2019 and a dealer told me the cut off date to order a 2019 was December 2018 ? Does that sound right ? Thanks
  5. O.M.G. Im so sorry I said that. I didn't know you would be so offended. lol Their obviously not listening to anyone. Hope you feel better now. I did say I was guessing.
  6. Disgusting ,An absolute a disgrace. It looks like they hired a former ford designer to design this hideous truck. I imagine the back will look like ford like the 2019 half tons do now. I`ve been looking for a 2018 GMC and there are not a lot left and I was told that you can only order 2019`s until December 13th 2018 , then they are going to shut down to retool for the 2020 . If that's true then there wont be a lot of 19`s around. It makes no sense because what are they going to sell for the rest of 2019 ? I`m hoping they don't ruin the 2020 gmc, if they do then I will not be buying another gm truck. They are going to lose a lot of sales with that look.. I`m guessing they don't take any ideas or suggestions from actual customers that use trucks for what they were originally intended used for. I guess there listening to soccer moms and such that don't need but want an HD truck.
  7. 2009 GMC 2500 HD with a 6.0 gas engine. Engine light came on today and it has multiple codes. They are P0135,P0030,P2272,P2271,P0138. Some are for 02 sensors and others for knock sensor. Can anyone tell me if there is a relationship between the 2 sensors, like is one of the sensors causing multiple codes for both sensors or are they totally separate issues. I replaced a knock sensor on the passenger side over a year ago, the 02`s are original. truck has 47,000 miles on it. I just don't want to replace all the sensors if its just say it`s the o2 sensors causing all of them ? Thanks for any help you can give. Mike.
  8. FIXED !!!!!!! I put the new relay in and of course it didn't change, I wasn't surprised. I worked for a repair, tow place some 15 years ago that changed hands. I wasn't sure if the new owner would help me out, so I went there and explained the situation. Long story short it took less than 15 minutes. It had a bunch of abs hard codes. He cleared them and low and behold the warning on the dic was gone, hooked it up to my trailer and the brakes work. His opinion was when the factory plug got water in it set off the codes. Best part is he didn't charge me. I threw him $40. bucks and threw $20. to he mechanic. All in it cost me $ 90. bucks. and that if he needed an extra driver to cover police calls and he would still cut me a percent of any calls. Well woth it and now I have a reputable shop for the future. Thanks for your tips and ideas. Mikey J.
  9. The relay i refer to is not one you would buy to use for wiring aftermarket fog lights. The truck is eqipped with a factory installed set up. If you google 2009 gmc brake relay you will see its not what you think it is. As far as testing with or without a trailer , you do not need to have a trailer connected. My problem is on truck side . With or without a trailer i get an error message (service trailer brake system ). Its a problem with the factory installed brake controller and or its components. As far as adding a factory controller,hes right its not just a controller. Theres alot more to it and you probably wouldnt want know what it would cost.
  10. If I jump the 12 volt feed that goes into the relay to the blue wire that also goes into the relay plug I get 12 volts to the 7 pin plug. I still have the service trailer etc. on the dic. im thinking maybe trying a new relay, maybe another good one installed might be what will complete the circuit ?and shut the dic warning off ? Last resort I pulled the fuse for the itcb,15 amp marked as #6 in the fuse box and a 30 amp marked #63 for stud #2. This is gas not diesel. I think pulling the fuse to reset it is a long shot. I did see posts that people reset the system by pulling the fuses. Sounds like a long shot but its all i got. I would install an aftermarket controller and run a new brake wire from the controller to the 7 pin plug but I doubt thats going to solve the message on the dic. Im out of ideas. I would love to take it to the dealer but dont have any extra money to pay $100 bucks an hour.Might be towing without trailer brakes for now. Again Thank you for the help.
  11. So i went back to check some other stuff out. Im assuming they use a blue wire from the controller to the module At the controller from the blue wire im getting 5.1 volts. In the harness from the front of the truck into the module i have 5.1 volts going into the module on a blue wire. A blue wire that comes out of the module is tied into the large blue wire, one end goes to the 7 pin plug and the other large blue wire goes into the relay so its 3 spliced wires, I get 0 volts from the blue wire coming into the relay as well.Unfortunately the battery died setting off stabillitrak and check charging system an d check braking system on the dic. Im assuming because the battery only had 6.6 volts that set it off. I dont have a meter that reads amps but I did use a test hut it doesnt light up even dimly. Im going to change the controller to say 5 or 6 and see if the voltage is any less than the 5.1 volts that I have now. Again I apreciate the help you have given me.
  12. I dont get why a wet plug on the 7 pon could cause a chaffed wire. Maybe a wet wire or 2 shorted with water and popped the relay ?
  13. I have the controller gain set at 10.0 , the highest it goes with brake pedal mashed to the floor
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