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  1. When I was looking for mine, my wife kept sending me links for trucks she found. Most of them were the old body style. She said she couldn't tell the difference. Drove me nuts!!
  2. Got a 2019 Custom and I think one of my next projects is going to be doing some subtle lighting inside the grill and illuminate CHEVROLET across the front. I've never really messed with accent lighting before, always thought it was kinda cheesy but I think this would look cool if done correctly. Anyone attempted grill/accent/underglow lighting or have any otherwise useful information? Thanks in advance!
  3. We're the fog lights plug n play or is it factory lights with after market wiring and switches?
  4. Looks sharp!! What did you do with the bow tie in the grille?
  5. After years of being a Ford guy I made a pit stop over in Cummins territory for a minute and finally broke down and bought my first CHEVY!!!! (wife drives a Equinox but it don't count haha) I didn't like these new bodystyles at first but when I saw the first Custom with the grille that says CHEVROLET across it, I said yep gonna get me one. So in October I finally bought my first BRAND NEW TRUCK!! I left the little insert in the glove box and the film on the door handles till Thanksgiving haha. I'm in love with this truck (except the Dbl cab isn't is much room as I thought it would be) but it is BONE STOCK!! Its killing me!! She is destined for a cam, Procharger, long tube headers, with a 6" lift, but I guess in real life, I'll probably be doing Muffler delete, motofab 3" lift, and some wheels for now. I'm looking at a set of Moto Metal MO970 in Gray with black lip. I think they will look pretty good with my Shadow Gray Metallic truck and be a little different. It looks like they are offered in -18 and -24 offset, and I was wondering what you guys that already your wheels think. Did you get -18s and end up wanting more?. Did you get -24s and feel it was too much. Also can anyone vouch for the MO970s? I've seen them on the trucks but not sure if a spacer was used to clear the caliper or not? Any advice, Info, or Pics are greatly appreciated!!!
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