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  1. Floor Mats for eAssist

    Is there a difference in the floor pan between e-assist option and regular?
  2. VIN Decoder & RPO Codes

    It does not appear that you have remote start. RPO Code "BTV" is for remote start...
  3. Mid-sized truck logic?

    As far as price point goes, that is (in part) the reason Ford discontinued the Ranger in North America awhile back. You end up paying full-size prices for a small truck. With the news that Ford (and most likely GM) will stop making passenger cars, there is a "new" market for small trucks and SUV's, now the Blazer is coming back, along with the Ranger and Bronco from Ford.
  4. No problem, but since you started the issue of the uselessness of a sunroof I thought it was worth stating that I, and others, use the sunroof frequently...
  5. Sure, and I paid for a hole in my house too, called a door. What's your point?
  6. I agree, I love my sunroof. Had it open this morning during my commute, nice 58 degrees...
  7. P050D -

    Get your checkbook out...$$$$
  8. Hahaha, I know right? My spare is a steel wheel 265/75R17 lol...It will look awesome running with my 275/55R20's on the other 3.
  9. Towing warnings

    If it were just a poor connection, I believe it would say "Check Trailer Wiring" (according to the manual). The upfitter manual addresses the trailer brake controls and all starting on page 126. https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/761/Sierra_Silverado_Electrical_Body_Builders_Manual_Service_Manual_2017_en_US.pdf
  10. Yes, that is how much my dealership normally charges...go to their website and get that service special coupon..I think just about all of them have them available. Like I said before, with that coupon, mine drops to $59.95...
  11. I always used to change the oil in my F150, but I bought it used and there was no warranty. I am still on the fence about my Sierra; it is the first vehicle I have ever bought new. I have used the 3 free oil changes I got when I bought it and I need to decide on whether to continue to take it to the dealership or take the reins back. The folks at my dealership are very nice, and always seem to do a nice job. Part of me does feel like continuing that relationship with them in the service dept. might pay off dividends if needed in the future? Maybe not, who knows. Around here, with a coupon they send every month, I can get lube/oil/filter, "multi-point inspection", and a tire rotation for $59.95. I think that's pretty hard to beat given that the materials for an oil change would be $50...That's $10 bucks for a tire rotation, a "multi-point inspection", and my time. I would agree that my time is worth more than that but on the other hand, it is definitely satisfying to do your own work and know it's done right.
  12. Right now Walmart has that Mobil-1 Advanced Fuel Economy oil for $22.88/5 qt. If you use that an oil change would be half the cost...
  13. I know, right? It's even easier nowadays with .pdf versions...just hit Ctrl+F and search away...

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