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  1. Yes, just pull the fuse only. The relay controls both the mirrors and the rear defogger.
  2. Man, those look great! The color match is spot on, it took me a second looks to see them.
  3. Ohh okay, come to think of it, the Bugflector on my old '00 Mercury Mountaineer was like that I think. The Hoodflector I have now has that 3M tape running the length of it and sticks to the hood and has two clips that attach to the underside.
  4. How does it screw down? You had to drill holes in your hood?
  5. Unsettling Experience

    So let's say you did hit the guy and were in court for misdemeanor death by motor vehicle or whatever they call it in CA. Would this still be your defense? I think you'd be found guilty, my friend. Then in the civil suit I can easily see contributory negligence all day long. I guess you would try and sue GM even though, at least on this forum, you are the only person to ever experience this "perfect storm" of driving through "a little dirt." I would hardly call it a "safety issue" as it has been stated numerous time, no one here has ever experienced the close encounter with the third kind like you did on that fateful day. Maybe you should write a book about it...
  6. Unsettling Experience

    I guess he blocked you too lol...This guy is a killing me, doubling down on the fact that he almost ran over a guy on account of his reckless driving. Too proud to admit what really happened I guess. That's like driving drunk, hitting someone, and then blaming the truck saying, "I never hit anyone while driving drunk in my Ford! Chevy Sux!"
  7. I have the AVS "Hoodflector". It is in between the aeroskin and the original "Bugflector" It's a medium profile and looks great. I got the regular smoke color and it matched my vent shades. I have not noticed any wind noise or rattling or anything like that. https://lundinternational.com/newproducts/bug+deflectors+and+hood+protectors/hoodflector
  8. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    That looks good but it is a little too "greasy" or shiny to me. I personally prefer a satin look on mine. Does it attract dirt like some other dressings do?
  9. I drive a '17 and it is terribly bright. I have dimmed my instrument panel all the way down and it does not seem to help to dim the screen much (if any). I just assumed it was the license plate lamps washing it out. I agree that it is so bright I, too, cannot hardly see out of my passenger side mirror.
  10. Unsettling Experience

    Clearly trolling...Here he is on another thread taking the same trash...
  11. Unsettling Experience

    OMG! Here's a possibility...No one here is butthurt except you. The reason why you're getting "unfounded speculation" is because no one in this whole forum has ever experienced driving 30 in a 50 on a dry, straight grade with pollen dust or whatever on the road and then all of the sudden their truck rear end is magically lifted off the ground and placed on the shoulder, as if by aliens or something. No one here has anything to offer you except to stop trolling and go back to Ford. You are continuing to bash everyone on here like you're some kind of expert or something and everyone else knows nothing. By your own admission you cannot replicate the "event horizon" that happened to your truck after dozens of attempts. Seems to me that there is nothing wrong with your truck. I don't think you will find anyone on here that will validate your attitude toward GM...
  12. Unsettling Experience

    Uhh Ohh...Make that 13 people ignored by the troll
  13. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    Yes, you can use water to clean your engine bay. I always just use a regular "shower" spray on my garden hose and go over it really quickly. You don't need to drown it in water, usually 10 or 15 seconds for the whole engine bay will do. After a few times cleaning it up with water/degreaser you can do a waterless wash because it shouldn't be that dirty, especially if you use some type of dressing on it afterward. When it's warm (spring/summer/fall) I like to hand wash my truck at least once a month. Not sure what everyone else is doing but I know some people that wash their vehicle every week. If you're worried about your battery or alternator or other electrical just cover them with a plastic grocery bag.
  14. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    You have good luck with that 303? I have read a lot of reviews and comments but never tried it.
  15. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    Not to mention is clearly says "DO NOT USE ON PLASTICS."

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