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  1. What do all of these stickers represent? I see the "Class 2" is for weight i guess, what are the other two for? We don't do window stickers in NC, did away with them 10 years ago...
  2. I believe it is No. 2 on the driver side; it's a 10A fuse (SEO/Retained Accessory Power)
  3. That would only be if the dealership reported it to Carfax or wherever, right? They may not report anything other than a Lube/Oil/Filter service...
  4. Does it not come with one? All of the other kits I know about also come with the wiring harness, zip ties, and instructions...
  5. This would be a prime time to demand an extended powertrain warranty on the house (5 yr/100k minimum). The future complications/result of this action cannot yet be fully seen or realized and you should not be the aggrieved party. You may need to get a little "aggressive" in your demand; especially when you are already hearing that they wont even comp you a 2500 mi. oil change and are already giving you "I'll have to talk to the service manager about it" routine.
  6. Is the crease along the bottom pulling away from the fender where they meet? Have you backed over something and it bent them? It DOES look like it is bending in a little to me but it's hard to tell.
  7. It is all explained on page 1! It took you longer to become a member and register and then post your stupid question than it did to just simply read the 6th post in the thread...Good Grief!
  8. HAHAHAHA! Love It! Amsoil is made from angel tears, don't forget...
  9. Glad you got it fixed...I guess you could have saved $150 and just did that in the first place...
  10. Pages 18-19... https://www.agrrmag.com/digital/2010/NovDec2010.pdf
  11. It is about $2.30ish give or take around the piedmont-triad area of NC and $2.10ish in southern, VA for regular. I use the Gas Buddy gas card and usually save about 9 cents per gallon in addition to Shell's 5 cents off (14 cents total). They send you a card and you use it in conjunction with the app. I always use a Shell about 95% of the time unless some circumstance dictates otherwise.
  12. There are several codes that deal with the MAF sensor...We seem to have a whole rash of folks joining then asking super-generic, non-specific questions on the forum already this year...jeesh... What was the code(s) Were there any associated codes? Were there any related symptoms that occurred? Is your warranty expired?
  13. The switch is in the door latch, I think they started putting them there on these trucks since about 2000.
  14. It's 2020 and people still don't know how to use Google...
  15. Mine have been on for over 2 years and no signs of warping...It seems odd they would warp considering how thick/stiff they are. A picture is worth 1,000 words
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