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  1. Update.. GM applied good will and replaced the drier rear door lock actuator.. I ended up paying $135 total. Does the tech still get paid when that happens? I hope so... So Friday they called me and said the truck was fixed.. I had to send my dad to get it... gets it home, NO AC, blowing hot heat. The ticket said the AC Compressor broke from the back side? I immediately took the truck back... using a light they detected the lines or a line was cracked... had to leave the truck and they said they would fix it... very frustrating, but they gave me a loaner. i just hope they take their time and actually get it fixed correctly.
  2. I’m not sure, but they called me and said they replaced the compressor for no charge. ive currently got them looking at why the driver rear door doesn’t always lock, they said it’s probably the rear door lock actuator and want $315+ tax.. that’s insane
  3. Thank you a lot. I appreciate it. It’s going back Monday morning, I hope they don’t try to screw me.
  4. Looking at the schematic posted it doesn’t look like that, are you sure? if the bolts for the compressor have to come lose and the compressor was loose wouldn’t the refrigerant leak out?
  5. 2017 GMC Sierra All terrain. 61,500 miles Dealer has replaced leaf springs, brake vacuum pump, water pump and belt... Now driving the other day AC quit working, look under vehicle and refrigerant was every where.. I immediately noticed a bolt loose and it seems like it doesn’t want to tighten back up... Anyone seen this issue? I am out of warranty. I wonder if GM will give me any assistance? Could this have anything to do with them replacing the water pump? any help is appreciated...
  6. 2017 GMC Sierra Today after pulling the boat home from the lake, I backed in.. turned the truck off, took the key out of the ignition.. got out and the radiator fan was still running... after about 1-2 minutes, it shut off. no check engine light or anything... everything seems fine. what gives? has anyone else experienced a fan that will run momentarily and then shut off with the key out of the ignition? Thanks
  7. Nice.. thanks for the info. I checked out the Continental’s too. Get em and let me know how they are and if you like them, I’ll buy them
  8. I’ve been back and forth to the dealer multiple times with this issue.. out of bumper to bumper warranty too. First time they replaced the shackles and greased the shit out of the springs, noise went away until the grease wore off... second time they replaced the leafs, noise is gone so far. im now $415 out of pocket into this, I hope it lasts. Good luck
  9. My truck was making a “chirping” noise and noticed it when it was in v4/v8 mode transition... clamped the valve open.. noise gone. i agree with the other guys, something cheap and easy to narrow down
  10. Subscribed. i am in the same exact boat, time for tires for my truck and I’m looking for the same thing and in the same size. how many miles can we expect to get out of bfg’s or the coopers? what about these? https://simpletire.com/cooper-275-55r20-90000021383-tires
  11. No clue man... but I will give an update. Less than 1500 miles later, the noise has returned and it’s just as bad as before. Back to the dealership Monday... very frustrating
  12. Looks great man... identical to original, it appears.
  13. Bilsteins are nice ride... not sure what to look for on shackles...
  14. 2017 GMC Sierra all terrain... 56k miles Forgot to mention, while I was chasing this ghost I replaced the factory rancho rear shocks with bilstein 5100 series too.. the noise wasn’t that bad when it rained and all that stuff got wet, hosing it down with wd40 worked temporarily... I think I got lucky by getting a good dealer/technician to diagnose the issue... everyone else on forums had to replace leaf springs, but of course each issue is different.
  15. I battled this issue for MONTHS. Drove me insane, I tried clamping the leaf springs, pressure washing the leaf springs.. lubricating all of that jazz diagnosed by GM.. bad rear leaf spring shackles... out of warranty and gm ran the calculator for me, I paid $250 and they were replaced... good to go, no noise, no clunks mine made the noise backing out of the driveway and when it hit uneven ground
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