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  1. Drove though the lot at Karl Chevrolet in Ankeny Iowa on my way home from work today. Counted 11 on the lot all LT 4x4 or Z71 crews all with the chrome bumpers and grilles except 2 TrailBosses 1 black and one Red that has a sold sticker hanging on the mirror. All were between 48.5 and 50 except the Black Trailboss was loaded up 58.5. Didn’t look at the Red one. Black one had some interesting “packages” listed on the window sticker including enhanced trailering package with guidance and trailer tire pressure monitoring and some tech? package with blind spot monitoring. The trailer brake controller looks “interesting” to say the least kinda like the Ford trailer steer wheel thingy...
  2. Window Auto Up Feature

    If the above is right you can try these guys they do bcm programming says windows down/up with the key fob so maybe they can reprogram the bcm for the switch? Says they can do it on certain equipped vehicles. Not exactly a cheap option though. http://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=94&category_id=54&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=54
  3. Here is as far as anybody (I think) has made it.
  4. Depending on what Carmax/local lots quote you (shop around most lots around here will buy cars if they have a customer in mind for your truck you can squeeze them for a little more) I’d call Lauras and see if they’ll match it or come close. If they are close that takes care of your tax problem for the price of fuel both ways. A few guys have commented on Lauras giving them what they expected for their trucks and I believe you can lock in a trade in price before you get there. If their truck is 6g less than locally and they offer you 2g less than locally for your trade your still up 4g - fuel, food, lodging. Save 3g for 36 hour drive = 86 bucks an hour for your time or 50 bucks a month on a 60 month loan.
  5. Use the cargo lights while driving.

    That’s not true you can lane split on a bike unlike the rest of the US. But yes that is about the only exception...
  6. Have you asked your stealership(s) about ordering a 19 GMC limited or a Silverado LD with the Max tow? assuming it’s a option on them? and they will be available North of the boarder, at some point they will be blowing them out price wise and I know guys that have gotten the current incentives at the time ordering a new truck. Just one more maybe possibility?
  7. Delete turn signal volume by at least 50%
  8. Use the cargo lights while driving.

    I think I knew about the - switch but I never did find a wiring diagram to see if it’s ran through the BCM if so might check with these guys and see if they can “unlock” it? I’m sure if they do you’d have to sign a waiver for “off road” only. This is on my list of questions for them when I send mine in the fall/winter to get some other programming done on it. Definitely wouldn’t be a cheap option if that is all your were to have them do. http://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=94&category_id=54&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=54 Other features are available but these are the most common requests we see.
  9. Better poke around on this site for the “upgrades” you would want to do. Some stuff you can do easily, some stuff can be done but it’s either very time consuming and/or expensive, and some stuff just can’t be done period. Some guys have found this out the hard way and are now living with regret, the K2s aren’t like the older generations of trucks where IMO most of the “upgrades” were rather simple. And don’t expect your stealership to be much help GM has put the lock down on any “upgrades” that are not listed in the accessories catalog. The General has said if you wanted it you should have bought it that way... When I bought my 015 LT All-Star with all the extra crap I didn’t want and still don’t use it was cheaper with the incentives than ordering a W/T with the few options I did want and then still would have had to added some that only come on LT/LTZs anyway. The other plus in my situation is the LT will be worth more if I was to trade/sell it in the future.
  10. Use the cargo lights while driving.

    From the factory no there is not. This has been asked several times on here and so far as far as I know no one has found a “work around” yet but I’m sure there is one just need someone to figure it out.
  11. As for throwing codes here is one option there are other companies that make them to, along with cheaper DIY options out there. http://www.xineering.com/shocksims.html there’s a PDF link with instructions at the bottom of the page. “I'm curious if anyone swapped out stock leaf springs for aftermarket.” there’s several threads on here about this some for ride some for noise which one are you trying to fix? I see your leveled I’m assuming you bought it that way? If not did the ride change afterwards? Only reason I mention it is because some guys on here have reported stiff ride after lifting or lowering their truck and some have modified the level sensors with some success. But l think all the ones I read about were ones where the rear was also lifted/lowered so might not be relevant with just a level?
  12. Leasing?

    If the math makes sense might not be a bad idea. Read the fine print in case you decide to turn it in or buy it (like said above how much is it?). I personally never thought about leasing till recently the wife wants a newer SUV and after talking with a coworker that is on his second Silverado lease and is considering purchasing it but might upgrade to a 2500 if not. This time around he went with a truck loaded the way he would have bought it anyway. I like the idea for the wife that way in case we were to end up with a lemon, we don’t like, or our needs change there’s a easy out. For me a lease wouldn’t work. My coworker also said that they include one set of tires in his lease period (minimum tread requirement) so his salesman told him to come in before his lease is up and get them if he’s buying it. So I’d check out your maintenance agreement and damage clause then figure that into your overall cost. Nice thing about trucks is if you do buy it to start with if you need to get rid of it they don’t depreciate as bad as most everything else
  13. There’s one in the parts catalog takes like 30 minutes to install https://www.gmpartsnow.com/oem-parts/gm-trailering-brake-controller-pkg-19330154/?c=Zz10cmFpbGVyaW5nJnM9aGl0Y2gmYT1jaGV2cm9sZXQmbz1zaWx2ZXJhZG8tMTUwMCZ5PTIwMTUmdD1sdCZlPTUtM2wtdjgtZmxleA%3D%3D You can’t add the integrated controller because it’s integrated unless your pgamboa of course. GM is of the opinion of if you wanted it you should have ordered/bought it that way and they have been for years this isn’t anything new... If you want a aftermarket on the dash like the integrated here is a thread with some different ones thread with some ideas for you on location and controller options. Also trucks that come without the integrated are supposed to come with the pigtail to wire an aftermarket up so no need to spend 20 bucks on one.
  14. 2018 GMC 3500 HD Duramax

    Cheaper option might be a aftermarket skid plate there are several different companies that make them for the dirty D. 1/4” steel plate only way your piercing that is with a bullet or crushing it... While your here does GM still make you open the hood to fill the DEF? I always thought that was beyond dumb. I’ve seen on the Colorado the filler is in the right spot, and I’m assuming it will be with the 019 1/2 ton Silverados as well?

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