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  1. My leveled 15 fits just fine at the two 7.0 clearance garages I use regularly the radio antenna (not XM) just barely touches the on the top of the inclines.
  2. Dented Front Bumper

    Might be worth a phone call? http://www.bumperman.com/
  3. There’s a couple of undercoating threads on here you might want to read before you get to crazy with the Fluid Film. Some guys claim it eats the wax.
  4. Another idea for you. If you don’t like these this post will show you how to tap the reverse lights or the cargo/bed lights if you don’t want to run wires and a switch in the cab.
  5. programmer

    I have a Blackbear tune in my 15. I did a lot of research and weighed the pros and cons of a custom tune vs a canned tuner. For me and my wants/needs it was the way to go and IMO the only downside is the price difference BUT you also get what you pay for in this situation. Depending on what all you want to do to your truck now and in the future I would look into a custom tune as a option if I were you.
  6. Chrome Mustache Removal

    Check out the “What have you done to your K2 today?” thread last page 972 dirt-rado posted a pic of his truck with a color matched skid plate. Looks pretty good IMO.
  7. Found the source of my rattle

    Well your not the only one who’s had this problem.
  8. Volant Cold Air Intake

    Good luck with that. I’ve had the same Flowmaster American Thunder cat back in my “saved for later” Amazon list for at least 6 years now waiting for the factory muffler/pipe to rot out on my 01 2500HD. Outer Rockers 90% gone, Cab Corners 50% gone, ALL brake lines replaced with stainless years ago, frame looks worse than the chunk of steel off the Titanic on display in Vegas, and exhaust manifold bolts replaced cause they rotted away. Yet the damn stock exhaust looks like it’s maybe 3 years old, couple years ago it developed a exhaust rattle I thought “HELL YES it’s time” climbed under it, heat shield weld worked loose, couple 3 dollar muffler clamps fixed that. Guess l’ll just keep waiting... “I need it quiet enough that my wife doesn't complain when cruising on the highway” I still don’t think I ever told my wife I did exhaust on the CC yet, it’s only been a year +, she never has said anything about it being “louder” even with multiple trips to the family farm 2+ hours away. Course when she’s in the truck I have to drive like a responsible adult...
  9. Volant Cold Air Intake

    I did the Airaid MIT tube with stock air box/filter on my 5.3 even that was very noticeable at 3/4 to full throttle with completely stock exhaust. Then couple months later did a 50 series Flowmaster in the stock location, resonator delete, and over the axle dump which IMO is a very mild exhaust system sound wise. The exhaust now drowns out the intake no matter how far I’m in the pedal I would guess the same would be true with the 6.2? Also I believe part of the reason CAIs seem “so loud” on these trucks is the fact these trucks are so much quieter than previous models.
  10. Cargo solutions

  11. Center console help

    Trim piece is 90 bucks on EBay I see same seller has 2 listed in Synthesis with different part numbers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Factory-New-GM-Front-Center-Console-Trim-Panel-Tray-Synthesis-22995093/131529956923?hash=item1e9fcbde3b:g:g3gAAOSwv0tVce8~ or find a local vinyl shop and try to match your trim then wrap the wood (I’d imagine somebody on here knows what vinyl matches) or wrap em all whatever color/design you want
  12. 2015 LTZ purchase

    Congrats on the new 2 u truck. I’ll take it somebody eles is getting a SWB out of this deal? If so lucky them!
  13. Clear film it after color match or vinyl wrap. Xpel or 3m are good choices of film IMO but there’s plenty of choices for DIY or professional. Plenty of threads on this site about film on this site which will answer all your questions about price, install, etc.

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