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  1. What kind of oil

    IMO because if you do some reading on this site or any other GM site about any vehicles with AFM failures it’s usually reported that the failure was a “stuck” whatever or a “clogged” whatever that is lubed by oil or has oil passed though it. So IMO with these motors with collapsible lifters, oil screens, and higher oil operating temps it’s cheap insurance if your going to keep the truck for the long haul. I still change the oil every 5k in my 01 2500HD with the indestructible 6.O so I’m just stuck on 5k. Is 5k the magic # IDK? is it 6k, 7k, or when the light lites up? IDK plenty of guys running 10k plus on the same oil without any problems...
  2. What kind of oil

    There’s about 100 of these threads on here already... with every kind of answer under the sun... The one thing most of us on here can agree on is change it every 5k or less instead of going by the OLM especially if your AFM is still enabled. Think of it as cheap insurance. Course now somebody will have to get on here and tell you about how they run their oil for 23,000 miles and sent it to some lab somewhere that tells them that they could go another 20k no problem...
  3. 2018 LTZ Just died

    I’m guessing fuel pump...
  4. Unfortunately they have stopped doing this. Should still be able to get a copy from most local stealerships (assuming they are customer friendly) talk to the parts counter people about printing one off.
  5. Buying 2018 Silverado

    If you go the the Chevy Silverado build page you can compare all the different trim levels and option packages. This is the best way I have found yet to compare levels/packages.
  6. LED conversion

    License plate I did the lowest cheapest ones I think they were like 8 bucks for the pair. I thought don’t care how bright they are as long as they light up. Well they are more than plenty bright I can’t imagine how bright the brightest tag lights are or why anyone would want them that bright? SMD2 (24 lumens) cool white Third brake there was only one option at the time don’t know if there are more now or not? HP5 (92 lumens) Reverse/cargo HP36 (210 lumens) I’m happy with the reverse lights as I didn’t want them “blinding the guy behind me in the parking lot bright” since I use the screen as much as the mirrors anyway. We live in the country and it’s pitch black when I back out the garage they throw a good amount of useable light IMO. If I did it again I might be tempted to try the brighter bulbs in the cargos? But then again the brighter ones might be to bright to look at? I just feel the cargos aren’t aimed that great from the factory to start with. Color wise everything is about perfect with the factory bed lights. Which is what I was mostly after anyway to be honest.
  7. LED conversion

    You can do led bulbs in the rear with resistors. There are multiple companies that make the bulbs & resistors. One thing to keep in mind is some guys have reported with some brands of led bulbs in the rear they have had electrical interference with the reverse cam. Seems like a very small % of bulbs. I did the factory LED taillight conversation on mine but for everything else on the rear I did Diode Dynamics bulbs and only have good things to say about them. Cargo, third brake, license plate, & reverse. US company, fast shipping, 3 year no BS warranty, different brightness options, install videos, ect. https://www.diodedynamics.com/
  8. Couple threads
  9. iPad Console Kit

    I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to provide us with more pics of that truck whether or not if anybody is going to answer your question... 😁
  10. Mid-sized truck logic?

    The question is does FCA offer a midsize in other parts of the world already? The Furd Ranger, Taco and Colorado are all built for other markets and just happen to be built for the North American market because it makes since dollar wise. We would probably still have the Taco but I seriously doubt we would have the other two if they weren’t sold abroad also.
  11. Under truck lights?

    Couple threads for you to check out.
  12. Under the hood lighting

    The link you posted from Amazon under the price has a two light and a one light option. If you click the one light option it shows the exact same kit minus one light & harness but costs more. I’ve noticed this kind of thing with lots of items on Amazon. I thought maybe since the two light kit looked way brighter than I thought I would want I thought I’d see how much the one light kit was... it’s 92.99 Good example of this is it’s cheaper for me to order a package of 10 Harley oil plug o rings than a single of the same one from the same supplier.
  13. Under the hood lighting

    How come the one light kit is more than the two light kit? 🤣 got to love Amazon... 🤪
  14. Under the hood lighting

    I’ll try to be helpful so here you go. Couple threads on this subject for you to check out. This one has some links 22 buck kit on Fleabay https://www.ebay.com/i/292560357227?chn=ps&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=292560357227&targetid=543737961526&device=t&adtype=pla&googleloc=1015640&poi=&campaignid=1497308096&adgroupid=59509629482&rlsatarget=aud-497631946031:pla-543737961526&abcId=1139476&merchantid=114709502&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIv67EjIvG4gIVh7zACh2lTwvxEAQYAyABEgLi3PD_BwE
  15. Couldn’t agree more. If I knew something about this and felt for whatever reason I couldn’t tell others how to avoid this situation I would feel like a real POS just antagonizing everyone who has posted on here that has had to deal with this... guess that’s just me?

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