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  1. Yeah we usually rent from Avis (I get a discount from work) out there last time requested a V8 Camaro or similar. Lady gave us a Nissan Z... I’m 6’3 tried to sit n it was like yeah right + our luggage didn’t fit in the back. Took agreement back to the preferred customer desk handed it to the guy (who was my height) he just laughed, hooked us up with a E350 Benz for the week, & knock some money off to boot. That was a sweet ride. If you ever do the exotic thing I highly recommend Royalty Exotic Cars. That guy has it figured out. Best cars & experience for sure.
  2. Which rental place did you get the F*#d from? I’d like to drive a 5.0 next time we are out there. Last one was a N/A 6 banger and g*d [email protected] that thing was so slow...
  3. I had a burrito for lunch. Just thought I would add something else that has absolutely nothing to do with the question asked since that seems to be the thing to do...
  4. First I give you props for trying to get it going again. You going to start it off by posting up your twins? I’ve yet to ever post my own pics on here do you happen to know what size/format requirements there are or work best? I ask cause I’m not very techie. Also should we include a short description of mods so it don’t end up being the what wheels, what size lift, what size tires, what bed cover, where did you get that, how do you do that mod, ect questions thread? BTW nice prize, one of the few things I thought about but haven’t done. Guess I better enter the ol beater. It’s pretty [email protected] good lookin hope I don’t win every month cause the masses won’t stop nominating her...
  5. I’d bet they were either a set of Enkeis or Forgiatos
  6. I have a Hypertech did this before I got tuned. This is also what my local Chevy dealer uses on the trucks/suvs they do. Very simple to operate. Also works if you do a gear swap the Rough County doesn’t specify if it does or not? If that’s something you might do down the road? I’m usually all about buying new stuff for my vehicles but this is one of the few things where if I do it again on another one I’d probably buy a used unlocked one or a refurbished unit since it’s literally something you’ll use once or twice anyway. Most handheld tuners will also have this feature so even if you don’t use any of the “tunes” if you find a new/used/referb cheaper it will get the job done & be more desirable to someone else if you sell it someday. Just make sure if you go used it’s unlocked. Autoanything.com has a low price guarantee that if you find it cheaper the will beat it buy a whole dollar. OH BOY I know but they also guarantee the price for a year so if you get one from them and come Black Friday when these are on sale everywhere they would refund the difference. I did this with my tonneau cover Truxedo had it cheaper but no free shipping got Autoanything to price match with free shipping.
  7. Here’s another thread about this G unit. With a demo video.
  8. These threads have pics of switches in the cubbyhole.
  9. First and foremost stop driving it in winter. Otherwise it will never last forever no matter how clean you keep it. Unless you live somewhere the DOT doesn’t use salt. If a winter beater is not an option plan on saving some money for rust repair & rusty parts replacement starting around year 10.
  10. No way I would want to be a first year Guinea pig for the gasser 2500HD. Why not consider a 019 2500HD with the almost bulletproof 6.0 drive train? I have found a few new still on the lots mostly dbl cabs but have found a couple crews. Otherwise my vote unfortunately (I’m almost as GM diehard as it gets currently own 4 GM trucks & 2 SUVs) is for the Tundra if your #1 objective is reliability. I strongly considered one before I bought my 015. That’s how I feel about the Chevy 2500HD. Body is ok but that face... WTH?
  11. F the Ram look at all the brand new 5.0 RCSWB supercharged trucks for sale at various stealerships around the country with 650-700 hp for 10k over sticker with a limited warranty. Bang for the buck nobody is going to beat this. It’s to bad GM has decided to only sell T1 RCSWB in the middle east even though they come off the assembly line here... I’d love to see what Callaway would do with them? I read some article with a interview with a GM executive & he said something to the effect of we’re looking into releasing them into the North American market based on interest. I ain’t holding my breath...
  12. RETURN THE TRUCK & WALK AWAY 1. for every one GM K2 truck that shakes there’s HUNDREDS that don’t, haven’t, & won’t ever. 2. you bought it used you/your truck are as low as it gets on the totem pole as far as them (GM corporate or any stealership) repairing your truck. you could be months out before your in-line for a new shaft or any other fix/compensation they come up with. 3. absolutely no guarantee it’s the shaft if you read the 100+ pages on the this on the multiple threads you’ll see that many owners found other “fixes” from replacement axles, pinion shims, leaf spring replacement, rebalancing the one piece shaft, custom sourced two piece shafts, etc. that fixed (or didn’t fix) their problem.
  13. if you just remove the blocks with stock struts or 5100s set on stock height you will still have a slight rake in the rear. I believe it’s about 3/4 of a inch. Another option is 2” drop shackles for the rear leaf springs and leave the blocks in. There is several companies that make them. couple threads
  14. send an email to [email protected] with your vin requesting a copy of your build sheet. should have it emailed to you within a couple business days. if you didn’t buy yours new you can also request a copy of the service records. this will show any service/recalls that was preformed at a stealership.
  15. Contact Phil on his website https://harnessdr.com/
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