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  1. Ummm your disclaimer is wrong. You didn’t film this in Mexico with a potato you filmed it in Guatemala with a patata. You always filmed one country to the South unless of course you’re in Antarctica then of course you filmed in the North Pole.
  2. Gen5 fog harness https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/14-18-silverado-p-p-harnesses/products/14-18-silverado-foglight-harness this on allows for the fogs to stay on with the high beams (you can do this with a resistor with the factory harness anyway)
  3. Buddy bought a stupid clean low mileage 84 Trans Am from local Chevy Dealer in early 90’s for 1800 bucks cause “they” diagnosed it with a flat cam... took it home did plugs/wires and drove it for 100k.
  4. 6 speeds have tubes 8 speeds don’t. Somewhere on here somebody added a tube to their 8 speed.
  5. You have to remember than they probably get about 5,000 emails per day from customers asking questions rather than going to talk to the dealer or consulting a forum. I’ve had good luck getting responses from [email protected] usually within 48 business hours.
  6. 019 bumper on mid 90s (maybe) Well to me the pic in this thread looks like photoshopped sh!t? but apparently others here think it’s legit? Gaps look horrendous, it’s crooked, ect. but maybe that’s just me? I believe that’s a Instagram address? on the rear glass (I don’t do social media much) so maybe more info there? I’d assume if the dimensions of the K2 bumper is the same as the T1 then whatever he did to make this one work (assuming it’s real) should work for you? maybe?
  7. There is at least 15 threads on this forum about the leaf spring noise with at least that many “fixes”. This thread has the latest TSB in it. If was me I’d request “they” try this one first if yours is still under warranty. This thread has some more info
  8. Previous owner had a rear dash cam installed.
  9. Couple of my “favorite mods” on this forum back up lights in rear steps Light bar behind grill Factory light bar switch to run “off road lights” Foot well lights there’s probably 25+ threads on here this one shows what wire to tap just use your choice of led lights Rail caps Interior liner mat things
  10. Your truck did not leave the assembly line capable of running E85 period end of story. To run E85 someone would have to added a fuel sensor either factory or aftermarket. So your best bet is to go out and physically stick your head under your truck and see if there is a fuel sensor in the fuel line. Heres the RPO codes not that it matters RPO codes FHO: Non Flex FHS: Flex Fuel sensor is located on the drives side of the frame in the fuel line with quick connects if you have it if you don’t it’s just 3 mounting holes and a red connector with 3 wires (white black purple if I remember right) not hooked to anything. Here is several threads for your reading. Stock sensor picture on page 5 of this thread This is what an aftermarket sensor will look like under the truck http://www.cjtunes.com/store/flex-fuel-conversions/14plus-gm-truckssuv-flex-fuel-conversion/
  11. Was contaminated with what? How did they decontaminate the system or did they? If it’s engine oil from a failing vacuum pump (according to the recall letter this is possibility) oil can cause rubber seals to swell up. Seen this several times when I was still wrenching with people combining different DOT # fluids (or god only knows what else) together causing brakes to “lock up” or not fully release. I would hope this wouldn’t have been over looked by both stealerships? Good read about brake fluid contamination. http://www.agcoauto.com/content/news/p2_articleid/251 edit Never mind about the vacuum pump. Yours is a HD I forgot that since you posted in the 1500 section I was thinking about what could be contaminating the system. But contamination could still be the reason why IMO since it kinda fits if you think about this as a reoccurring problem.
  12. Here is a couple threads on this. I don’t see how replacing the rear window with a new one would change anything since nothing has changed with the rear window? If that’s what you where getting at.
  13. Seems like most guys on here anyway that have swapped springs are using sets from here. https://deaverspring.com/
  14. Thanks I didn’t know they now have a powder coated option. Actually I shouldn’t thank you cause now I’m going to spend more money I don’t really need to...
  15. It’s for the flex fuel sensor on the E85 trucks. They are just taped to the frame from the factory on non E85 trucks no cap.
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