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  1. Chevy ain’t going to do it for you. This is your option for no resistors http://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=94&category_id=54&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=54
  2. Did you do this? If not that’s where I would start. Notes- You will need to take vehicle to Dealer and have a "Trim Level Relearn" to correct rear magnaride settings Works With Magnaride suspension
  3. Congrats on the new truck! It’s amazing how many of these I see out on the road so apparently Ford is doing something right. They are the best looking “stock” trucks out there IMO. If you find a good Ford forum like this one let us know I need to replace the rusty 3/4 ton this year and since there ain’t a regular cab to be had anymore and I ain’t going to be a Guinea pig for the fugly 2020 HDs it’s probably Super Duty time..
  4. deleted

    Repost this in the 2500/3500 section. Us 1500 guys ain’t got a clue...
  5. I need to send my BCM to you for my 015 but now I want to wait for the cargo and rear camera in motion options . If you would let us know when these options are done and available. THANKS
  6. Read though this thread you have to “adjust” the length of leveling rods on the rear for the magnetic shocks. This is a must anytime you raise or lower the ass end of the Denalis. The rod has to be centered for the mag system to work right now the system thinks the truck is sagging in the rear and the shocks are trying to compensate for the weight that isn’t there. There’s several other threads on this site about this you can “mod” the rods or order a kit from a company like McGaughys This thread explains it better than I can and there’s pics of a adjustable rod
  7. Amp Research Steps

    I live in the middle of Iowa. Asked the big Chevy dealer around here about these when I bought my 015 they said they stopped installing them cause they were problematic. I see now on Amps site they sell a heavy/severe duty set they call them Xtreme claim they are for sub zero and caked on mud conditions they cost about 500 more than the regular steps I think I read somewhere that these might have a 5 year warranty on them and the regulars have a 3 year maybe? Also they now offer a “over ride” switch so you can leave them down or up. When I looked into them before guys where making their own switches as Amp didn’t offer one. I’ll be replacing my 3/4 ton this year probably with a Fn Ford since there’s no regular cabs to be had and the 2020 HDs are beyond ugly IMO and I’m going to look into doing the Xtreme boards (if they can convince me the 500 premium is worth it) with the over ride switch so I can leave them down/up when we get the frozen caked on crap when I’m plowing.
  8. With a face only a mother could love... seriously it looks like a 12 year old designed this thing... the only thing uglier than this thing will be the 2020 HDs... if your going silly silly might as well get a battle bot like this guy
  9. 18 Denali Ultimate

    The APR will suck BUT finance it though GM and before your first payment is due refinance through your bank. The financial department at the Stealership will tell you you have to wait x months (usually they seem to say 3) before you can refinance. That x months is what the stealership needs to collect their kickback from GM for securing your loan.
  10. If you use cargurus.com you can choose cab configuration trim level, and bed length short reg long 8 foot bed is long 6.5 is reg 5.5 is short. Problem with all these sites is the person entering the info at the stealership they get lazy or don’t know or don’t care when entering the info so you also have to check the unknown ones to see if there’s ones that match your criteria. https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/inventorylisting/viewDetailsFilterViewInventoryListing.action?sourceContext=carGurusHomePageModel&newSearchFromOverviewPage=true&inventorySearchWidgetType=AUTO&entitySelectingHelper.selectedEntity=d634&entitySelectingHelper.selectedEntity2=&zip=50010&distance=50000&searchChanged=true&modelChanged=false&filtersModified=true
  11. Good bye ford

    Another thing to check with the stealerships around you is if they have a extended test drive program. The “big” Chevy dealer around here has a program where they let you test drive one of there program vehicles for up to 4 days the trucks they have several body/trim configurations. I’m guessing the Furd/Dodge dealers next to them must do something similar as they always have a lot “program” discounted vehicles on the lots. The wife wanted a new SUV and decided she wanted a Edge we would never have bought one from that stealership but wish we would have had an opportunity for a night time test drive as we both have decided the Edge headlights suck. Link to “extended test drive program” https://www.karlchevrolet.com/Chevy_Experience
  12. What is this nonsense?

    Might have been as simple as the signal was block when tried to run the test multiple times. The guys running the Range devices were/are having this happen. Some of them that care have figured out what day their trucks get tested and remove them that day. Could have been that day you parked in that underground garage that use to be nuke missile silo and OnStars weak little China made satellite couldn’t penetrate it? The LED on the mirror is supposed to glow green if it’s not working the LED glows red. Foilheads can verify this for you. So maybe it didn’t work a couple of key cycles for some reason and now it is again. GM just wants to verify that heaven forbid you wreck your ride that they can call you via satellite and ask if your ok using your name since they see the death bag exploded as your trying to explain to 911 where the h#ll to send the Bambalance... If you would like to test it out yourself here is the at home instructions 1 start truck leave truck running 2 take note of green led if it’s red your dead well to GM anyway 3 push talkie button on mirror for OnStar 4 wait for someone to answer using your name is some sort of broken word & tounge 5 acknowledge they are acknowledging you (no real they have switched vins and accounts b4) 6 repeat the following “this is only a test of my GMCs onboard OnStar capability if this had been a actual emergency you would have heard the rest of the people in the truck screaming and crying for help” 7 ask them why the [email protected] GM finds it necessary for the OnStar lady to say “this vehicle is connected to limited OnStar services” and scarce the sh!t of people usually when they are trying to back down the drive in the dark on their way to work at stUPid hours of the day or night. 8 report back to this thread on your findings of #7...
  13. Amp Steps

    The real question is how are they installing the wiring? I downloaded the instructions when I thought I wanted these. If you “hard wire” them not using the OB2 it says right there in black and white drill a hole in the driver/ passenger floor to run the wire to the board. I was like F’n right not on my rig. Then I talked to the bid dealer around here about them they said they don’t drill and they stopped installing/selling them cause they are way to problematic and ain’t worth a sh!t anyway... Might be the best 100 bucks you send if that’s the case?
  14. Power Seat Tracks

    If you need a vin for a regular cab with a power seat Karl’s Chevy in Ankeny Iowa has 3or4 SWB LTs on his lot.
  15. What is this nonsense?

    Since it’s the red ! stop sign and your truck is a 015 that is what I would assume “free” five years is up. I bought mine new off the lot in 015 and nobody ever got my email right to even send me one report yet, but I’ll bet they figure it out when it’s time to “renew” it... There has been several reports on this site of antenna failures with the OnStar/XM antennas sometimes takes out one or the other or both. And sometimes the caused by water leaking into the cab. So check to see if XM is still functional if you don’t have a current plan should still get the “preview” channel(s) Usually if something like this is the problem the green light on the mirror will go red. Being it is a 015 there has been a couple recalls so I’d double check your current on all of them if you don’t know for sure. Simple call to the Stealership or email your vin to [email protected] and ask for a copy of the service records (can also ask for a list of the RPO codes if you don’t have one or your window sticker) The monthly diagnostic report will also fail if you have something constantly plugged into the OB2 port under the steering wheel ie Range device, spitter for Amp steps ect.

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