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  1. Light Bar Placement

    It’s been done but you’ll get more answers to your questions if you post on the 3/4 page instead of the 1/2 ton page.
  2. Light bar

    You have options page 4 of this thread shows how to eliminate the shutters and keep the CEL off this thread shows how to fit with a trim to the shutters
  3. Don’t know what options your looking for but George White Chevrolet in Ames Iowa has a 6.0 2500HD work truck link below. Also try Karl Chevrolet in Ankeny largest “fleet” dealer in Iowa (& maybe the Midwest) had a 3500HD couple months ago when I was looking and a couple chassis trucks. They do one price sales couple times a year that’s the time to buy at Karls it probably be worth your drive. Like posted above reg cabs should be back with the 20s and hopefully still with the 6.0 guessing the reg cabs got nixed to build th 019 LDs. https://www.georgewhiteames.com/VehicleDetails/new-2018-Chevrolet-Silverado_2500HD-Regular_Cab_Long_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_Work_Truck-Ames-IA/3295298193
  4. You can trim the fins like the guy did in this thread. Page 4 shows how to fix your CEL
  5. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    If you find a receiver that only uses one of the Homelink buttons please let me know all the set ups I’ve seen so far requires two of the buttons one for “on” and one for “off”. I don’t want to lose two buttons but I’d be fine with one. Thanks
  6. 2015 Silverado paint issue

    I’d try the dealer again or a different one before your 3year/36k is up. My 15 had one spot on both sides of the rockers where the undercoating (or whatever it is) peeled off with the paint (both sides where bigger than a quarter) took it in because I F’d up my bedside/bumper showed the rockers to the body guy when getting the estimate and he said without batting an eye “we’ll take care of it warranty” when I picked it up it stated on the ticket rockers repainted due to whatever under warranty $0.00. I’m no body guy so not sure if yours is a factory defect or an environmental issue but IMO it would be worth a shot.
  7. Maybe I’m dumb but what’s the point of remote starting the truck if your just going to put the windows down anyway???
  8. 2015 GMC Sierra Caught Fire

    Every manufacturer has had vehicles catch fire... Six different “investors” will come up with 7 different causes... Time to let the insurance company do their job & be grateful for what you still have which is way more important than the truck...
  9. OEM remote locking system

    Well you didn’t say if the truck has power locks or not? Are you just looking to install the tailgate lock to your power locks? Or just a tailgate lock? Or both? Pop & Lock is the aftermarket kit for tailgates http://www.popandlock.net/power-tailgate-lock Somewhere on this site there is a thread where a guy swapped a 016+ gate on his 014/15 truck and made the factory gate lock work with his power locks. Not sure it would be the same on a 18 if you already have factory power locks with keyless entry. If you don’t have keyless entry some guys on here have had success adding it to their trucks some guys have not. From what I’ve gathered from the reading I’ve done GM says it can’t be done but as long as you have TPMS and certain RPO codes it may be possible. Can’t find those threads either...
  10. With my 15 I kept blowing the fuse when plugging in the 4 prong on my utility trailer for some reason only with this truck worked fine with the 3/4 ton. Ended up coating the crap out of the plug and the port with dielectric grease been good to go since now keep them lubed up all the time.
  11. Brown Santa brought me Kings

    I love Brown Santa till I get my bank statement at the end of the month then I kinda h8 him...
  12. 2015 GMC Sierra Caught Fire

    https://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/gm-truck-owners-fired-up-as-flames-consume-their-vehicles-081914.html I forget what year truck it was but about 90 miles North of me in Mason some years ago a house garage burnt almost to the ground with a new GM truck in it. Fire department determined the truck had “spontaneously combusted” and started the fire. I don’t fully recall all the details though.
  13. Center console heat

    Hopefully it’s not this...
  14. All the factory wheel/tire combos and the ones offered from GM accessories are supposedly all the same OD diameter that way you don’t need a recal according to GM as long as you buy their crap. When I bought my Methods and oversized tires I asked the stealership before I put them on how they calibrated these trucks (since they sell lifted trucks they lift in house). The answer is a Hypertech Speedo calibrator. It only calibrates the speedo for tire and/or gear changes doesn’t change any other parameters hence your NOT doing a tune. It does show up on the ecm hit counter but since I let them install the wheels/tires and do the calibration they would cover anything warranty wise since the only “extra” hit on the counter was from the Hypertech. When I picked up the truck my new Hypertech was sitting on the passenger seat in the box. Obviously I took it in the shorts price wise for letting them do what I was perfectly capable of but it was worth it for the peace of mind knowing they would cover something if need be. http://www.hypertech-inc.com/SpeedometerCalibrator.aspx Of course as you probably all ready know some stealerships are hardcore anti mod and some don’t seem to care as much like the dealer I used as the one I bought mine from are sticks in the mud...
  15. Anyone running cooper tires?

    Got 33k on my AT3s on the 1/2ton use to be a Bridgestone guy but a guy I work with had a set of these on his Tahoe that he put 70,xxx miles on them and still had tread. Wear is minimal, fairly quiet for a AT tire, decent wet traction, ect. Only thing I’ll add to the conversation is I live on gravel have only had one hole (nail) so far (which is good) and they are definitely rock slingers due to the saw tooth design in the grooves assuming the 4s would be the same will attract rocks like magnets. Only other concern I would have would be if they changed the rubber formula to a softer compound. That’s what Bridgestone did with the Dualers when they went to the Dualer 2s to improve traction but loss tread life in the process.

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