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  1. Here’s another thread where somebody asked something similar if Phil is correct (as I’m sure he is) and the power for the pedals doesn’t have to go though the BCM I would think this would be a doable project with the understanding that a custom harness and/or contols may be needed as long as the pedal assembly it a direct bolt in. I have found out to add the power passenger seat (non memory) to my LT as long as the seat harness has the pins for power & ground it’s a simple plug & play (since I don’t have memory) but even if the pins aren’t there for power & ground I only need to provide the seat with power & ground to work since it’s not powered though the BCM anyway. I would suspect the same is true of the pedals if your already wired for them & have the factory pedal relays. I’m sure if you made contact with Phil aka pgamboa he will know for sure as he seems to have about the most knowledge of anyone on these pedals outside of GM.
  2. Remote start run time

    That recall only pertained to 014 trucks and it was supposedly a software problem that was fixed with a reprogram. “exhaust components” catching fire sounded like to much fuel/heat build up in the exhaust to me? Of course all auto manufacturers are going to say don’t leave an idling vehicle unattended... Of course all the fires where when it was cold out cause they were brand new trucks at the time nobody left them idling unintended till it got cold out... Apparently including the GM employees that did the 2 million mile/200,000 hour pre-production testing on them... https://www.edmunds.com/car-news/2014-chevrolet-silverado-and-gmc-sierra-recalled-for-fire-risk.html
  3. 2014 Silverado cluster

    Read this thread first. Even if your not doing the Denali cluster all the other steps will apply.
  4. Sh!tty deal with the tranny line unfortunately it happens in the manufacturing process with ALL manufacturers odds are it was a bad crimp on the cooler line. If it were mine I’d a check under the truck when go to pick it up to see if they cleaned up the mess and since it’s a 8 speed I’d ask if the swapped all the fluid out or just filled it back up. The thread posted below talks about the latest and greatest “fix” for the shudder on these and apparently it’s new and improved Mobile One fluid be nice to know if your the first one on the block with the new fluid and might be helpful info for you in the future incase you ever develop that problem. If you make contact with someone from GM corporate over this might be worth seeing if you can get them to cut you a break on a GM extended power train warranty if your considering keeping this truck longer than the 5 year/60k. Only reason I mention corporate is the second thread posted guy had a similar problem at 100 miles and was given a 750 dollar accessories gift card. Better than nothing I guess?
  5. Post on local CL ask $550/obo take 500 cash. Post with pics of it laid out in the drive both sides, the GM part # and if you have a pic of it when it was still on the truck include that. If you’ve never sold anything on CL it’s a trip and a half. Might as well put on this thread where you are located in case somebody on here close to you is looking for one. Also look in the classifieds on this site to see if anybody is looking for one close to you. Go to “home” page and scroll down till you find marketplace. You can’t post it for sale there though cause you don’t have 50 posts yet
  6. Remote start run time

    These guys can reprogram your BCM to extend the run time requires sending your BCM to them and ain’t exactly cheap but there’s a laundry list of other stuff they can do to it while it’s there (turn off drls, fogs on with high beam, delete hyper flash, ect). Also truck will be down while BCM is out so you’re riding the bus or hitchin a ride till you get it back. https://whiteautoandmedia.com/index.php?page=shop.browse&category_id=54&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=54 Unfortunately they are backlogged is why it doesn’t show anything on this page seems to happen from time to time once they are back and up you’ll see all the things they can do for you.
  7. Couple threads on this I included this thread so you can read my post about the Raptor liner my buddy did on his rides. Not sure what color your truck is or if you know but there is tintable Raptor if you want to do color matched. Also Amazon runs deals on Raptor kits this time of year so watch for them and save yourself a couple bucks. I’m assuming you already have the Bumper Shellz? If not I believe they sell ones already lined?
  8. Another thread about this. I’ll let you make up your own mind but the explanation of why it works in water/dirt & not a vehicle seems to make some sense to me... Since your in the NE I would look into Krown it’s a yearly treatment. Some guys do the Fluid Film most say with no ill effects but some say it has softened the factory frame coating also on the can it warns not to spray on rubber parts. Since yours is undercoated not sure how it would react with the undercoating? This is what the frame is sprayed with from the factory Daubert Chemical NoxRust X121B again since yours is undercoated probably not really helpful but some guys use it yearly to touch up the frame. As stated above cavity wax GM actually sells their own as well should be available from any local dealer works good for DIY for nooks and crannies and hitting the top of the bed sides though the taillight holes, inside bottom of doors, fender seams, ect. annually. Of course the best rust preventative of all is leave it in the garage and buy a beater with a heater!
  9. 2016 2500 needs softer suspension

    I’d give these guys a call and explain the situation to them and see if they can steer you in the right direction. Their website is a little over the top kinda like a lot of their builds but this company was started years ago by a farmer with a bad back and a Dodge Cummins. Daily driver, ag, and commercial is still their bread and butter. https://kelderman.com/
  10. New truck options

    GMC 2018 builder page will show you what options come with what trims/packages https://www.gmc.com/previous-year/sierra-1500-pickup-truck/build-and-price/trim Also with current incentives IMO if you can find a new one in stock somewhere it ain’t worth buying a used one unless your in a negative equity situation with current vehicle. Some guys are getting 15k+ off new higher trim trucks right now if willing to expand their search area.
  11. There’s a TSB on these that reprograms/adjusts the brightness of the screen I thought it was for 017s and thought if was fixed for 018s but maybe yours falls into this? There’s several threads on here about it. TSB #17-na-269 (backup camera brightness)
  12. If the previous owner was having it serviced at the Stealership or if you don’t know for sure I would email [email protected] with your VIN and ask for the service records for said vehicle also for the build sheet while your at it (don’t cost nothing). I did this awhile ago to get my build sheet (this gives you all the RPO codes along with build date ect.) and they sent me all the service records for my truck the first time had to re-email them to get build sheet. I didn’t need the service records for mine since I bought it new and also didn’t know they even do this but will be handy if I sell/trade someday it does show services with date/mileage (mine only showed the “free oil changes” but shows other services) warranty claims, title status, body work, service contact info, OnStar/XM info, RECALLS preformed, CELs, and applicable warranties obviously your factory warranties are spent but might be warranted parts that were installed? Not sure if parts warranties are transferable? This info might give you some insight into what has been done and when IMO no need to go changing a bunch of newer parts for no reason. Recall info would be nice to make sure your all current on those theres been a handful on the 014/015s such as seat belt anchor drivers side, Airbag reprogram, transfer case shift module reprogram, and EPS reprogram so kinda some important ones...
  13. Here’s a thread with a couple ideas
  14. I’M ALL IN as long as you can make mine a original NES controller!
  15. Tow strap https://www.theisens.com/products/economy-tow-strap/17171537/ I run two of these (well the HD version on these anyway can’t find that link) in my 3/4 ton gives me 60’ of length if I’m or somebody I’m pulling out is farther off the road than that call the tow man cause it ain’t happening anyway. Carry 2 6.5 ton 7/8” screw type D rings and 2 tractor hitch pins with the rubber coated loop handle and cotter pin with retention wire (rubber loop works good with gloves on and wire so don’t drop and loose pin in snow) forget what size I found to fit the hitch hole but it’s a tight squeeze. Strap ends are loops and will slide into any 2” or 2.5” hitch then hitch pin in hole, if a receiver in the hole or smaller hitch can loop strap around the hitch assembly, can loop/hook most tow hooks/loops (also carry a short “axle” strap will work with smaller loops) or go around a differential or A arm assembly if needed. Use both Drings if using both straps one as a just in case/share the load. Also can loop hitch to hitch with a Dring if pulling in a tight spot to make a 15’ strap. Straps are obviously oversized could pull a semi with these but I’ve used this set up for 8 years now and have yet to break/fray one and don’t worry about dragging them over rocks, up ditches, around poles, ect. Also they are heavy enough that I can roll them up and leave them in the corner of the bed behind the cab and won’t blow out. If I break, lose, bend something a replacement piece is as close as the nearest “farm” store and whole set up is still less than a Buba strap... found a link for the “HD” one https://www.amazon.com/Erickson-59800-Recovery-Breaking-Strength/dp/B003AP86S0/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1544797383&sr=8-4&keywords=Erickson+tow+strap

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