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  1. I don’t have any experience with this company & looks like might have to go though a stealership or body shop to use them? but might be worth checking them out & see if you got a guy in your area. https://www.bumperman.com/before-and-after-photos
  2. actually that’s what google is for... RPO code WJP Midnight Edition, includes (P3H) front and rear Black Bow Tie, (REG) 18” 5-spoke Black painted alloy wheels, (RI8) 18” Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac 265/65R18 SL 114S blackwall MT tires with aggressive tire tread, Large Z71 Badge on Doors, Black Front Skid Plate 1 - Requires Double Cab 4WD model, (L83) 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine, (GU6) 3.42 axle ratio, (PDU) All Star Edition and exterior color (GBA) Black. Includes (CGN) spray-on bedliner and (UD7) Rear Park assist. Not available with (LV3) 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 engine, (DPN) power camper mirrors, (DP9) chrome mirror caps, (RD1) 18" bright machined wheels, (RBW) P265/65R18 all-terrain, white outlined letter tires, (RBX) P265/65R18 all-terrain, blackwall tires, (SFZ) Black bowties, LPO, (RKX) P265/65R18 all-season, blackwall tires or (PDA) Texas Edition. 2 - Requires Crew Cab CK15543 4WD model and exterior color (GBA) Black. Includes (UD5) Front and rear Park assist, (D75) body color door handles, (DP6) body color mirror caps and (B86) body color bodyside moldings, LT Z71 Grille Insert, Black Belt Molding. Not available with (DPN) power camper mirrors, (DQS) chrome power camper mirrors, (DP9) chrome mirror caps, (SFZ) Black bowties, LPO, (RD1) 18" bright machined wheels, (RBW) P265/65R18 all-terrain, white outlined letter tires or (RBX) P265/65R18 all-terrain, blackwall tires. --
  3. I think you should do a “night rider” light bar in there.
  4. this guys on it. I was just going to suggest them. If price ain’t a issue I’d call & talk to Detriot Steel & see what they can make for you. My understanding from the guy’s with the classic Lincolns & C10s is they aren’t cheap but they are good. Also check out US wheel I know the make 17” smooth steelies popular with the classic Camaro guys. Don’t know if the offer them in 6 lug but have seen them in 8 lug. www.uswheel.com
  5. Tan one says make offer buy it & a gray panel gets you everything you need. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2018-Updated-Silverado-Sierra-Tan-Overhead-Console-With-HomeLink-OEM-84145823/193095193585?hash=item2cf55ed3f1:g:DIEAAOSwA1hdd-8X This gets you the box & buttons still need harness & panel says make offer https://www.ebay.com/itm/2016-CHEVROLET-SILVERADO-OVERHEAD-CONSOLE-HOMELINK-INSERT-SWITCH-GRAY-OEM-B58/274268290948?fits=Model%3ASilverado+2500+HD&hash=item3fdba9ff84:g:nlUAAOSwYABeRyAc or with harness https://www.ebay.com/itm/2017-CHEVROLET-SILVERADO-OVERHEAD-CONSOLE-HOMELINK-INSERT-SWITCH-GRAY-OEM-B58/333567988442?hash=item4daa3392da:g:aHAAAOSwKk5eiqu6 The “box” for 35 bucks https://www.ebay.com/itm/GM-HomeLink-garage-door-opener-transmitter-assembly-module-Console-mounted/274083499674?hash=item3fd0a64e9a:g:IG4AAOSwGLddzxyN
  6. Sun glasses holder got more bigger I believe was the “change”? stole off an ad for one on Fleabay... This overhead console has the updated sunglasses compartment. The original one on 2014-17 opened 1.5" and had a curved opening, this one opens 2" and has a straighter. You can actually put your sunglasses in it! This will replace the 2014-17 style poorly designed overhead console.
  7. Anybody ever try one of the clear film(clearplex, exoshield, etc.) and/or hydrophobic coatings(crystal fusion, ecp, etc.)with any success?
  8. Start here. https://www.google.com/search?q=silverado+eassist+mods+site:www.gm-trucks.com&sxsrf=ALeKk01OEG85B2jSKf29MhRdBDl9Mnc5AQ:1586879438380&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwixhefJoujoAhWOG80KHZK4CZoQrQIoBDAAegQIAhAP&biw=1020&bih=1234&dpr=2 there’s a muffler thread, a air intake thread, a center console thread, ect.
  9. This was one of the first mods I did on mine when I got it in late 015. At that time nobody had whole consoles in stock as they were back ordered. I get a decent discount on that site so that helped also. At that time there wasn’t any used ones on Fleabay either I have since den then pop up on there from time to time now whole consoles & just the homelink panels. When my wife had her Nitro I bought the homelink visors off there for 25 bucks shipped to the house & gave my detail guy 10 bucks to clean them up. They looked brand new Dodge wanted 200ish for the one visor... I also remember I had to find my own screws that hold the box to the console as GM doesn’t sell them separate. Not having to waste your time trying to find 2 that will work is worth the 6 bucks difference in price.
  10. yes on my 015 I just added the opener, harness, buttons & cut out panel to my original console. Total time to do was probably an hour. I used this video on youtube as a guide. Guy is long winded as hell so skip ahead if you use this one. This was the parts list for mine from GM Parts Direct when I ordered mine. I got the grayish trim not the tan. Details Part Number Part Name Price Quantity 23341161 Garage Dr Opener 1 22834550 Garage Dr Opener Button 1 23127742 Harness 1 23104432 Trim Plate 1
  11. So I haven’t watched any but on youtube there’s a couple different videos on how to program the new style K2 fobs for the older style trucks that use the style fob you linked above. I wonder if you could use this process to program the old style ones? K2 truck fobs are supposed to be programmed at the dealer but dormian makes a programmer to do it. I bought one to program a extra fob for my 015 when I got my AJT one. (I like mine for what it’s worth) I believe it works up to 3 times then it’s done if I remember right? It comes with a fob but you can program other ones with it. There’s a video of it in this thread on page 2. I would assume as long as the old style fobs are the same frequency as your current ones it would work?
  12. baja designs .com https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/GM-1500-2500-3500-30inch-Onx6-S8-Grille-Mount-Kit-15-16.asp I believe this is the right mount. never mind this looks to be the mount for the light bar. I know I found that mount once before thought it was either made by Baja designs or Baja kits but can’t find it on either of their sites now?
  13. I work outside year round. I hate seat covers and leather seats. For the seat back I use a couple old T shirts (tuck the neck hole under the headrest) swap them out when I wash my work clothes. Use a old bath towel for the seat bottom when needed. Carry a couple industrial clear plastic thrash bags for when I get rained on all day and have to ride home wet. One to slide over the back/headrest and one for the bottom. Date night/vacation just pull the T & towel & go. I definitely second the Febreze but I recommend getting the “auto” fabric original scent if your not into your truck smelling like a yankee candle store. Hit mine once a month to keep it fresh. If you already got the stenches use Ozium air sanitizer (original scent) to get the funk out. I use this once a month in the old farm/plow truck. A little goes a long way.
  14. Turn the headlights on and see if the fogs come on. Gen5 makes a plug n play harness to add fogs that doesn’t have a switch. This seems to be the most popular way to “add” fogs. That “knob” is either a gain control for a stereo amplifier or a gain for a trailer brake controller. Looks like you might have a trailer controller under the steering wheel? that’s the factory slot for your ID/credit/fuel/toll card. standard on all non brake controller trucks.
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