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  1. So I haven’t watched any but on youtube there’s a couple different videos on how to program the new style K2 fobs for the older style trucks that use the style fob you linked above. I wonder if you could use this process to program the old style ones? K2 truck fobs are supposed to be programmed at the dealer but dormian makes a programmer to do it. I bought one to program a extra fob for my 015 when I got my AJT one. (I like mine for what it’s worth) I believe it works up to 3 times then it’s done if I remember right? It comes with a fob but you can program other ones with it. There’s a video of it in this thread on page 2. I would assume as long as the old style fobs are the same frequency as your current ones it would work?
  2. baja designs .com https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/GM-1500-2500-3500-30inch-Onx6-S8-Grille-Mount-Kit-15-16.asp I believe this is the right mount. never mind this looks to be the mount for the light bar. I know I found that mount once before thought it was either made by Baja designs or Baja kits but can’t find it on either of their sites now?
  3. I work outside year round. I hate seat covers and leather seats. For the seat back I use a couple old T shirts (tuck the neck hole under the headrest) swap them out when I wash my work clothes. Use a old bath towel for the seat bottom when needed. Carry a couple industrial clear plastic thrash bags for when I get rained on all day and have to ride home wet. One to slide over the back/headrest and one for the bottom. Date night/vacation just pull the T & towel & go. I definitely second the Febreze but I recommend getting the “auto” fabric original scent if your not into your truck smelling like a yankee candle store. Hit mine once a month to keep it fresh. If you already got the stenches use Ozium air sanitizer (original scent) to get the funk out. I use this once a month in the old farm/plow truck. A little goes a long way.
  4. Turn the headlights on and see if the fogs come on. Gen5 makes a plug n play harness to add fogs that doesn’t have a switch. This seems to be the most popular way to “add” fogs. That “knob” is either a gain control for a stereo amplifier or a gain for a trailer brake controller. Looks like you might have a trailer controller under the steering wheel? that’s the factory slot for your ID/credit/fuel/toll card. standard on all non brake controller trucks.
  5. Correct Work Trucks and I believe the Customs didn’t come with the assist. Dee Zee part number for the K2 standard tailgate is DZ43102
  6. It’s on their website (Q&A section?) but if I remember correctly I believe it’s at least ten (10) key cycles they recommend.
  7. This is just more proof of why you don’t but a first year anything... I fail to understand why this is such a hard concept for people?
  8. I bought the Diode Dynamic LED lows/highs for my 015 with the halogen housings. Never got around to installing them cause after I bought them they decided that there is a fitment issue with the highs. Anyway bought a new “work vehicle” that has halogen housings that just happened to use the same low/highs so I installed them in it. They work fine ain’t blinding nobody have a focused hot spot and decent cut off. We live out in the middle of nowhere and I work on call so plenty of night driving. Definitely brighter than the halogens only complaint is they are a little higher on the temp scale than what they looked like online IMO. Overall I pleased with the results as I didn’t want to deal with HIDs. DD has plenty of info and videos on their site & YouTube about LEDs in halogen housings and why theirs and others like theirs work with actual research and why ones not like theirs don’t work right. On a couple other vehicle threads from other manufacturers DDs are a very popular option for halogen upgrades. I suggest you do your own research on using LEDs if your interested in them. When LEDs first came out what has been posted above in other posts was true. If you buy cheap Chinese Fleabay/Amazon crap it still is. If you buy a quality properly designed LED it’s not. Glad I didn’t listen to all the “they don’t work they are wrong they kill baby seals” BS in every headlight thread on here...
  9. As far as repair call around to your local body shops some guys are trained/experienced in how to. There’s plenty of diy videos on other forums and YouTube if your brave enough to try it yourself (if you decide your only option is replacement might as well try first). I found this outfit years ago trying to fix one but didn’t have any franchises near me so can’t speak of experience/results with them. Course them claim it’s a dealer only thing but I’m sure if you have a guy/gal in your area they wouldn’t be opposed to taking your money. https://www.bumperman.com/
  10. I mounted mine for the factory taillights on the top of the hitch under truck. I don’t drive it in the winter but otherwise no problems with them getting wet.
  11. I meant to add this thread to my post. It will so you where and how to get your power and ground. It’s already fused but another inline fuse won’t hurt nothing if you’re worried about it. Shouldn’t need the relay since they are LED
  12. read though this thread. you can get power/ground under the bed by the spare tire. In fact you can wire them up just light in this post. Not sure why you think you need to tap running lights for? (unless you meant reverse light?) and shouldn’t need the relay since they are LEDs and don’t draw much amperage. I wired my Rigid sm-r back up light this way years ago with no problems.
  13. Check Ebay for powder coated ones. Before I bought my GM red ones I was considering going white. At that time there was a guy selling different colored ones for I believe 60ish a set. On the 014/015s anyway you can remove them without cutting the bolt or removing the bumper. There is a thread on here somewhere with the youtube video on how to do it. Basically you loosen the bumper bracket that’s in the way and use a pry bar to move it enuff to get the bolt out. Then when you put it back together reverse the bolt or replace it with a shorter one like stated above. thread with video
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