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  1. well it’s a red Chevy not a GMC but the miles are right... https://www.ebay.com/itm/2015-Chevrolet-Silverado-2500-LT/362833954773 if it was any other color I’d make them a real offer then do a delight mod on it. I can’t do red.
  2. Same question was asked in this thread so it should answer your question. Also I think you’ll want to check to see what the max load capacity for the factory jack is if you aren’t planning on upgrading it. Don’t matter how pretty the spare is if you can’t get the truck in the air to put it on.
  3. Here’s a couple threads to get you started there’s at least 10 more on here about this. The answer is YES, but... also assuming you’re wanting to go from the bench to buckets and the console? otherwise if not Katzkins is the way to go IMO if your are happy with your current seats and are only wanting leather. This thread is for the center console upgrade
  4. Search sucks on this site. Use Google year, model, part/problem, & then site. example 2015 silverado factory brake controller site:www.gm-trucks.com This is the best way to “search” on this site
  5. obviously the quality of the reinstall is going to depend on the tech(s). @STRMTRPR posted in this thread that he had the recall done already. He’s probably about the only one so far so he’s probably the guy to ask? Hopefully your dealers idea of the fix isn’t replacing yours with a solid window... I’m with you can’t imagine the fix requires removing the window? No wonder GM has been dragging their feet so long on this one....
  6. KC LIGHTS 20% OFF SITEWIDE Black Friday Sale
  7. Diode Dynamics Coupon Code Inside! View this email in your browser 20% OFF EVERYTHING Use Code: BLACKFRIDAY Our BLACK FRIDAY sale is on NOW! Get 20% off our entire selection of LED lightingfor your Silverado with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY! Shop Now! Focused Light Output: Thanks to the highly advanced optical design, our SL1 LED Headlight Bulbs provide a clean, OEM-like beam pattern, while being FAR brighter!* In the 2015 Silverado's headlights, we recorded a nearly 250% increase in low beam output! *In certain applications, as tested. Shop SL1s! Better Visibility: Carrying cargo? Brighter is better! At 410 lab-verified lumens, our XP50 LED Cargo Light Bulbs are some of the brightest cargo lights on the market! Best of all, our LED Cargo Light Bulbs are 100% plug-and-play! Shop Cargo Lights! Brighter = Safer: Backup safely with more light output! Producing a whopping 410 lab-verified lumens, our XP50 LED Backup Light Bulbs are drastically brighter than your Silverado's factory lights! Shop 1999-2013 Silverado! Shop 2014-2019 Silverado! Discount cannot be combined with other offers or any previous orders. Expires at 11:59 p.m., Monday, December 2nd, 2019. For you guys with ATVs Can't see this email? View in Your Browser FixMyToys has officially launched a NEW website, SHOP NOW! Black Friday Sale begins on Thanksgiving, Nov 28th! Great Selection of Deals Belts - 20% OFF Filters - 25% OFF Oil & Kits - 15% OFF Accessories - Up To 40% OFF Apparel & Gear - Up To 75% OFF Polaris Extended Warranty 30% OFF (Full Term) Get a Extended Warranty Quote HERE SHOP BLACK FRIDAY! No longer want to receive these emails? Unsubscribe. BW Retail Solutions 50410 Patricia St CHESTERFIELD, Michigan 48051
  8. If you look at page 11 of the thread I posted there is another member who used these and posted close up pics. Also 20% off Black Friday. -Easy Attachment vis Dzus clip or M6 Fasteners
  9. Common problem on these trucks my 015 does it on occasion with or without a trailer hooked up. On mine if I cycle the slide lever on the brake controller it will go away so I haven’t messed with it yet but I’m sure I’ll have to sometime. I did some research on here to find the cause and found all kinds of possible “fixes” in the 20 plus threads. Some guys have found that swapping one of the “control modules” (not sure what it’s really called) above the spare tire fixed it others say swapping the controller worked for them and some say it’s in the wiring/pin fit of the connectors. The search function on this site SUCKS IMO but if you type this into your google search 2015 silverado trailer brake warning site:www.gm-trucks.com you’ll find most of the threads on here. Lots of good info in them already. GOOD LUCK.
  10. Someday when I get around to it I’m going to put a set in the bumper step like in this thread. IMO this puts the light where it’s needed and nothing hanging below the bumper to get knocked off or broke.
  11. Contact WAMS they are the go to for GM BCMs https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/ other option since yours is a 015 is this harness from Gen5 https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/14-18-silverado-gen3-products/products/14-18-silverado-drl-harness you’ll want to dbl check with them it works with the Canadian trucks
  12. WAMS whites auto media service can reprogram your BCM to eliminate hyper flash there’s several threads on here about this service. I’m currently running factory LED tails on my LT with the factory5 harness with built in resistors but looking to have wams do my bcm so I can get rid of them and run led turns in the front without them.
  13. emailing social media isn’t going to produce a window sticker. If they still provide this service (some guys on here say they don’t anymore I got my info from them this spring) they will provide you a full list of the RPO codes along with some other info about your truck none of which will be pricing info it that’s what your after. I would also request from social media a copy of service records which will show you any work done at any GM stealership and the recalls that have been preformed already. If you didn’t already you need to check for open recalls also as there has been several on these trucks related to safety. If your after a physical copy of the actual window sticker for whatever reason. Any GM stealership can obtain one for you if they want (some don’t what to help) for a fee or type GM window sticker into a google search and take your pick of companies that will sell you yours.
  14. Dorman 99352 comes with the “box” to program any fobs The cheapest price I found was Rockauto 60 bucks shipped
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