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  1. So V6 Camaros and 4 banger Mustangs... gotcha.
  2. 16k and the tires are almost bald? LOL
  3. If the vehicle was serviced at a dealership you should have a work order or receipt showing the type and amount of fluid that was put into the tranfer case.
  4. Price is fair, I wouldn't put a value on the "extended warranty" because it won't cover anything. If your under 60 years old you'll pull the cap and either try to sell it on CL or put it out for the trash. Good luck
  5. Looks like you've got a fat lady hiding in the back seat...
  6. Pay cash... credit is for suckas.
  7. Not at all, too many cheapskates unwilling to pay $50 a year for XM but glady blow $100 a week on fat food. Don't worry it's still a $10,000.00 truck it just requires more dollars to purchase.
  8. That's almost a necessity given that half the U.S. population is too fat to be able to turn their heads.
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