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  1. If there is any slop that replacement is defective and should be replaced.
  2. Nothing unusual here that's SOP if there had been an issue they would have contacted you to authorize the additional expense. Next time you just need tires on a 9 year old truck you may be better off going to a tire store.
  3. 1. Install Combo-Valve Depressing tool J39177. 2. Bleed all four wheels (pressure- or pedal-method) in sequence (RR, LR, RF, LF). 3. Remove the Combo clip, then use a GM Tech 1 Scan Tool to run 4 functional tests while applying the brake firmly. 4. Repeat steps 1 and 2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hillbilly method: Lock em up on a gravel road to cycle the ABS.
  4. I've never owned a vehicle that the HVAC needed to be sanitized, so I doubt it. I would be a little embarassed if peeps got into my ride and it smelled of poo. Do you have to park in a less than ideal enviroment?
  5. You do realize that 4G WiFi through Onstar is subscription based?
  6. Since only about 3% of drivers actually know what a tire pressure gauge is, nowdays TPMS is a necessary evil.
  7. Easist to just have the sensors replaced when you buy new tires.
  8. It sucks when you want to haul something that is too tall to fit under the cap.
  9. If you want it to look new, replacement is a viable option.
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