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  1. Clean it up and verify what is actually leaking before doing anything else.
  2. Yet, no one ever wonders why the battery in a "smart" phone is no longer removable...
  3. Start with a voltage drop test on the battery cables.
  4. If the torque converter was trashed it probably took out the pump as well... transmission should have been taken care of at the same time.
  5. 2002 or so Corolla much wiser option, unless of course you enjoy buying fuel.
  6. These vehicles will fail from electrical / electronic issues long before oxidation is an issue.
  7. Your old worn out stuff is probably in alot better shape than this junk from china.
  8. How many Millions do you think you'll be on the hook for when your third world brake job fails and you kill someone? Don't worry about your insurance coverage, they cancel your policy as soon as they find out. Don't get me wrong... I'm pround to be a cheapskate but a vehicles brake system is something I will absolutely not cut corners on to save a buck. The fact that you are apparently operating a vehicle with suspect brakes is worrisome all in itself.
  9. https://www.classicchevy.com/1981-1982-chevy-gmc-truck-air-conditioning-condenser-61-874102-1.html AVAILABILITY: SHIPS DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER - 2-3 WEEK DELIVERY Eckler Industries 2603 Challenger Tech Ct Suite 130 Orlando FL 32826
  10. Is this for a concours restoration or something? Anything that contains the refrigerant and close to the size of the original would work.
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