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  1. It's still a $14,000 truck, but in 2021 you have to work 6 times longer to buy it.
  2. Makes it real easy to prove negligence and win a lawsuit.
  3. Most peeps on this site would rather just throw parts and money at it rather than actually performing any type of diagnostics.
  4. It's almost as if you don't realize that you asked then proceeded to answer your own question, split personality?
  5. Doesn't matter if it's sunroofs in vehicles or sky lights in homes, they'll all leak eventually.
  6. Whats a bot for $400 Alex. This is like picking at a paint chip to make it "better".
  7. Offer 5k, then you've got 4 left over for whatever.
  8. In the end it's probably best to try to concentrate on your driving and not be concerned. More than likely the vehicle is operating as intended. Without doubt, put down the phone before you kill somebody.
  9. So in a round-about way you're asking if your oil were to drain out while driving down the highway would you be SOL and buying a new engine? The answer is yes.
  10. Why bother to drive a truck if one doesn't need a truck? No one buys a truck for "fuel economy", they buy it because they need a truck.
  11. With the obesity rate in the USA well over 50% most are unable to walk 50' down hill with a stiff tailwind without busting a sweat. I guess the answer is a person could realisticity tow as much as they wanted. But... they should be prepared if found negligent after a crash to personally pick up the tab for all involved because more than likely the insurance company will cancel the policy lickity split. Jury awards can get kinda expensive.
  12. If you lifted the front of this truck 3" using only struts you may not be "totally happy" for very long.
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