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  1. * caliber If you use the firearm over property at best you'll end up bankrupt. Worse case you'll be somebodys girl friend for a whole bunch of years. Best of luck.
  2. Entitlement. When the consumer debt bubble bursts the home loan crisis will pale in comparison.
  3. Change the bulb, then the socket.
  4. Apparently they can't afford fuel (notice how many "I need more mpg" threads there are?)...plenty of dash pics on this site just like this: As soon as my gauge is less than 1/2 tank I fill it up.
  5. Better news story. I'm sure there are many more: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/riverside-county-temecula-dui-15-freeway-crash/80685/
  6. Ha ha! OCD & other psych shows itself a lot on this forum.
  7. * McDonalds I don't think anyone actually waiting in the drive-thru for that horrible food is worried about anyone, especially themselves. LOL
  8. Cargo carriers and bed covers are kinda silly for a pickup truck. Dirt bike should be in the bed at all times cause you never know when you're gonna get the itch. lol.
  9. If things like "lane assist" and "anti crash cruise control" technology had been available back in my drinking days it would have been a godsend. lol.
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