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  1. You can buy a subscription to AllData for wiring diagrams.
  2. What's the fluid level and condition? What condition is the truck in? Can you justify the expense of putting a transmission in it?
  3. Cool beans. Post up a link to your YouTube video if you would be so kind, I love math.
  4. If a person is concerned about economy they should be allocating funds for fuel instead of a shiny chicom plastic box. If a person can't afford to fill a vehicle with fuel... they can't afford the vehicle.
  5. Using any type of cruise control while driving in fog or on ice is probably the cause of 100+ vehicle pile-ups that always end up on the news.
  6. https://www.caranddriver.com/research/a32813983/adaptive-cruise-control/ What Is Adaptive Cruise Control? "These sensory technologies allow the car to detect and warn the driver about potential forward collisions. When this happens, red lights begin to flash, and the phrase 'brake now!' appears on the dashboard to help the driver slow down. There might also be an audible warning."
  7. The top of the door frame was bent due to the break in. The way they enter quickly is to pry the top of the door frame away from the vehicle and then insert a rod through the opening. Usually they use something like a coat hanger but the vehicle antenna can be removed and used in a pinch to press the power unlock button or in the absense of that just pop the lock knob. If the bushings for the hinge pins were wallowed the door wouldn't latch correctly. Experience: 30+ years living 35 miles northwest of Detroit and repairing far too many stolen recoveries.
  8. I always feel sorry for peeps that get stuck with that 2.7 and post here looking for any type of upgrade. The threads always start the same: "It's not that bad", um... ya it is.
  9. Sadly a large percentage of peeps driving late model vehicles can't afford a fill up of any fuel let alone "premium", it's usually $5 here $10 here type of thing. Economics and finance have taken a backseat in public schools to be replaced by AIDs awareness, golf and ESL. An unexpected $400 bill can send them scurrying to the "payroll advance" place.
  10. No question at all... I always have 3 vehicles at my disposal.
  11. It's 2021, post chinflu and thieves use overwatch, you'll be stepping outside in the dark and into eternity. Even if you happened to get off a shot the perps kins attorney will roast you alive in the wrongful death civil trial. It's known as criminal justice for a very good reason.
  12. I forsee guaranteed electrical gremlins in your rides future.
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