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  1. That's not "glue" it's seam sealer. The urethane more likely than not had a solid bond before the frame was removed (you'll notice it took the base layer with it). Best of luck.
  2. Placebo effect, akin to a "CAI" actually accomplishes something more than makes noise. Save your $ buy Bitcoin instead. Rich beats poor anyday.
  3. "Power folding mirrors" are a worthless gimmick that will self destruct when you least expect it. Also very expensive to replace when the old ones have turned to scrap.
  4. Negative. Time management has many benefits not the least of which is stupid low insurance rates. I usually drive 5 under the posted limit, makes it a lot easier to avoid kamikazes.
  5. I had some dude tailgating yesterday on my way home from work. The poor SOB couldn't even see let alone react in time to swerve and miss the Grand Canyon size pothole in the road. If his steering wheel didn't wobble before I'm sure it does now. ? Don't tailgate.
  6. Attorneys claimed that McDonalds raising the price of a cup of coffee to fund the jury verdict was a "victory" for the consumer.
  7. Cupholders simply contribute to the obesity crisis.
  8. Brings forth the whole uncharted territory of "mind control" frequencies below 20 Hz. thing. ?
  9. If you plan to change the suspension like that make sure you budget for hub bearings which will not last very long.
  10. Peeps are worried to death about a little engine oil in the intake manifold but seemly could less that their arteries are almost plugged solid from fat food. ?
  11. So... this dudes an "expert" in "catch cans" but failed to notice the engine was only running on 7 cylinders multiple times? Probably time to find a different mechanic and not waste money on a snake oil "catch can".
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