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  1. It's Tim

    Gas Prices

    Peeps that realize the only fast food workers now are seedy Meth head types that can't obtain another job.
  2. It's Tim

    Gas Prices

    Grocery shopping is actually fun now... no waiting.
  3. It's Tim

    Gas Prices

    Even with the high price of fuel the "poors" refuse to slow down or change their driving habits in any way.
  4. Sometimes the simple answer is the best answer...
  5. Simply replacing fuses without verifying the circuit itself is good, probably not the best idea... Was this a salvage title vehicle by chance?
  6. My bad. I'm afraid you'll have no choice but to tap the brake pedal then. But it's cool to tap that button and watch the rearview... then the tailgaters get all worked up about it.
  7. A tap on the button at 9 o'clock will cancel the cruise control without activating the brake lamps. Pressing "res +" will resume the previous set speed so long as the vechicle has not been turned off.
  8. It's Tim

    Gas Prices

    There is BIG money to be made manufacturing and constructing solar & wind farms.
  9. It's Tim

    Gas Prices

    They can set up polling places right next to the soup lines. Gassbuddy reports inventories are up (but of course goes without saying because no one is filling up anymore) so prices should be going down... right? https://www.gasbuddy.com/go/gasoline-inventories-skyrocket-crude-oil-and-distillates-also-build
  10. Feels alot better to have cash sitting in the bank vs. the driveway.
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