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  1. Dont just look at the weight rating but also the adjustable height. 3 ton jack stands will hold the weight but most dont have the height to do it safely, ie. you are using the last few teeth on the adjustable head. I went with a set of 6 ton jack stands for this reason.
  2. I plan on putting this lift on once the 20% off coupon hits. I was quoted $900 for installation plus the cost of the lift kit at my local Chevy dealership. The CV axles issue was explained to me like this: the longer CV axles are important because they allow you to retain (safely) the ability to use the AWD/4HI on your truck after the lift. When you lift your truck a few inches, without doing a differential drop, the increased angle on the short axles causes an increased possibility of failure. Other lift companies actually do talk about this and some caution against using 4hi. I have no real world experience with this.
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