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  1. EPA mandates for less VOC's = poor paint quality.
  2. I truly respect the decision of those that continue to "dine out" fully accepting of the challenge "what'd they put in my food today".
  3. "Lock up" on a hard surface as in bind or don't move ?
  4. Might as well get comfy, it's gonna be a while...
  5. Wheel bearing may be trashed and took the seal out.
  6. One could always purchase a subscription... https://www.alldata.com/en/welcome?reg=us&lang=en
  7. The QC on those LEDS is non-existent. Best keep some regular bulbs handy to change back when they fail at 0'dark thirty in Gods country.
  8. No of course not, but if fuel is restricted to use only by certain somebodies what then?
  9. If the system is filled with coolant and it's not overheating i wouldn't worry about it. It's a 22 year old vehicle after all.
  10. Fossil fuels will suddenly become "unavailable". Hint: Where did all the ammo & components go?
  11. "Subclinical AMD is the earliest detectable stage of age-related macular degeneration. The first warning sign comes in the form of trouble seeing at night. Many people blame poor night vision (caused by impaired “dark adaptation”) on the normal aging process and don't report the symptom to their doctor." I see more and more peeps with these excessively bright headlights and really feel sorry for them. Going blind must be horrible.
  12. Kids that "fix it good as new" at the quarter car wash. If ur goin'... keep goin', don't worry about it til it stops. ETA: When I was a kid a friend swamped his Mom's Maverick. Between the high pressure wash & the self serve vac we fixed it up pretty good. Well alot better than we started with anyways.
  13. Great time to buy and pay cash. If the economy goes south, tangible assets depreciate alot less.
  14. Yep, salvage, usually an electrical nightmare.
  15. Lot damaged? Perhaps the porter got a little excited and jumped a few curbs or parking blocks with it before delivery. Put it on a rack to check the frame.
  16. If you know anyone that does HVAC ,see if you can borrow one of these:
  17. The lucky claimants will each receive a BOGOF coupon for a meatless Whopper, and the "attorneys" $150,000,000.00.
  18. There is a saying amongst "trophy" wives and other prostitutes "why give it away when you can sell it?"
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