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  1. $50 and under modifications

    It that an Air Bag I see ?.....is the new trim compatible with the Air Bag (if that is what I'm seeing ?)
  2. Ah, okay, I think I got it now, wire the bumper cavity lights to come on when cargo switch is on and in reverse, rather than anytime in reverse......not a bad idea.
  3. Two things I'm trying figure out ?........why have the Bed Lights come on while in Reverse ?.........Why not just tap these into the wire harness for the Reverse Lights ?
  4. Yep, gotta remember to call to cancel. I signed up for one month just for Navigation (IIRC, it was $10), as my GPS was having a problem finding a Satellite....gave my CC #, called to cancel without an issue.
  5. DIY Carport / Garage

    We have a 20x12x8 Shelter Logic Instant Garage (Garage in a Box), that we use to store our Pop Up Camper. It gets the job done, but does need to be re-skinned every 3 years.....it has full sun / snow exposure.....cost $279 on sale probably 8 years ago. If I were to store a car / truck, I'd go steel, or build an actual garage
  6. Sounds like the "Torx Bit" broke off in the head of the bolt and he can't clear it to try another bit ?......maybe drill a small hole in the broked Torx Bit......self tapping screw and pull it out ?
  7. Buying my lease

    I need to clarify. In my post, I wrote that trucks on the lot were in the mid to low 30's....those are the "Used Truck" prices
  8. Buying my lease

    Look at it this way. I leased a new truck for a payment that fit my budget, I am nearing retirement and trying to keep MONTHLY budget down. Lease is coming to an end, I look at another lease that will be more than my current lease. Looking at the best deals at the time for an identical truck, and the purchase is out of my monthly budget, and remember, looking to cut expenses with retirement coming up....Lease another truck would put me in the same boat, except this time, I'll be retired, or close to it. So, I start looking at what will fit my monthly budget (not leasing), and come to the conclusion a used truck will fit the budget and timeline, and the best used truck is the one I've been driving. I do not have a huge 401K, or other 6 or 7 figure accounts I can pull from.....life happens.....not saying we're going to be destitute, but need to look years ahead and be careful.
  9. Buying my lease

    That is close, but not the same options, my dealer only '19's on the lot, and at the time I bought mine out, the deals were not there.
  10. Buying my lease

    The way I see it, I'll be debt free in 5 years, no more payments, I finally found a truck I like....a lot. I've been making payments for over 12 years on Leases, it was nice while it lasted, making low payments, and compared to buying off the lot used, it still lower than what they ask in my area.....either way, one happy man here....it's mine, no more worries about mileage and now I can mod it a bit.
  11. Buying my lease

    I just bought out my lease. I wanted to break the Lease cycle, buying new wouldn't fit in my budget, so either way, I was ending up buying a used truck, and what better than your own. The buyout wasn't too bad......trucks on the lot were in the mid to low 30's, my buyout was 25 before any other added charges, so I feel I did okay. The way it worked for me, the dealer basically bought the truck and sold it back to me, I paid an extra charge ($ 425) to have it "Certified", this gave me another trial period of On Star, but most importantly, and extra year on Drive train Warranty, and 1 year Bumper to Bumper.....they had mentioned my brake pads are wearing unevenly and may need new Pads / Calipers next service....this is where I think the Bumper to Bumper will pay off. They did not charge me any "Dealer Fees"....and with it not being a "New" truck, the yearly Personal Property Tax will be lower....we pay almost $33 per thousand of value. I feel comfortable with the decision.
  12. Strobe light set ups

    ....and the good thing, you can move it from one vehicle to the next
  13. This is about as bad as mine will get.....usual winter dirt and firewood....can't afford to break anything. Did have to pull a dump truck out of the mud in my yard after dropping off wood.....yup, it was a Ford.
  14. Strobe light set ups

    I'm going to try and see if I can get this for the front, plus I'll throw a couple in the Fog Light. Rear will be in the Reverse Lights and Corner Bumper Steps. http://www.fleetsafety.com/setina-led-push-bumper-pb-450-l-grill-guard-for-police-cars-suvs-trucks-and-vans/

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