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  1. I'm looking at hooking up Aux also, I want to control them from the Bed Lights, isn't there Block somewhere under the bed where I can tap in ?. I want to use the lights when needed, don't want them coming on when I lock the truck at night at the campground and disturbing fellow campers.
  2. If you just want to clean off the "junk", make a paste with Baking Soda, let it sit, may need to use a toothbrush to scub a bit, then rinse with water. Again, this is just to clean the junk, best to do as diyer2 suggest to avoid problems.
  3. 2015 GMC Sierra, 66,500 miles, had a bank of Lifters replaced at about 27k, A/C Condensor recently, other than that, I absolutley love this truck, and believe me when I say I work this truck, it does not get babied by any means.
  4. I have not heard of anything. I have great rapport with my dealer, they replaced the Condenser for $344, originally quoted $1,200. Have a talk with your service manager.
  5. On my 2006, 93,000 miles, right after the Front Diff and Tranfer Case the month before. The Wheek Bearing also took out Axle Seals and Rotors the wheel was so cocked. My '15 Sierra has just hit 64,000 miles, so far we are good.
  6. My dealer diagnosed the Brake Controller in the dash. Bought from Rock Auto and replaced myself in 15 minutes, seems to be fine now
  7. I had mine throw the same warning, not hooked to the camper. Dealer diagnosed it was the dash Brake Control, they wanted $130 to replce it. Rock Auto, iirc, about $40. I held out on doing the replacement until yesterday when it threw the warning again (very intermittent), only took 15 minutes to replace it, easy fix.....if that is the problem, we'll see.
  8. Yep, I got bit by the Condenser just yesterday, have an appointment Monday for the dealer to replace it.....$374+ tax, I believe thru GM Goodwill, otherise they quoted $1,200....doesn't hurt to ask for a little help, especially when you have a good rapport with the dealership. 2015 GMC Sierra 61k on the clock
  9. I have a set of Kumho AT51......absolute junk, terrible in wet weather, so out of round did a Road Force balance and put the worse tires on the rear and the best on the front, never really balanced......30K and already worn to where they are useless in snow
  10. I had the same issue, minus the jump needed, just an intermittent click, no start, ended up being the Starter
  11. Still worth looking at it though. I'd bet there is at least $2,500 there.
  12. If replacing door panels (both stained), I'm gonna have to live with it. I guess checking with a Detaier woudn't hurt. Thanks
  13. I have been dealing with this for 2+ years, and just can't seem to get rid of these stains. I had the window open a bit in light rain, causing the door panel to get wet. I've tried different cleaners, and just can't get rid of these nasty syains. Last product used was Citrus based, lasted about 3 days before stains reappeared. Any ideas on what might work ? [No Subject] (3).zip
  14. Thanks. I did try a search on you tube and couldn't find a video on the '15 Sierra, or anything that looked like my Dash. I'm sure it's an easy swap. Dealer wanted $230+ to replace it, I bought the part for $40 to my door, just don't want to miss something and break a panel.
  15. My 2015 Sierra was throwing Trailer Brake System warnings, so I dropped it at the dealership for diagnoses and came up with a bad Controller. I ordered a new one from Rock Auto and will be swapping it out myself. Any tips, tricks or tutorals appreciated.....looks simple enough, just want to make sure I don't break something from one of those hidden screws. Thanks in advance.
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