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  1. Lighting up the Wheel Well ?....thats a new concept to me, never seen it done ?....seen lights mounted to frame rails, but Wheel Wells ?.....interesting.
  2. Bad injectors

    I had the same issue with CEL and Stabilitrac Light on....truck ran like poop. Replace the Left Bank Lifters. When it happened the first time, it cleared before I got to the dealer, and they checked codes....1-3-5-7 Injectors Misfire #7 6,900 times, no repair made being the truck was running fine when I brought it in
  3. Saw the 2019 Silverado over the weekend....ugly, wouldn't consider it. Haven't seen the Sierra yet, but still likely looking to buy a 2018, as the deals may be hard to ignore with the new body style rolling out.
  4. Update: The truck had the same issue yesterday, this time it made it to the dealership stumbling.....last time, it cleared up when I pulled into the driveway. The dealership wasn't opening for 1/2 hour, so I left it running.....stunk up the parking lot. Turns out that it needs a Lifter.....I asked "Is there any gas or water in the Oil"...........he said "It's not that bad, let's get it torn down and see what we have".......currently in a 2018 Tahoe rental. Camping trip planned soon, I hope it's ready, they say they can have it back in less than a week as long as they can get the parts.
  5. Good move......I'm sure his brothers shop would of done a great job fixing your truck
  6. 2500 to 1500?

    The one reason my wife won't let me back into a 2500.....I just make more trips with the 1500 one ton at a time
  7. 2500 to 1500?

    I've had some loads in the HD that the 1500 would of probably struggled with.....for instance, I loaded less than half of the bed in the 1500 with Pavers.....the HD would of done better job......plus all the process and sand for doing a walkway / patio just as one example
  8. 2500 to 1500?

    I regret trading my 2500HD for the 1500, and now the Wife won't let me go back. The reason for the switch was, we went from home ownership to townhouse living, so didn't need the capability of the HD....but now we are back to home ownership, and could that HD from time to time. You never know, better to have and not need, than need and not have
  9. Injector failure #5

    I had Injectors 1,3,5 & 7 misfire......Cyl 7, 6900 times....dealer could not duplicate complaint of rough running and CEL, so GM offered no fix.....just over 30k on the truck
  10. You would be driving down the road and suddenly the wheel would be pulled from your grip and change vehicle direction !?.....HOLY CRAP !
  11. Just to clarify.....when this happens, is it harder to steer, or do you lose total control of vehicle direction ?.....does the steering wheel "Lock Up" as if the key was removed ?.....can this happen just driving down the Interstate ?
  12. How many miles on that Cabin Filter ?
  13. Opinions on Kumho Tires

    Ordered.....should be here mid week.....Thanks for the input, I'll give a review after a couple thousand miles. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Kumho-Road-Venture-AT51-P275-55R20-111T-BSW-All-Terrain-tire/55012334
  14. #7 Cylinder Misfire

    Mine is a Lease......I would like to buy it out, not sure what to do now. Dealer said they would "Go to bat for me if it happened outside of Warranty". My past experience is that this would not be covered under the Driveline Warranty. What bothers me is the Techs notes.....6900 mis-fires from cyl. 7 ?......slight mis-fires from multiple cyliders performing test ?....no repair authorized ? "6900 misfires in cylinder 7. test drove and was unable to to duplicate misfires.Performed cold start test per PIP5498G and found slight slight misfires in multiple cylinders including cylinder 4 but nothing like what the guest experienced."
  15. #7 Cylinder Misfire

    Here is the explanation as written by the Tech on my truck....GM would not authorize any repair.....32k on the truck. Had real bad misfire and check engine and traction control lights on, and of course as I approached the dealership, all went back to normal... Scanned for codes and found PO300 passed. Check misfire data and found misfires in cylinders 1,3,5 and 7. 6900 misfires in cylinder 7. test drove and was unable to to duplicate misfires.Performed cold start test per PIP5498G and found slight slight misfires in multiple cylinders including cylinder 4 but nothing like what the guest experienced. Removed spark plugs and found no obvious issue with the plugs. Installed wire and plug and soaked in warm soap water and ran vehicle. No misfires. Called TAC opened case *-********* due to not having PO50D do not believe it is fuel injector. Instructed to duplicate to proceed"

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