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  1. Not sure thats from the Car Wash.....don't those things rotate front to back ?......those scratches look like top to bottom movement like putting something in the bed.
  2. Which brakes to buy...

    I was told by the dealer, $500 for front pads and rotors
  3. 2015 no start, one click

    I'm done working on vehicles, I won't even fill the Washer Tank. The truck has a one year Bumper to Bumper since I had it Certified as part of buying out the Lease in December, and I did mention the Battery is between the Bumpers, and also understand it is a wear item, so I wasn't gonna push too hard. I will also express that I told them multiple times to "check the Starter, there is a secondary issue", when I get the customer survey
  4. So, finally after having my truck for days, they are replacing the Starter, which I told them from the get go they should look at. They say it has a "Flat Spot"......I'm betting this will resolve the issue. Have been driving a 2019 Silverado.....all I can say is, I miss my 2015 Sierra.
  5. 2015 no start, one click

    Going to pick up my truck today. It would start on the 4th or 5th attempt. After they diagnosed a Battery, which I argued was not the problem and they should check possibly the starter, I reluctantly paid for a new Battery only to have the issue within hours. They had the truck 3 days, and replaced the Starter saying there was a "Flat Spot"......something tells me (fingers crossed) this will be the answer.
  6. Dropped the truck off and got a 2019 Silverado loaner (like my truck better.....when it starts). I was talking to the service writer and mentioned "there's gotta be a bad connection somewhere, or maybe bad Starter, maybe do a Starter draw test ?"....he said "Did you ever think it could be a bad Alternator ?".....I looked at him with a puzzled look......"How would a bad Alternator cause an intermittent no start ?".....no answer, but his attitude got a little nasty after that exchange. They will have the truck till Monday at the earliest.
  7. I brought the truck to the dealer to have the Battery replaced ($167), as they diagnosed it as "on it's way" and why I have an intermittent no start on first turn of the key. I ran a few errands without any restart issues and was feeling confident. I went to pick up the Wife from work, and.........nothing.......tried again.....nothing, called the service writer and left a message that the truck is dead in the driveway. Tried to start again, and on the fifth attempt, fired right up. Service writer said to bring it in, but I was already on the road going to work. I will be dropping it off this morning, unless they give away my Loaner. He said " I guess it wasn't the Battery and you have a secondary issue"......those were my exact words when I first brought it in.......I'm guessing they won't find anything and hand me back the keys......time will tell.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Replacing the Battery next weekend (unless it totally goes first), just as everyone stated, it needs to be done anyhow, and if the problem rears it's ugly head again, I eliminated one possible cause.
  9. So, it would be a hit and miss like I'm experiencing ?....after the fifth consecutive turn of the key, she fires right up ?
  10. A little background, 2015 Sierra, 40k on the clock, just bought off my lease and had truck Certified to gain 1 year bumper to bumper and additional year on Drivetrain.....I love this truck. During a cold night a few days ago, I turn the key and get a one second crank, then nothing, tried again, same thing....on the fifth try, she fired right up. Dealer sez battery needs to be replaced soon, shows weak, so they charge it and hand me the keys. 5 days go by without a problem....then it happens again, identical issue, and on fifth try, fires right up. Although I can understand the battery may be near the end of it's life, I'm used to hearing the "click, click, click" sign of a bad battery, this sounds to me like there might be a secondary issue.....bad starter with a high draw ?.....bad connection ?.....or am I overthinking this?. Anybody experience this ?.....of course, Battery is not covered.
  11. I've heard nothing less than great about Revo"s......they are just out of line for my budget
  12. Loaded bed vs suspension

    I don't know the answer, but I would make the trip to unload rather than drive with all that weight on the suspension, especially if it's your daily driver and your roads are less than smooth.....just the thought of hitting rougher roads with all that weight can't be doing the truck any good
  13. CB Antenna coax routing

    I used a Firestick with a Pocket Mount to mount it in one of the bed pockets.....no holes drilled
  14. Looking for back window decal ideas

    Havent pulled the trigger yet, the guy said he could use a heat gun to warm the glass......I'm going to wait for warmer weather than have him heat the glass while it's between 2-25*F. He quoted $110 for all three installed.
  15. Looking for back window decal ideas

    My plan is "K9 Toby" on my back window below 3rd Brake Light and both side rear windows.......2 inch on the "K9", and 3 inch, in script for "Toby" in reflective white......to go along with other State stickers I've visited with the truck.

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