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  1. I had 1,3,5 and 7 replaced. CEL and Stability Control lit up, rough running truck, straightened up and ran fine on the way to the dealer. Codes pulled, cyl. 7 had 6,900 misfires, could not duplicate and sent me on my way. One week later, happened again, made it to the dealer and left it running for 45 minutes waiting for them to open their doors, stunk up the entire lot running like poop. Same codes, this time replaced the Lifters. Funny thing is, the tech on the first trip told me he was going to replace all the lifters, but then I got the call saying the GM refused being the truck was running fine despite the codes.
  2. I had the same thing happen with the exception that on the way to the dealer everything cleared and truck ran smooth. When it did return a few days later, I got it to the dealer and never shut it off, ended up needing 1,3,5 and 7 Lifters
  3. I had the same issue when looking at purchasing my Sierra. I just couldn't find a location I liked. So, I had a choice of two trucks, one had the back up camera, the other a factory brake controller......I opted for the factory controller and do miss having the camera. I kept the P2 controller just in case.
  4. Yes, it was in January of last year if I remember correctly. They told me it was the battery and I kept telling them the truck starts strong when it does start, check the Starter. I did allow them to replace the battery because it was a little over 3 years old, and as soon as I got it home, it wouldn't restart.....finally got it started and this time, they diagnosed the Starter, which I repeatedly asked them to check. ON EDIT: When it failed, it would just give one "Click", and not turn over.
  5. My 2015 acted like a dead battery, but would start strong after a few attempts, ended up replacing the starter.
  6. Do you feel the Take Down Lights provide as much light as a roof mounted Light Bar ?
  7. I posted mine earlier in this thread, did end up buying out the lease, absolutely love this truck
  8. Yep, has the slider. Is there any recourse ?, can he expect this to happen with a replacement ?
  9. I thought I had read here, that the Rear Glass Shattering was somewhat common ?. My Nephew has a 2015 Silverado LTZ that had the back glass that was shattered when he got out of work. Check security cameras, nobody near the truck. Is this something that some here have experienced ?
  10. Around here, most departments have plate readers, and if no insurance, plates get flagged and you run the risk of getting pinched.
  11. My local dealer (Ingersoll Auto) has been above and beyond expectations, and also gives me a loaner truck whether or not it is a warranty issue. I can't say enough about them, I've always been tempted to go Ford, but I know they could never come up to the service standard I've been accustomed to.
  12. I had that happen to one of my trucks, can't remember which one.....dirty wheel sensors.
  13. We have a dealership not too far from me that sells modified trucks https://www.meadowlandofcarmel.net/Customized-Wrangler-Trucks.html
  14. The biggest issue I have with my Sierra is the lag. I pull out to pass and want / need to get going in a hurry, it was suggested to me to "learn my transmission, stomp on it for a second, back off, then stomp on it again, the second hit will get the downshift and launch I'm looking for"......geeze, I just want to hit it and go like my Wifes car, or my buddy's truck. A lot of times I enter the interstate behind someone doing 55 or less as the left lane flies by at 70, and have a small window of opportunity to pull out, any hesitation could be a problem.......or just wait for time and miles to click off for a bigger clearing, which could be quite a while.
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