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  1. Those are close to 4 inches.....is there 4 inches of flat space on the corner steps ?
  2. I'm also looking for a Push Bar, but a bit taller than the standard. I was thinking of seeing if I can get a Setina Push Bar with lighting, I believe they are lighter and a bit taller.....they are basically used on Police vehicles. https://www.fleetsafety.com/setina-led-push-bumper-pb-450-l-grill-guard-for-police-cars-suvs-trucks-and-vans/
  3. My Sierra is the Elevation Edition, same as the Silverado Midnight Edition, love them both. As others stated, not thrilled about decal stripping on the Rally
  4. Sounds like 2013 Silverado. They first said it was a cracked Flywheel, after I brought it back on day 2, they could not duplicate. They had the truck for a week before replicating the knock, tore down the motor and found nothing, had a Factory Tech look it over and replaced #8 Piston, was good for another 10k, then came back, traded the truck in.
  5. I agree, I love seeing everyones set up. I'll try to post ours. Although a Pop Up, it's 3500#, opens to nearly 27 ft. with a Slide Out, has two Kings and two full beds, fridge, stove, toilet, heat, hot water, A/C,and an outside shower.
  6. Now, a video of the truck and Speedo at 131 MPH............ ON EDIT......only kidding, DON'T DO IT !
  7. I would think the rate of deceleration wasn't sufficient when you hit the person in front of you
  8. The truck seems to be more peppy in Tow / Haul mode. Without Tow / Haul mode, there have been times where I've switched lanes, or some other maneuver where I tried to accelerate quickly, and the truck seemed to bog, drop one gear, then another before finally moving out, Tow / Haul seems to just drop a gear and go.....and I never consider someone giving their view, or advice, a jerk....no problem here.
  9. Yep, same here, everytime it starts I hit the button
  10. After reading this, guess I made a boo boo letting the dealer to a Trans Service (45k on the clock), they said it would be a flush $240. Saving grace, 100k / 6 year warranty.....6 years because I bought out my lease and had it certified....got a year added to the drivetrain warranty along with a one year bumper to bumper
  11. Thanks guys. I know the radio will still play when I shut off the truck, did not know I could play it without the key for a short period.
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