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  1. HOLY CRAP !!....you can't get away from it
  2. Bad Lifter

    Did the Left Bank Lifters on mine in under 6 hours
  3. Opinions on Kumho Tires

    Yep, CrossContact LX20 were factory original....they were horrible, worse tire I ever had. They were toast at 30k, and never any good in the snow.....and I need to be able to drive in the snow, thats why I'm hoping these Kumho tires do well.
  4. Opinions on Kumho Tires

    So far, I've put about 5k on the Kumho tires. So far, they are much better than the stock Continentals the truck came with. On a dry road, they are fine, take off on wet roads will give a little wheel spin, but then again, I drive it like I stole it, so may be a little heavy footed on take off. In the colder temps, they seem to flat spot easily, a little vibration for the first few miles of highway driving before they smooth out, waiting for our fist snow to see how they do, this is where my truck lacked.....rather drive the Wifes new Maxima than this truck in any snow condition....even with 4WD, hopefully the tires will change this.
  5. When the truck breaks, take 10 deep breaths and stay calm.....being stuck on a lift is nothing compared to what will happen in the years of ownership
  6. Bull bars

    This is what I'm going to attempt to get this spring....with White Strobes.... http://www.fleetsafety.com/setina-led-push-bumper-pb-450-l-grill-guard-for-police-cars-suvs-trucks-and-vans/
  7. Bad Lifter

    I really haven't paid much attention to it. Truck is a lease, ending in January......although, I will likely buy it out, but will not own it outside it's powertrain warranty, so not too concerned about it failing.
  8. I'm Out!

    My Nephew just bought a Platinum Tundra....loves it. Best of luck with your new ride
  9. Bad Lifter

    Yep, had my left bank Lifters changed also. We had rough running, no power, CEL and Stabilitrac lights on.
  10. This is about as bad as mine gets....gotta love the Northeast.....rinse it off, and it freezes
  11. 2015 GMC Sierra Caught Fire

    There is a 12v outlet in the console ?.....I never knew that, better check mine. I have seen coins fall into 12v outlets causing a short.
  12. Just had my 2015 in for this recall......was done in about 1/2 hour
  13. Lighting up the Wheel Well ?....thats a new concept to me, never seen it done ?....seen lights mounted to frame rails, but Wheel Wells ?.....interesting.
  14. Bad injectors

    I had the same issue with CEL and Stabilitrac Light on....truck ran like poop. Replace the Left Bank Lifters. When it happened the first time, it cleared before I got to the dealer, and they checked codes....1-3-5-7 Injectors Misfire #7 6,900 times, no repair made being the truck was running fine when I brought it in
  15. Saw the 2019 Silverado over the weekend....ugly, wouldn't consider it. Haven't seen the Sierra yet, but still likely looking to buy a 2018, as the deals may be hard to ignore with the new body style rolling out.

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