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  1. Thieving Ba$$tards!

    You need one of these... Sorry about the subtitles. Porsche alarm
  2. It's a feature. Auto-defrost somewhere in the settings.
  3. It's a feature. Somewhere in the settings there is an option for auto-defrost.
  4. In a post from Monday, someone was quoted $9100 for a new motor in a 2009 so $4500 sounds like a bargain. If it's a reman, they normally come with 3 years/100k warranty. If the difference between a 'may fix' and new engine is around $2000, I'd go with the new motor.
  5. Wheel well liners

    I would suspect that the felt/carpet liners help to reduce spray which is absorbed and then drips off rather than bounce off plastic creating more spray.
  6. My wife's Equinox was full time AWD with no way to turn it off.
  7. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    It's not as sad as a pickup getting 5-6mpg towing a trailer. My point was going from a 15,000 GVW to 42,000 GVW brick-on-wheels ONLY cost 1.5mpg. It seems the heavier you go, the more energy-efficient you get. Think freight train.
  8. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    When I last had a travel trailer, I towed with a 2003 Expedition with the Triton 5.4 motor. Rated towing capacity was 9400 lbs. Trailer was about 32ft overall and weighed in around 7500lbs ready to camp. I had an Equal-I-zer WDH and electric brakes. It towed just fine and returned around 10mpg. I would usually keep it in the 60-65mph band on the highway. I upgraded to a Class A motorhome with a Cummins 8.3 diesel, flat towing our Equinox. That combination would return around 8.5mpg.
  9. GM Smart Phone Apps

    Yep. They changed it for the 2018 MY. After the month free, you have to pay. To use the GMC App features you need the minimum remote access plan at $14.99/mo. If you call them, you may be able to negotiate a lower price.
  10. GM Smart Phone Apps

    I have the GM app on my iPhone... Working fine. You need an active OnStar subscription for the status update. Your 2014 should have come with 5 years' basic which may have just expired.
  11. Read my post. I didn't opine on whether to buy or not. My opinion is it looks tacky (whatever color you choose to go with).
  12. You asked for opinions. If you can't handle negative opinions, don't ask. Personally, I think it looks tacky but it's your truck to do as you wish.
  13. A 'late' payment will not register as late on your credit report until it's at least 30 days late. Don't sweat it. If something does go awry, consult an attorney. You may come out of it ahead like my colleague.
  14. My colleague was telling me how, years ago, he bought a brand new truck. 6 months later, it was re-possessed. He hadn't missed a single payment and the loan was in good standing. A mistake by the loan company. His wife was a paralegal and consulted her boss. He told them to do nothing but keep making the payments. They had another vehicle so wasn't a major problem. Three months later, the lawyer contacted the loan company. The result was, the truck was returned, paid in full PLUS $10,000 compensation. In your case, I would have kept making payments (or put the payments in a savings account), keep (don't cash) any refund check, until they fixed it. I'm sure your honesty didn't save the other guy one moment of anguish. The bank would still have run him ragged getting it sorted on his end.

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