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  1. The dealer refunded my deposit. Here is the beast.
  2. Finally ran out of patience. Found a 2020 truck almost identical to the one on order. Same color, same trim but with some extras that mine doesn't have, including working heated/cooled seats, heated steering wheel and heated rear seats. Also, has parking sensors, blind spot monitors etc. Picked it up on Saturday. Now, to try and get my deposit back.
  3. What is compounding the issue is the previous owner had aftermarket tint installed on driver and passenger windows and what appears to be almost limo tint on the rear window making the interior very dark. I think I will need to get the tint removed. Not confident doing it myself for fear of damaging the heating elements.
  4. Just bought a 2020 Silverado 3500HD LTZ. The backlighting for all switches/buttons is very dim unless I have the headlights on. In regular daytime running, It's difficult to see/read the switches. This includes dash switches, door controls and steering wheel controls. If I turn on the side or headlights, they are illuminated and can be adjusted using the brightness controls. Turn the lights off or switch to auto and the backlighting turns off (or extremely dim). Any ideas? I can't find any setting to change it. TIA
  5. Fingers crossed for you. My dealer told me something similar... In March.
  6. Good luck! My '22 Silverado LTZ dually was built in February and still awaiting shipment.
  7. It seems mine is at least out of the Duramax hold but still sitting in Flint awaiting transport. The GM chat on Friday said it should ship in 3-4 days... Not holding my breath!!!
  8. I don't believe any after-market controller can compare to the native controller if set up properly (correct gain). The factory controller applies braking proportionally to the pressure on the brake pedal. You press harder, the trailer brakes harder. When properly set up, there is no 'pushing' from the trailer under braking. The inertial sensors are reacting to deceleration of the vehicle versus the braking effort. There will always be a lag.
  9. From my earlier post: http://k0jdd.netlogger.org/VehicleStatus.php Asn Date is the build date.
  10. I found this on another forum: http://k0jdd.netlogger.org/VehicleStatus.php For my VIN, it shows a build date of Feb 22nd, Bayed on March 18th and status is currently "on hold" I believe the on-hold status is due to the Stop-sell order for the Duramax motors. GM chat says it's "In transit" but dealer can't offer anything. My weekly email update on Tuesday said "I was advised by our Order Team that your vehicle is still in Flint MI undergoing quality inspection" Another truck in no-man's land.
  11. I spoke to my dealer. They confirmed my truck is one of those affected. Quote: "There is a delay right now for the HD trucks due to an issue they found" No additional info.
  12. At least you're getting some information, even if it's BS. All my dealer can tell me is it's still in Flint. In one GM chat several weeks ago, they told me April 8th. Ever since then, nothing. Mine was built in February, so currently been 'sitting' for 2 months. Nowhere near your wait.
  13. My 3500 DRW LTZ was built the week of February 14th. Has been at 4300 since February 24th. Dealer says it is flagged as "hot" meaning it should get priority. I'm not holding my breath.
  14. The current status code is 4200 - Order shipped. Not sure if that is better or not... All the dealer can tell me is it's still in Flint.
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