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  1. A 'late' payment will not register as late on your credit report until it's at least 30 days late. Don't sweat it. If something does go awry, consult an attorney. You may come out of it ahead like my colleague.
  2. My colleague was telling me how, years ago, he bought a brand new truck. 6 months later, it was re-possessed. He hadn't missed a single payment and the loan was in good standing. A mistake by the loan company. His wife was a paralegal and consulted her boss. He told them to do nothing but keep making the payments. They had another vehicle so wasn't a major problem. Three months later, the lawyer contacted the loan company. The result was, the truck was returned, paid in full PLUS $10,000 compensation. In your case, I would have kept making payments (or put the payments in a savings account), keep (don't cash) any refund check, until they fixed it. I'm sure your honesty didn't save the other guy one moment of anguish. The bank would still have run him ragged getting it sorted on his end.
  3. Welcome to Europe where if you're stupid enough to stand in front of a train, we must LEGISLATE to protect you from your own stupidity.
  4. I hear you. When I was looking, couldn't find the right console on ebay so was looking at $200+ for a new one. In your position I would probably have done the same.
  5. How much did you pay? I looked on ebay when I was considering this but couldn't find the correct one. I just found one for $100 plus shipping but that's still 10 times what mine cost. A new remote can be had for about $20.
  6. This also works on Bluetooth. My wife's 2012 Equinox had the same feature.
  7. Cargo containment?

    If you look at the side walls about 18 inches from the tailgate, there are slots on the walls designed to slot in a board. I have a 2 x 8 board that sits in there. Easily removed when you need the full bed.
  8. #17-NA-269 - Rear Camera Screen Bright At Night - (Sep 13, 2017)
  9. Backup Camera too bright

    Had the software update done at the weekend. Much better now.
  10. Here ya go. The small box at the top is the DC-DC converter.
  11. Sure. I did the same mod on my wife's wrangler. The button for that is in the top of the coin holder. You'd never find it if you didn't know it was there.
  12. I ran a 12v from the drivers side fuse panel. See this post: I have a couple of wires running from the switch in the panel soldered to the back of the button on the remote PCB. I'll try and get some pics later.
  13. I don't have pics behind the panel but there's plenty of space behind to mount it. It's mounted with Velcro to the back of the panel just so it doesn't rattle. It took me a couple of hours to install much of which was the fiddly part of soldering the wires to the remote PCB. I initially had the remote running off its own battery but decided to wire it to a switched source so someone can't just smash my window and get into my garage.
  14. 1 month ONSTAR trial! :)

    I just renewed my XM for $5/month for 6 months. Then it goes up to $15.99/mo. I'll call again before they hike it and get the $5/mo option again. You have to do the threaten to cancel dance but eventually, they'll do the $5/mo. This last time, they said the $5 promotion wasn't available and offered me $5/mo for 5 months. I declined and said to cancel it and like magic they found the $5 for 6 months deal. I had the "Mostly Music" plan for $9.99/mo for several years. Then they hiked it up to $10.99 which pissed me off so I threatened to cancel and got the $5 plan and continue to do the dance every few months. Had they not hiked it to $10.99 I would still be happily paying $9.99/mo. Their loss! I prefer XM primarily due to no (or minimal) advertising and because I can do a road trip without having to retune every few miles.
  15. 1 month ONSTAR trial! :)

    Adding the stolen car assistance is an extra $5. I had already got them to give me protection for 9.99/mo and tried to get them to discount the stolen car. I offered $11.99/mo for the security package but they weren't moving. I have a reminder on my calendar to call near expiration and re-negotiate. I use the same tactic with XM. Currently get XM for $9.99/mo.

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