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  1. So, took it to a local shop recommended by a colleague who has used them several times in the past. I told them: 1. Symptoms as described in this thread. 2. It had given error P0741 but I had cleared it on my last trip and it had not thrown the error again even though it was still acting up. 3. The problem only occurs on longer trips 4. I'd had the transmission fluid and filter changed 3-4 weeks ago. They kept it for 3 days. At the end of day 1, called and they said they would get to it first thing the next day. At the end of day 2, they said they had driven it but couldn't find anything wrong. OK. I had cleared the error during the prior trip but I told them that and also that it only occurred on longer trips. They said they would drop the pan and check for anything in there (presumably looking for broken pieces). Well, according to the MyGMC app, my truck hasn't moved from their lot since I dropped it off Wednesday morning. Lunchtime on day 3, I talked to the colleague that recommended them. When he called them, they repeated their line about dropping the pan. He mentioned to them about the GPS tracker. (they didn't respond). I picked it up on Friday evening. They said they couldn't find anything wrong but suggested replacing the converter/solenoid package for around $1500. The only positive I can say is they didn't charge me. I reviewed the dashcam footage when I got home. They didn't even look at it until after my colleague called them on Friday. It was on the lift for about 75 minutes. My camera only records while ignition is on so didn't see what they did other than checking the transmission fluid level. I think my next step is to take it on a long run until it starts acting up and then drive it directly to the dealership.
  2. Yeah. It throws the error if this occurs twice within one journey. Explains why I'm only seeing it on longer trips. My daily routine is 11 miles each way in town to work so no real opportunity for it to register other than on longer trips. Pretty sure it's unrelated to towing. My last two longer trips when this occurred were both towing. I need to find a reliable transmission shop to get it checked.
  3. What did the repair cost? I took our first long trip yesterday since getting the transmission fluid/filter changed. Towing a small 5x8 enclosed U-Haul trailer. Was fine for the first 40+ miles, then started acting up again. By the time we reached our destination, check engine light was on. Pulled codes P0700 & P0741. I reset the codes and headed home later in the afternoon. Again, ran for 50+ miles OK. When we hit some traffic lights, it reverted back again. Max trans temp was about 180 degrees for the whole trip. I haven't done a long trip without a trailer for some time but I suspect it would be the same solo. FYI: I towed my 10,000lb travel trailer 450 miles in November without a problem, so this is definitely a new problem.
  4. OK. So, don't be too focused on those temperatures. I still feel that with the relatively light load, it should have been shifting better. Even on a long downhill stretch, it wouldn't move to top gear. Maybe the trailer brakes were binding. Not my trailer so don't know it's history. I pulled my 10,000lb travel trailer 1200 miles a few of months ago and it seemed to tow better than this one. I'll get the transmission fluid and filter changed and see how it goes next trip. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. I took a trip this weekend, about 450 mile round trip, towing a lightly loaded flat utility trailer (maybe 2,500lbs overall). Maybe 50 miles into the trip, I noticed it was maintaining high revs and reluctant to change to higher gears. As if it were in tow/haul mode (but it wasn't). On the outbound leg, transmission temp was hovering in the mid to high 90's. On the return trip, things started off OK but then started again. Trans temp peaked at 208 degrees and wouldn't hit top gear. Ambient temp was around 85 degrees. Truck has just passed 60,000 miles. I've done about 10,000 miles of that. Could it just be time for a trans fluid change or something more serious? TIA Chris ETA: It's the 6.0 gas engine.
  6. I changed mine about 6 weeks ago. I decided to replace them within a week of getting the truck so not a huge amount of before experience but I definitely noticed a smoother ride afterwards. It's a big-ass truck. It's never gonna ride like a limo but a definite improvement over the Ranchos. Just did a 450 mile drive pulling a 10,000lb travel trailer. Seemed to smooth out the ride compared to when I pulled the trailer 50 miles from the dealer. I bought mine on eBay. The same seller on Amazon was a bit more expensive but they said they would take 3 weeks to deliver. I had a local shop install them for $150.
  7. It was the built-in scale that drew me to Weigh-Safe but the reviews indicated the scale is not very robust and either gives incorrect reading or quits completely. I also wanted the option of multiple ball sizes. The scale one can be changed but is more involved than the 180. I got mine off Ebay for $250.00. Adding the additional slider and ball pushed me to about $350 all-in. I justify the cost by telling myself it's the last hitch I will ever buy.
  8. I went through the drop hitch research after I upgraded from a 1500 to 2500. I had to buy a new longer shank for my Equalizer hitch then bought a Weigh Safe 180 hitch for all other needs. https://www.amazon.com/Weigh-Safe-LTB8-2-5-Drop-Hitch/dp/B077QC5LH5/ref=sr_1_7?crid=V722XY4ZLLL3&keywords=weigh+safe+hitch&qid=1568207112&s=gateway&sprefix=weigh+safe%2Caps%2C269&sr=8-7 I bought the 8-inch drop but should have got the 10-inch. Even at full drop, my small 6x4 trailer rode nose-high. I also bought and additional carrier with a 1-7/8" and 2" balls. So, now I can tow anything from 1-7/8" to 2-5/16" ball and 8-inch drop to 9-inch rise. GTW is 14,500lbs.
  9. I found a GPS tracker in my Sierra after I bought it. It was inside the driver side fuse box Velcro'd just below. No stickers though. I removed it. I asked the dealer and they denied any knowledge about it. My guess is it was installed by the previous owners finance company but not very well hidden at all.
  10. The wifi works on mine but not in 4k mode. You can download HD videos but not UHD.
  11. Also, don't cheap out on the SD card. Get a high endurance card. These are designed to last longer and for use in extreme environments. Regular SD cards can't withstand the high temps encountered in dash-cams or the vibration. They are also limited on the number of times they can be over-written before they start to corrupt. High endurance cards will last, typically, 20 times longer.
  12. +1 for Rexing. I have the V1 3rd gen UHD model that has so far survived (nearly) 2 Florida summers. When I bought it, the 2-camera model wasn't available (it is now). I have this one in the rear. Cost $17.99 at the time.
  13. Check the RPO codes. My 2017 Silverado had the L83 ECOTEC3 engine and I had the same question. It had a capless filler but the manual said there would be a yellow sticker inside the filler lid. I contacted GM Customer support and was told it was NOT E85 capable. My current 2016 Sierra 2500HD IS E85 capable and has a yellow gas cap stating such. It's a moot point as there is nowhere nearby that sells E85.
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