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  1. 1 month ONSTAR trial! :)

    I just renewed my XM for $5/month for 6 months. Then it goes up to $15.99/mo. I'll call again before they hike it and get the $5/mo option again. You have to do the threaten to cancel dance but eventually, they'll do the $5/mo. This last time, they said the $5 promotion wasn't available and offered me $5/mo for 5 months. I declined and said to cancel it and like magic they found the $5 for 6 months deal. I had the "Mostly Music" plan for $9.99/mo for several years. Then they hiked it up to $10.99 which pissed me off so I threatened to cancel and got the $5 plan and continue to do the dance every few months. Had they not hiked it to $10.99 I would still be happily paying $9.99/mo. Their loss! I prefer XM primarily due to no (or minimal) advertising and because I can do a road trip without having to retune every few miles.
  2. 1 month ONSTAR trial! :)

    Adding the stolen car assistance is an extra $5. I had already got them to give me protection for 9.99/mo and tried to get them to discount the stolen car. I offered $11.99/mo for the security package but they weren't moving. I have a reminder on my calendar to call near expiration and re-negotiate. I use the same tactic with XM. Currently get XM for $9.99/mo.
  3. 1 month ONSTAR trial! :)

    Was that 3 months free in exchange for your credit card details? After 3 months, they'll start auto-charging $24.99 a month. I have the protection plan for $9.99/month prepaid for a year and made sure they didn't keep my credit card on file. Next year I'll renegotiate again.
  4. Rear defrost

    Looks like you don't have a heated rear window. Top one is front window defrost bottom button looks like heated mirrors. I've never seen that before. My HRW says 'REAR' on the button.
  5. That works on my 2017. Press and hold the unlock button on the fob and all windows open. Unfortunately there is no way to close them all again other than manually. This has been discussed on here several times.
  6. Question about V4 mode

    Last week I had to make the same 500 mile round trip twice. The first time was with the Range AFM disabler installed, the second without. I was hoping to get a direct comparison but differing traffic conditions hampered that. Nevertheless on the first trip, according to the DIC (400 mile average) I made 22.0 mpg. On the second trip (Friday) there was a LOT more holiday traffic plus ran into a few rain storms which both resulted in a lower average speed than the prior trip. Trip 2 averaged 22.9mpg. For most of the time on the interstate I would try to keep it between 70 & 75mph. According to OnStar the first trip averaged 63mph the second 61mph. 5.3 with 3.42
  7. Bed Net?

    I bought one of these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06VTZJLBR/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 but was never really happy with it. it wasn't very strong and stuff would still slide under it. You know there are indents in the side of the bed to put a fence? I just did this. Took 2 x 2x4s, clamped them together to make a 2x8, chamfered the corners for a better fit and painted it black. Cost nothing as I already had all the stuff.
  8. I couldn't bring myself to drop $200+ on a new console so I took an existing remote, bought a switch and a 12v-3v converter, wired the switch to the remote and the remote to RAP. The remote is tucked behind the console and secured with Velcro so it doesn't rattle around. Under $10 excluding the remote which I already had.
  9. But do you listen to the same stations? As mentioned earlier, it is channel-dependent. I went from an Impala to the Silverado. The one dead zone now seems OK but the other is still there albeit not as bad and certain stations are worse than others. It may be down to channel frequency or maybe signal strength due to a different satellite or even transmitter on the same satellite. I also read that XM have local ground-based repeaters in some larger cities and they can also suffer from interference. If you have water in the antenna then it likely needs replacing anyway.
  10. The crappy XM reception is probably nothing to do with the antenna. Google "XM cell tower interference". This has been a problem for several years. I became suspicious when I lost XM reception while out in the open with a clear blue sky. My regular commute has a couple of 'dead' areas. I was finally convinced one day when passing one of the regular dead spots. I didn't lose XM as I normally would. Then I noticed some guys atop of a water tower and it suddenly clicked... They were working on the cell phone antennae on top and so had turned them off (to avoid getting fried). Some XM channels are more susceptible than others.
  11. What’s your dash cam setup?

    The kit includes an in-line fuse and a 12v-5v converter direct to a mini-usb plug. Also included a fuse splitter which I didn't use. There is a spare terminal in the fuse box providing RAP (retained accessory power). I connected directly to that. Could have just got the usb kit without the fuse splitter but didn't know that when I ordered it.
  12. What’s your dash cam setup?

    I got a hard wire kit from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N0GR4ON/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Ran it to the drivers side fuse panel and connected so it only runs with ignition.
  13. Well the truck knows when to warn you they're low so it must be programmed in there somewhere.
  14. Not wise to remote start while it's in the garage. I tried to stop mine using the app while sat in it with the engine running. Wanted to see if it were possible if it were stolen but don't have the security feature through OnStar. The app threw an error saying "make sure the keys are not in the vehicle."
  15. Tried this last night... Didn't work. I suspect this is a diesel-only option. I had the same thing on my motorhome with a Cummins diesel. Activated the same way. I used it when cold, primarily to air up the suspension and brakes faster. Another possibility is that it only works under certain (cold) conditions. If the engine temp is below 65 degrees. In Florida, I'm not gonna see those conditions for at least a couple of months.

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