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  1. https://gmauthority.com/blog/gm-order-tracking/gm-order-event-codes-and-definitions/
  2. When I ordered, they wanted a $1,000 non-refundable deposit. I gave them my build from the web build. They entered into the ordering system and gave me a copy of the order including pricing (base price plus all options and total). A couple of weeks later, I called to modify the order (went from LT to LTZ). My order number remained the same but never got confirmation until I went in to the dealership and got a printout of the revised order. I don't know whether changing the order would have reset my place in line.
  3. We are not local, although both in FL. My beef is more that they didn't tell me about the price hike until I had gone through sending them pictures of my trade. It is deceitful and clearly price gouging. The mark-up should be clear on their web site. I saw this at another dealer in Tennessee but they at least showed it on their web site as "Dealer installed accessories". When I looked at the detail, it stated market adjustment.
  4. My original order was with a local dealer and I did get a price agreed. I even confirmed that the price on the order was the final price. This is the one I paid the deposit to. That one is still in 1100 status. No idea when that will arrive. The latest shenanigans were for a truck I found on the Chevy web site. The advertised price both on Chevy and the dealer web site made no mention of the "market adjustment". That was only revealed after I sent them my truck details to get a trade value. I have not paid them anything.
  5. Just got a call from the dealer of the in-transit truck. They are offering $35k on my truck. Lower than I had hoped, but doable. However, the kicker was, there is a +$10k "market adjustment" on the new truck. I immediately said no and wrapped up the call. Called back 2 minutes later. The adjustment had dropped to $6k. Still, no way I'm paying that premium. So, back to hurry up and wait. I'm in 2 minds whether to cancel and wait for things to calm down, but then I lose my $1,000 deposit. Edit to name & shame: The dealer is Starling Chevrolet in Orlando.
  6. Well, that's as clear as mud. 'Some units' of LTZ 'may' get heated/ventilated seats and/or heated steering wheel. This really gives me no confidence. I wonder if my dealer can give me a definitive answer.
  7. In another thread, it said $500 credit for the heated/cooled seats and $150 credit for heated steering. I'm looking at another in transit right now but a different dealer. They're expecting it in late November- early December. I'd rather get that one which has the heated options, albeit not the color I want, than wait for mine. I just don't want to lose the deposit I already paid.
  8. I ordered my DRW LTZ in September and paid my $1,000 non-refundable deposit. If they deliver a vehicle different from the one I ordered (without heated seats/steering wheel), or I find another one elsewhere, should I get my deposit back?
  9. Well, the latest is I'm back to 1100 status. I've read elsewhere that the chat feature was unreliable. Does that mean this update was wrong or the previous update was wrong. I'm guessing the latter. Emailing my dealer gets zero response.
  10. Just inquired with Chevy. They said it's now in status 2030 (Order edited by Chevrolet) but no TPW yet. Not sure what would have been edited. Any ideas on how much closer this is to production?
  11. I ordered a Silverado 3500 DRW LTZ Duramax a month ago and was quoted 6-8 months for delivery. As far as I know it's still in pre-ordered status.
  12. My transmission started acting up right around 60,000 miles but, as it was intermittent, I only took it in when I was at about 63,000 miles. Needed a new torque converter and GM covered 60%. Not sure what would have happened had I been at 72k. Cost me about $1,000. So far, so good. ? 2016 Sierra 2500 6.0l 6-speed.
  13. You'll probably find if you switch to metric, it will be exactly 1 degree (celsius) at a time.
  14. Latest update: About a month ago, I made another road trip and the problem was still apparent. On return, I took it to the local GM dealer who diagnosed a bad torque converter. Because it was just outside of warranty (63,000 miles, although the problem started before 60k), GM agreed to cover 60%. So, new torque converter cost me under $1,000. Just made another road trip and it appears fixed. ? Bad news, I picked up a nail that cost me a new tire ($350 later...)
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