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  1. Long Term AFM disabler experience

    What problems with OnStar? I've had my Range installed since July 2018 and have added 16k miles since. Never any problems. I get my monthly diagnostics report from OnStar without fail (and without errors/warnings). Also get oil change reminders by email.
  2. Long Term AFM disabler experience

    Been running mine since last July. No problems at all. Does exactly what it's supposed to do.
  3. That case appears to be different from the rest in that the heated rear window wasn't involved. He just opened the door and when he closed it, it shattered. Common situation was low temp. Living in Florida, it never gets that cold. Hopefully, I will be OK.
  4. According to my manual, the 6-flash is triggered by enabling tow/haul mode. This occurs whether or not a trailer is connected.
  5. Fun times this weekend

    Your profile says Mary Esther, FL. 10 miles from me.
  6. Fun times this weekend

    Mountains? You go via Tennessee? Took my 32ft camper to Montgomery this weekend. Averaged 9mpg. How was your mpg?
  7. I've not read all 200+ replies on here but is this only happening on vehicles with the sliding rear window?
  8. 100K!

    This was a long time ago, in the 1980's, when I was young and reckless. Taken with a 35mm SLR perched on the steering wheel. I had that car up to 156mph but no pic that time. This pic is in kmh
  9. 2017 Silverado/Sierra DL8 mirrors for sale

    I'll take $150 shipped to lower 48
  10. Installed new tow mirrors so my OEM DL8 mirrors are for sale. Siren Red Tintcoat/Crimson Red (paint code G1E). Caps can be repainted to desired color. These are power adjust, heated, manual fold. No turn signals. They have some dings consistent with 20,000 miles but otherwise good condition. Price: $175 shipped from Gulf Breeze, FL.
  11. license plate fee

    I paid $147.80 for my 1 year-old truck but that includes $25 for the personalized tag. Not sure how the rest of it breaks down.
  12. Yeah you have to get it dialed in correctly. Mine is set with the gain at 6 and seems to work perfectly.
  13. I bought a new 30 foot travel trailer last weekend and this weekend installed an Equal-I-zer weight distributing hitch. Drove it home last weekend without WDH because the dealer didn't sell the Equal-I-zer but that's another story. After install, I took it for a test drive and had a light go red at just the wrong time. Hit the brakes and the whole rig stopped beautifully as if it were a single unit. I know that's how it's supposed to work but I've only experienced after-market controllers before and they never worked as well as this. With the trailer brake on the DIC, you can see it is truly proportional to the pressure applied to the brake and not to the 'deceleration' of the vehicle. I understand why people want to add the factory controller over an after-market unit.
  14. Clip on tow mirrors

    I just ordered these. More expensive than the clip-ons but I figure I can sell the OEMs for at least the same price. I've used clip-ons in the past when they were the only option and never really liked them. I'm hoping the indicators work without modification.
  15. Thieving Ba$$tards!

    You need one of these... Sorry about the subtitles. Porsche alarm

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