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  1. Also, don't cheap out on the SD card. Get a high endurance card. These are designed to last longer and for use in extreme environments. Regular SD cards can't withstand the high temps encountered in dash-cams or the vibration. They are also limited on the number of times they can be over-written before they start to corrupt. High endurance cards will last, typically, 20 times longer.
  2. +1 for Rexing. I have the V1 3rd gen UHD model that has so far survived (nearly) 2 Florida summers. When I bought it, the 2-camera model wasn't available (it is now). I have this one in the rear. Cost $17.99 at the time.
  3. Check the RPO codes. My 2017 Silverado had the L83 ECOTEC3 engine and I had the same question. It had a capless filler but the manual said there would be a yellow sticker inside the filler lid. I contacted GM Customer support and was told it was NOT E85 capable. My current 2016 Sierra 2500HD IS E85 capable and has a yellow gas cap stating such. It's a moot point as there is nowhere nearby that sells E85.
  4. That's the end bits from a 12v plug. I could use those right now as I have one missing those parts.
  5. Went to the lock place on Saturday. Took about 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I didn't check it before I left Still the same. Took it back again today. It seems right now but it took them over an hour to figure it out.
  6. I had the 6-speed transmission. Not sure which version but it was purchased direct from Range in July 2018 to ensure it had the latest available at the time. It has never caused any problems or thrown any codes.
  7. Only had it a few days but so far it's getting a disappointing 13mpg around town. My 1500 was averaging 20mpg over 27,000 miles. Time will tell... I have a Mallard M335. just short of 40ft ball to bumper. 8840lbs dry, 9900lbs GVWR. My Silvie was rated at 9400. It towed fine the 25 miles from the dealer but not sure how it would handle a long trip. We added a washer/dryer and a second A/C in addition to all of our other gear so pretty sure I was over 9400.
  8. I just spoke to the lock guy and he said to bring it over and they can 'erase' the current keys/remotes and reprogram for the 2 we have so they register correctly. Plan to go there on Monday.
  9. Just purchased a 2016 Sierra 2500HD SLT with memory seats. It only had one key and remote so the dealer called in a lock company to cut a new key and remote. The problem with that is that the memory seats are still programmed to the missing fob. The new one is recognized as #3 and so is not linked to either of the memory buttons. Is there any way to delete the missing fob from the vehicle's memory and replace it with the new one? TIA
  10. Range AFM disabler - blue LEDs. Worked flawlessly on my Silverado for 20,000 miles. Upgraded to a Sierra 2500HD (without AFM) so this is surplus. $120 shipped from Florida to lower 48.
  11. Thanks Don. The Duramax option was my preference but they seem to demand an $8-$10,000 premium over the gas. My need was driven by our new trailer which has a dry weight of 8,500lbs. Loaded, I know it was overloading my 1500. The difference between the gas and diesel versions is only 500lbs for bumper-pull. The big difference is in 5th wheel capacity. As we've just bought a new TT, a 5-er is highly unlikely. So, last night I pulled the trigger on a 2016 Sierra double cab SLT 2500HD gasser priced just under $40k. Has leather, navigation and a few other goodies my 1500 was missing. Hopefully, my last truck for a few years.
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