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  1. Well I got the truck back again. After three days my truck had the same issues with coolant smell and smoke in the cab. This time Gm said tough luck. I had to pay $1,100 for a new heater core.
  2. Dropped my truck off at the dealer again for coolant fogging up interior. Last week they replaced the radiator and thermostat for too many thermocycles but the issue was still there. I got the call today it will be $1,100 for the heater core. GM offered about $100 towards the repair. I'm disappointed to say the least.
  3. After hours of phone calls to people in call centers in Texas and the Philippines with customer care, and a service writer who would do nothing for me, the service manager at Bill Fox Chevrolet made a phone call to someone and they approved the replacment of the radiator and thermostat which should have been approved in the first place but for some reason it was not pulling up in the system. I got the truck back today and besides the lingering odor of the coolant seems Ok.
  4. How do you read a TSB? Reading the two I could find, 15829, and PI1513E, My truck falls under both, 2014, l83, 11th vin Z. GM customer care says my vin is not pulling anything up for thermostat/radiator special coverage. What else am I missing and is there a way I can see what they are searching? Customer care told me to call the NHTSA
  5. I've had mine for a year and they are still great but the silver spring is rusting (Michigan), if it was black I probably would not even notice.
  6. I'm thinking that is the case. Tonight my windows fogged up on my way home so bad I had to roll down my windows to see anything. I'm going to call a dealership tomorrow.
  7. I wonder if the thermostat caused the heater coret to fail. The smell is very strong, and tonight my windows fogged up
  8. Wouldn't I need to add UV dye? I should also add tonight the windows fogged up really bad, so its the heater core. Not really excited to leave my truck at a dealer.
  9. On my 26 mile trip home tonight from work I got a really strong smell of coolant in the cab. It happened with the blower motor on the lowest setting and the blend doors on floor/defrost. I have a bunch of open recalls and was wondering if this would be covered under the powertrain warranty? The vehicle is a 2014 silverado with 71,000 5.3.
  10. Come on over to Detroit and make me some sir, I'd thank you. I even have a heated garage that could make it feel like Cali, and not south east Michigan lol. Looks really good though wish I had your skill set. Are the speakers pictured what you put in the door or behind the seat? I'm looking to upgrade my kicker VSS
  11. Marv, did you make the adapter for your door 6x9 along with the dash speakers? I got the Metra Item #120823004 from Crutchfield for the 3 way kicker 6x9 and am not thrilled with it, it lacked the foam on the top of the speaker, and think I might have been happier with a 2way with better dash speakers. The Metra adapter just does not feel as tight as the OEM. I was also sold a 4x6 to 4'' Metra adapter by Crutcfield for my rear speakers which I've yet to install as it seemed a bit intimidating.
  12. I drove my old 95 1500 for the last few months and just getting back into my 2014 with a 6 speed and CAI/cat back. It still shifts like it has no idea what it's doing. For what it's worth it was the exact same without the CAI
  13. Towed a 27'' camper for my sister, and got to listen to 'service trailer brakes' for about two hours. Also noticed my Illuminated Bowtie from gmpartsauthority, that was only on the truck for 9 month is no longer working and I may need some air bags/helper springs if I continue to tow. I'm most upset with the bowtie.
  14. Does this kit require welding? That's the part about the BDS kit I am worried about. I have a welder, and I can burn metal... but not confident for a suspension component.
  15. Well, we are just in the start of winter and both of my lights have quit working. I'll have to put it in the garage, let it thaw and see what failed.
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