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Found 20 results

  1. I test drove a 2016 Silverado with the new Off Road Sport Package today, and I really like it. I asked at the dealership if there's a bed cover that is compatible with the sport bar, bu nobody had an answer - anyone know any different? It will help me decide whether or not to get the dealer-installed sport bar or not, since the bed cover is more important for me than the sport bar and associated lights. Thanks.
  2. So I went ahead and purchased the "updated" thermostatic valve for my 6L80e, part number 86774933 referenced in the SB. installation look about 10 min and only required a 10mm and 13mm open end. I do my trans fluid and filter every 22,500 as per the service manual and my fluid temp would hover around 185-195 towing or not towing hot outside or cold. As i live in CT the ambient air temp can be 10 degrees or 90. After the installation of the new bypass valve the trans sits at 145 and never got over 150 on a 2 hour 116mile drive. I also think this is much better than the "pill flip" as you retain the bypass ability for colder weather so the trans still gets up to temp quickly. I have not yet towed anything to see if the temp would go back up to the 180-190 range but I figured I would share this info for anyone else who thinks a transmission designed to run at 192 degrees is crazy. Also for anyone who wants one and doesn't wanna pay if your truck is still under warranty the dealer will install one of these if you complain about anything with the transmission even if the "Customer complaint Cannot be replicated." that being said i got mine for $60 on GMpartsDirect.
  3. The truck drives fine. It accelerates fine and everything, except there has been a humming noise coming from the rear when I accelerate recently. It gets louder the faster I go. The dealer seemed to not know what it was a first and gave me different possible issues. Now they’re telling me I need a rear differential replacement. I do have larger wheels and tires (35s) on a 6 in lift. Have any of you experienced something similar?
  4. Hello all! It was suggested I start a build thread so here I am starting one! My truck is a 2016 Silverado Regular Cab with the 5.3L v8 and 6 speed automatic. It has the IOB 7" infotainment center with Apple Play/Android Auto, trailer hitch incorporated into the rear bumper, cruise control, 40/20/40 seats etc and although I originally thought it had 3:42 gears based on the standard items listed on the sticker I somehow missed that my option column shows that it actually has the 3:08 gears. The LT interior was a little too busy looking for me and had a bunch of stuff I didn't really need and about the only option the LS didn't have that I wished for is the steering wheel audio/phone controls but I think I can get by without those especially after finding out from the dealer the cost as well as what it would take to install. I had modifications in mind before even getting the truck such as lowering, tire/wheel upgrade, increasing performance/handling, upgrading to a competition level audio system (my hobby and side business) and of course plans to personalize it to my tastes. Here's what I have done so far and the more I read this forum the more I add to my list so future plans are below! Day 1 Before installing 2" drop shackles and removing spacer block (shows the chrome door handles I installed but did not like so they got changed quickly) After shackles installed/spacer block removed and color matched handles as well as mirror caps installed The gold Bowtie looked out of place to me so I color matched the front one using the rattle can custom mix kit you can get on eBay or Amazon along with Duplicolor primer/adhesion promoter I didn't like the look of the rear Bowtie at all even after color matching so I removed it and I also added the LS emblem to balance out the rear somewhat since now only the LT and LTZ trucks get those emblems for some reason. (I also plan to color match the tailgate handle) More coming in a few minutes!
  5. Looking for some help with this 2016 silverado, the passenger door says it's open and the power window won't work. We looked at the connections at the hinge point of the passenger door and all connections in the door, I haven't found any bad fuses, and I'm not really sure where to go from here. Any help would be great.
  6. My 2016 Silverado 5.3 with 50k miles has always made a sound After kicking over and I finally was able to leave it at the dealer because they said they need to replicate the noise. It very loud when the weather is very cold and only does it at cold start and goes away once started. Attached is a video hoping someone can help because I feel like the dealer is really going to stick it to me. FullSizeRender.mov
  7. When I got home tonight, my interior dome lights would not turn off. I happened to look out the window and noticed them still on after I had locked it up. I go out and try to shut them off with the switch on the overhead console but no response in any switch position. Start up the truck and notice there is a door ajar....that must be the issue. Shut the right rear door all the way but lights stay on. WTF??? Lock and unlock the truck with fob and switches many times, start truck and drive it around awhile thinking they might just go out but they don't. Very strange! It's hovering around 0 degrees F outside so you can imagine how impressed I am with this $45,000 piece of GM junk right about now. I don't need a dead battery in the morning so with freezing fingers, I took off the negative battery cable and they finally shut off and stayed off. What the hell is going on here? BCM bad, stuck relay, or what?
  8. Recently got a 2016 Silverado LT Tungsten Metallic. Not a fan of the chrome on the front end. I have found posts about doing a color match, seems simple for the grill. However I don't know how I feel about attempting to remove the bezel on the headlights or open them up to remove the Amber and really don't want to spend the money on the LTZ assembly. I love the head lights. But I'm also a huge fan of some of the after market conversions for the 2015 models as well. Does anyone know if they would fit? Since it's the LT the bulbs are HID not LED so the light part isn't an issues. If they don't. Oh well. Next I was wondering if anyone on here has seen/ done a black front end (head lights/bumper/grill) with the tungsten Metallic. Pics would be appreciated. Also open to any other ideas
  9. Hey all! Long time lurker here, and I have a question for you all. I currently have a 2004 Sierra RCLB that I love to death, and it was the first vehicle I ever bought. I graduated college, got a great job, and am able to buy myself a new truck like I have wanted. I've been looking for a few months, and I found a perfect 2016 CPO. 19,000 miles, All-Star, all the options I want except for the full console. It even has a line-x, tonneau cover, and tinted windows. The only thing is that it has the 3.08 rear end. I've read some things on here about the 3.08, but I was hoping I could get some input from those of you that actually have it. The more I search, it seems like the 3.08 was pretty common on these. Anyways, thanks guys, I hope you guys can help me out!
  10. Yeah I am one of those who actually likes some badging on the truck but I didn't really care for how Chevrolet did it so I made a few changes. First I color matched the grill and wheel Bowties.. On the tailgate I started by removing the Bowtie and adding the LS emblem but it still looked out of balance to me so I removed the LS and centered the Silverado (I also color matched the tailgate handle). I thought the Silverado emblem was a bit too much for the doors so I first replaced them with LS emblems but that looked a little too bare for me so I found some 1500 emblems. I'm still not sure I like that so I may try something else. I really like the hood on this truck however I felt it needed a little something. I recently came across some pictures of my old 79 Corvette and the L82 emblem on the hood inspired me to do this.. Not everyone's cup of tea I am sure but it's interesting how many people notice something is different from other Silverados but don't necessarily realize exactly what it is!
  11. So here in Austin we have an influx of semi trucks and other terrible drivers that haul gravel without it being covered properly. Unfortunately my trucks front end hasn't seen it's best days because of this. And I'm sure it doesn't help that our paint chips easier than ever. I've been looking into options of what I'd want to get done. Looking for advice/tips on what route to take. Kevlar Coating I've gotten this priced out at Starwood Customs & LRM Kevlar out of Dallas/Fort Worth. Can choose basically ANY color or mix/custom, would be able to wash with a pressure washer easily. Just isn't glossy, but is very protective. Top of the line companies for these Kevlar coatings, they will be doing our Jeep in the future as they typically do higher end vehicles/Jeeps. But for a test round, I would like to possibly get my Silverado done. For a Crew Cab I'm looking at $ 5K+ I know I saw someone on here do a full Line-X and it cost more than this. Only thing that worries me about doing the Kevlar is how the resale value would be at 80-100k miles. Hoping this would add some value to the vehicle, especially for people in Texas who drive the back roads often. http://www.starwoodcustoms.com/kevlar-offer/ https://www.lrmkevlar.com/ Vinyl Wrap I've got a local place in Austin that could do the wrap for me in any color/metallic I wanted. It would cost around $3500-4k. So just barely cheaper than the Kevlar. Good thing about this is I could take the wrap off at any point, but then it would expose the wonderful rock chips. You can get some pretty nice metallic colors in vinyl wrap though. Matte or Satin is also a good choice. Sand & Paint Last option would be to sand down the truck and re-paint and clear coat the whole thing. If I went this route, I would be adding a clear bra on the whole front end. This route seems the most expensive, since a paint job would be $3k+ and adding clear bra install on top of this. I would not be changing colors if I was going to do this. Does anyone have any experience with either of these options? Please weigh in with your opinions and info about the route you took. I'm not in any hurry to do this. I've owned this truck for 1 year - 35K miles later I'm still very happy with the appearance and drivability. Turns heads everyday and I still clay bar/seal/wax even though the rock chips are getting the best of her.
  12. I got my truck back from the dealership coulpe of days ago. I had problems with the vibration and they put a new set of tires on the truck. I didnt notice the vibration which was a relief. I did notice they switched my knob to auto. Can anyone explain the differencei n auto and regular 2 low? Thanks
  13. I have a 2016 Silverado 1500 Crew Cable 4wd w/ 2 inch front level. Will 295/65R20 fit? Looking at going with the G2 or a similar all-terrain.
  14. I tried searching for what I need exactly but was unable to find my same circumstances. I've got a 2016 Silverado with remote unlock. I do not currently have remote start or the remotes. All the OEM kits I've seen just come with the remotes and say they need to be programmed by the dealer. I noticed on some of the threads on here the 2014's required a hood sensor to be installed as well. Is that not the case on the 2016's? Also if I buy the OEM remotes off of ebay or amazon will the dealers throw a fit about programming them since they didn't provide the part?
  15. Does anybody know if it's possible to upgrade the middle armrest to the one that has wireless charging? I saw the part online but I'm not sure if it would work since my truck does not already have wireless charging. http://www.gmpartsdirect.co/chevrolet/silverado-1500/23450838/2016-year/lt-trim/5-3l-v8-gas-engine/body-cat/center-console-scat/?part_name=armrest-assy
  16. Need a little help on a tire and wheel fitment. I want to know if these will fit without any rubbing or cutting of the fenders. I have a 2016 Silverado 1500 Z71 Crew Cab. Stock Tire Size: 265/75 Stock Wheel Size: 18x8.5 +26 offset Wanting to install: ProComp 2.25" Leveling Kit 305/55R20 Tires 20x9 +30 offset wheels Appreciate any help or info on this.
  17. I was clicking around on Chevrolet's website to see if there were any additional information on the 2016 Silverado. Figure I'd share what I found from here: http://www.chevrolet.com/2016-silverado.html LED headlamps, daytime running lamps and LED Fog lights Remote Locking Tailgate Chevrolet My Link Infotainment 2.5 offering support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Wireless Charging for Compatible smartphones Lane Keep Assist High Beam Assist Articulating power running boards The LED upgrade was pretty obvious from the released pictures. What I didn't know about was the remote locking tailgate (awesome and overdue), wireless charging (awesome but probably needs a case for phones that don't support it), and the power running boards (awesome, overdue but maybe a pricey option). Lane Keep Assist sounds an awful lot like Lane Departure Warning so I wonder what's so 'new' about it. If the High Beam Assist is like anything Mercedes has it should reduce or turn off high beams when it senses car headlights coming towards you. The website closes with 'The new 2016 Silverado will be rolling into dealerships this fall' as expected. *Update: Users have complained of a broken link; I believe I fixed it. I created two hyperlinks at the top of this post and they both seem to be working now.
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