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  1. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the products rack as that was already installed however I built the enclosure. https://www.instagram.com/mrmarvsplace/?hl=en
  2. Cleaned my BedRug for the first time in 2 1/2 years and gotta say it has held up very well.
  3. What I found lacking the most in my stock dash speakers was no top end and the Bose in my buddies truck wasn't much better than the non Bose in that aspect IMO. I originally experimented with just replacing the dash speakers with tweeters and a passive crossover from a set of components I had with the stock 6x9. Not ideal to use a crossover that wasn't designed for the specific speaker but it sounded much better IMO and in any case my personal choice was to replace everything but it all depends on what you want to get out of the upgrade.
  4. The Bose dash speaker has a different plug and does not have the built in "crossover" (just a capacitor to filter out the low end)
  5. We all have our priorities and nothing wrong with that!
  6. Surprisingly they are about $800.00 usd overseas but there is a guy in the states who sells them for under $500.00.
  7. Not actually today but I recently installed a set of Mercury Audio components (upper end company out of Thailand and more info on my build thread below). BTW, I found that since I already had my door deadening done I didn't have to remove the door panel entirely rather I was able to change them in short time by just popping off/propping open the door panel at the bottom (I had to remove all of the screws but I did not have to disconnect any wires/cables etc).
  8. Latest Audio upgrade is installing the Mercury Audio components I received from @Nasty . Most have probably not heard of this brand and neither had I until Nasty brought them to my attention. The company is out of Thailand and I was a little skeptical not having heard of them however they seem to win a lot on the Asian car audio competition circuit so I figured I'd give them a try. This time around I used the Metra 6x9 adapters lined with Sound Skins deadener, made a recessed 13mm birch mounting plate to flush mount the mids and sealed front and back with foam weather stripping. Tweeters are installed in the stock dash location surrounded by thick foam. Build quality as well as packaging are excellent IMO and I have about 25 hours of break in time so they are pretty well loosened up now. System is factory iob 7" headunit and JL Audio twk88 dsp running these active through a JL audio xd700/5v2 5 channel amplifier. It was hard to find info online (the translated video I watched was difficult to follow with the thick accent of the narrator) and no manual or specs so I was basically flying by the seat of my pants. After much experimenting with crossover points along with basic phase/level adjustments and no eq'ing yet I find these to be an excellent sounding set of speakers "right out of the box". Midrange is very natural sounding as I like it, midbass is very articulate and easily keeps up with the fastest bass lines, soft dome tweeters are very detailed without any harshness even firing off the windshield and I'm sure they will be even better once I fine tune. I like them better than the highly regarded Alpine SPX PRO's I previously had installed and IMO they can compare favorably with many of the upper end speakers found on the market here as well as several "boutique" brands I have used.
  9. I thought it only activated when the truck went sideways(?) No snow here so I've never run into that situation.
  10. What benefit do you get from having it disabled?
  11. Looks like we were typing the same thing at the same time!
  12. If you hold down the traction control button for several seconds it will turn off the Stabiltrak however it automatically comes back on at a certain speed (I believe 35mph)
  13. My wife worked warranty for a Chevrolet/Cadillac dealership and as mentioned they will be covered under the 3 year/36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty provided they do not determine it was "abuse" related and also as mentioned the only difference now is you may have to wait a bit longer for GM to authorize it since the dealer can't. BTW, when GM says "bumper to bumper" they really mean it even including stuff like brake pads, tires, batteries, windshield wipers etc (I got my battery replaced free with only a few days left on the warranty).
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