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  1. Sweet and be sure to post pics when you get them on! Do yo have a build thread yet? (I can't see signatures for some reason)
  2. Man this internet sure makes it a small world sometimes! 🙂
  3. Day 1... Now... Before... After...
  4. Do you remember that old T bird with the metric size wheel that only Michelin made a tire for at a cost twice what any typical sized tire of the time cost?! 😮
  5. You're welcome and thanks for the compliment Matt! I had the same thought before I bought new wheels and quite honestly I kinda wish I had gone with 20's as these roads around here are brutal with a regular cab as it is with stock 17's! (I didn't like the look of 18's and never considered 19's).
  6. Welcome aboard Matt. I don't think I've seen 19" wheels on a Sierra or Silverado K2 but I have 305/40r22's on a 9" wheel with +27 offset (31.9" tall if I remember correctly) on my regular cab and have seen others using 20" wheels with 305/50r20 tires. 0 offset places the hub mounting surface in the center of the wheel, positive offset sets the hub further towards the front of the wheel thereby setting the wheel more towards the inside of the fender and opposite for negative offset i.e.when you see a big 4 wheeler with the wheels sticking more outside the fender it's most likely negative offset . I can't remember the name of thread exactly but if you search the forum for something like "post pics of your wheel/tire setup" or something like that you'll find a thread with some good info. Btw, just nit picking a bit 🤗 but it's actually a "standard" bed on a regular cab as short bed is only available on certain 4 door trucks (short bed is about a foot shorter than our standard bed!)
  7. 22 inch tires

    After much research I went with Falken Ziex 305/40r22's since they were the same height as stock on 22x9" wheels with a +27 offset. Good wet/dry traction and noise is not much worse than the original Bridgestones. I only had a slight left side rub on the inner wheel house liner on a full lock left turn while hitting a bump with stock front height and 3.25" lowered rear. Not sure how much difference there would be with a 45 series 305 but I can tell you that when I hit a pothole I know I hit a pothole although I have never damaged a wheel.
  8. I had the original Alpine 10" Restyle without ApplePlay or Android Auto and overall it was a decent unit however it did boot slow as mentioned. Since it appears you are looking at the new version I'm guessing you are OK with no CD and if so you may consider the new Pioneer DMH modular units which is what I am replacing mine with. Like the Alpine they do not require cutting the dash as a typical double din would since they also have a separate screen with a hideaway amp/module and specs/features are similar however if you want more advanced tuning that is available in "network" mode on the Pioneer. They come in 2 7" models (dmh-c2500NEX/DMH-C2550NEX) and an 8" model (DMH-C5500NEX). The only difference in the 2 7" models is the 2500 does not support idatalink maestro which you will need if you want to keep steering wheel controls as well as most other factory functions that go through the radio. The best part is total cost of the 7" with the idatalink Maestro was about 1/3 the cost of the imo extremely overpriced Alpine (idatalink Maestro is included in Alpine price). Drag is the Pioneer will require custom fabrication to install now as the direct fit Silverado/Sierra dash kits from Metra are not available yet. I decided to just wait until the kits are available instead of fabricating something so I cant comment on performance yet however I recently installed the non modular version in a friends Tundra and definitely like it better than the Alpine original version.
  9. Bunch of Chevy Legends Gear FREE

    Will do
  10. Bunch of Chevy Legends Gear FREE

    If I don't hear back from Cheverado soon I will offer it to rah7777777 above and you would be after him.
  11. Bunch of Chevy Legends Gear FREE

    Sorry Cheverado above beat yo to it.
  12. Bunch of Chevy Legends Gear FREE

    yes it is
  13. This was all stuff sent to me after joining the Chevy Legends Club but I'll never do anything with it so maybe someone else will. Includes the cap (too small for any adult to actually wear), self adhesive badge, stickers, trading cards and a deck of playing cards. I think there is more somewhere and if I find it you can have that as well just pay shipping or pick up near Monterey Ca.
  14. Marv88 2016 Silverado LS Regular Cab 5.3L

    Forgot to post this is what I used on the a pillars per the recommendation of the paint shop owner. As simple as scuff, wash off/dry and spray several light coats. Also, if you get fiber snags from a cheap micro fiber cloth as I did you can knock them off easily with the scuff pad and spray another light coat.

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