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  1. Blue handles, tailgate handle and door actuator still available. BTW, just trying to pay it forward a bit and to save some time on my end as well as so you don’t have to send a stranger money I will have you generate a shipping label on PayPal or USPS and email it to me. That way all I have to do is stick it on the box and put it out for the mailman.
  2. No problem Shane and if you text me over your address to 831-383-0308 I’ll find the cheapest way to ship it.
  3. I have some random parts left from my 2016 Silverado Regular cab that I hate to toss out so maybe somebody can use them for just the cost of shipping or pickup near Monterey Ca if you happen to be nearby. I have more mostly “take off” parts I’ll add when I find them. I have the original black door handles with key hole as well as a pair of chrome and a a pair of deep ocean blue without key hole. The tailgate handle is OEM with camera hole that has already been “de textured” and is ready to paint (you’ll have to swap your hardware). I also have a passenger front door lock actuator. (I had to buy the entire unit to get the little plastic piece that held the rod which is all I needed so that’s missing but actuator is new)
  4. Will do. I sprayed the Q-Form speaker kick panels in my 78 El Camino over 10 years ago using SEM vinyl/fabric coater with Bulldog Adhesion promoter and they never got even a scuff on them. I gave those to a buddy when I sold the ElCamino and they are holding up to this day in his Malibu Wagon so hopefully this stuff is as durable.
  5. Thanks and it is flat black although it does have a little sheen to it very close to that of the dash.
  6. I re sprayed my a-pillars black again using Dupli-Color adhesion promoter and Vinyl/Fabric flexible coating. I originally sprayed them with SEM Bumper Coater at the recommendation of the paint shop owner but that did not hold up well at all so we’ll see how this does.
  7. Rain is giving us a break so I finally got a chance to wash and shine. Also, I like to take a run up the highway to blow most of the water off before drying and for some reason decided to try the trailer mode. I tried it once when I first bought the truck and noticed it shifted firmer at higher rpm but this was the first time under hard acceleration and it was like I unleashed “performance mode” as this thing lit up that on ramp like greased lightning! (I got such a jolt I went down and up several ramps just to do it a few more times! ?)
  8. Thanks and sometimes I forget I’m not on one of the car audio forums when I post here! ?
  9. I made a little cover for the seat belt mechanism and installed an M8 bolt so I could mount the jack tools using the original hardware. I also added the mesh storage pocket and mounted my Maglite under the amp.
  10. I quickly realized I could not listen to this simple system since I had no way to fine tune it so the platform with quick connect wiring and replaceable grommets proved super beneficial as it only took me 20 minutes to remove the entire setup as well as made it easy to swap gear. I had already installed the JL TWK88 in a friends car so I installed a Dayton Audio DSP-408 I had under the passenger seat (nice processor for the price however I like the twk 88 better so I’m going to get another one) and installed an old Kenwood 5 channel amp I had to run the components active (this is also temporary as I plan to install 2 4 channel ARC Audio X2 amplifiers when I switch back to the twk 88 so I can add my differential rear fill)
  11. Initially I had decided to keep it super simple and just use the passive crossovers along with a little 4 channel SoundStream Picasso Nano amp I had (surprisingly powerful for its small size).
  12. The sub enclosure is bolted to the platform and I ran all wires behind using Anderson Power Pole quick connectors to make it easier to install or change something as I am prone to do. I also used blank plastic hole plugs so I could drill holes the size of the wires being used and again easily change.
  13. I kept the Mercury Audio components I got from Brandon aka Nasty here (RIP my brother ?) and was planning to use the Bowtie enclosure above with the ARC Audio ARC Series 8” but by going to the platform I found the passenger seat wouldn’t go back far enough and the jump seat would not open all the way so I just built a basic wedge from Baltic Birch plywood for behind the passenger seat.
  14. I used nutserts and rubber isolators to mount it to the rear wall at the top. I made a little mounting tab to use the jack tools mounting stud at the bottom and fashioned a little bracket to use another isolator mounted to the seatbelt mechanism stud.
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