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  1. A short trip of 11 miles this morning with about 2 miles mostly in stop n go traffic through a construction zone from my house to the highway, 2-3 miles or so on the highway at my typical 72 mph and the rest uphill on a winding road into the forest and mileage actually crept up .2 mpg according to the onboard. I sure hope this is some kind of fluke as Im not gonna be happy if that loose hose has been causing this poor mileage all this time. One thing I did notice is that it no longer continually runs a bit rough at idle but periodically it will "hiccup" like an engine misfiring and then smooth right back out.
  2. Thanks and I'm sure that will be better than my pad and paper!
  3. AFM is still activated and I got pretty much the same mileage when I had the stock 17's (the tIres I have are the same height as stock 17's)
  4. Yeah there's gotta be something goofy with mine. No off-road tires and they actually rated well for rolling resistance. I'm going down to 20's eventually and we'll see if that makes any difference.
  5. All of you guys with the same basic truck who posted your mpg on my build thread are getting way better mileage than I am so I believe something is wrong whether or not it is this (on my last almost all highway trip I only got 15.3 if I remember correctly!)
  6. I don't have a lead foot except when getting on the highway sometimes and figured I should get at least what you get since I know you mostly drive city as well.
  7. I reset my onboard before taking off today and put on about 50 miles taking my daughter shopping (mostly stop n go with holiday traffic and about 8 miles on the highway at about my usual 72 mph) and it shows 2.1 mpg over my lifetime calculated average combined city/highway. My onboard is fairly accurate based on compared hand calculations on a full tank but I'll wait until next fill up and hand calculate to see if there is really any long term improvement.
  8. Thanks! Good thing he didn't go over the back fence as that neighbor has a bunch of hunting dogs that were being unusually quiet so I'm pretty sure they knew there was some fowl around!
  9. I have a feeling it was leaking some as the hose was very loose on the fitting. I'll take it apart tomorrow to see if there's any dirt inside.
  10. Lol! Funny thing is we haven't seen any more in the neighborhood since I put their buddy out next to the truck!
  11. Thanks guys! I removed the clamp and there were no signs on the rubber that it had ever been tightened so I believe it has been like that from day one. I have taken the truck in several times to 2 different dealerships complaining about the poor mpg (11.2 average calculated for nearly 2 years which recently went up to 12.6 average since I'm driving more highway the last few months) based on what others here with the same truck/similar driving habits are getting as well as the rough idle only to be told if no code came up there was nothing they could do. Interestingly enough I just started it up to run down to the gas station and the rough idle is totally gone so I have a feeling this may have had something to do with it and I'll report back next fill up to see if anything changes (if the mpg does go up they aren't gonna be happy to see me in that service department!) Thanks again!
  12. I was under the hood running power wire for my audio system and found the clamp on this hose to the air filter box was off (hose wasn't completely off like shown for the pic rather it was loose with the clamp just hanging there ) Any possible ill effects from this not being sealed tightly for who knows how long?
  13. I have to push the button on the end of the shift lever in my 2016 to enable/disable tow mode
  14. Marv88 2016 Silverado LS Regular Cab 5.3L

    I know it does as we were just talking about all the old school gear we wish we had kept!

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