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  1. I was thinking the same thing and the amp we will use actually has bluetooth capability to play music so no headunit needed!
  2. Too funny, I have a guy who wants one built with the sub in the middle, coaxial speakers on either side and an amp recessed in the back so he can put it in his bed for tailgating!
  3. Thanks! I built one for my El Camino years ago and the guy I sold it to had me make him a pedestal so he could mount it in the back of his old school Blazer.
  4. Thanks and it fits behind the passenger seat of my Regular cab. I had to relocate the jack tools and will use that stud as well as make a bracket from the jack mounting stud to secure it in place
  5. Got bored the other night during this shelter in place and built yet another subwoofer enclosure from a combination of 13mm and 18mm Baltic Birch plywood to scale from an actual Bowtie emblem.
  6. Havent seen them around since one made the mistake of going over the fence into my neighbors back yard where he keeps his 9 dogs!
  7. Yeah I'm gonna add some LED's that flash with the beat of the music!
  8. Built yet another subwoofer enclosure for my 2016 Regular Cab from a combination of 13mm and 18mm Baltic Birch plywood to scale from an actual Bowtie emblem
  9. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the products rack as that was already installed however I built the enclosure. https://www.instagram.com/mrmarvsplace/?hl=en
  10. Cleaned my BedRug for the first time in 2 1/2 years and gotta say it has held up very well.
  11. What I found lacking the most in my stock dash speakers was no top end and the Bose in my buddies truck wasn't much better than the non Bose in that aspect IMO. I originally experimented with just replacing the dash speakers with tweeters and a passive crossover from a set of components I had with the stock 6x9. Not ideal to use a crossover that wasn't designed for the specific speaker but it sounded much better IMO and in any case my personal choice was to replace everything but it all depends on what you want to get out of the upgrade.
  12. The Bose dash speaker has a different plug and does not have the built in "crossover" (just a capacitor to filter out the low end)
  13. We all have our priorities and nothing wrong with that!
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