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  1. Getting body odor smell coming from vents. Changed out cabin air filter with no luck. Truck is not in regen and can be smelled around front of the truck. Any help is appreciated
  2. https://boostautoparts.com/collections/wiring-harnesses/products/reverse
  3. Boost auto parts sells a part for this. Simple and works flawlessly
  4. Hello everyone! I am new here and I’m looking for help or tips on removing fog light blanks from my 2018 Sierra 2500HD. I have purchased aftermarket fog lights that has that includes the mounting assembly that I believe bolts into where the factory blanks are. I am having trouble locating a guide or directions on how to install them. Some have said the bumper would need to be removed. Thanks for the help in advance!
  5. The Speed Turtle 2.0 device is quite nice and simple to use. When I plugged it in, I waited for the right status light to appear and then I could begin use with the toggle switch. There is some software you can download to customize the flash patterns and lights you want active. I highly recommend this product. My device was for a 2014 Silverado but unfortunately can no longer use due to getting a 2018 2500HD.
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