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  1. Looking for heavy duty, durable seat covers for my 2015 GMC Sierra crew cab, heated seats. I am pretty hard on them most sets only last me a few months. Front seats mainly.
  2. Trying to get ahold of Coastal Flash,(TheMagpie) no reply to email, pm or phone calls have an issue.
  3. will be ordering the HMI swap this month for my 2015 GMC. Is it worth the extra money to get the navigation?
  4. does anyone happen to know if a leveling kit will void the warranty on my 2015 GMC Sierra dealer that sold me it gave me a warranty. I know the best answer is the ask them but thought some one here may know. Looking at motofab level kit
  5. My first ever black truck it looks great clean, Just wondering if anyone has come across any really good car wash soap, tire cleaner and wheel cleaner. please share what you have found that works the best.
  6. I keep reading about problems with the rear doors on AVS and Weather Tech in channel has anyone experienced them?
  7. So what is the consensus on vent shades? Looking to get some for my 2015 sierra crew cab all terrain. AVS or Weather Tech in Channel or mount on outside? What does everyone have?
  8. Ive tried everything watched all videos read all posts. tried every format and size i can think of has anyone actually gotten this to work. When I go to videos on usb from the truck I can see it, it has the playbutton and says the title of dvd. when i click on it it just takes me back to the main usb screen.
  9. how do these mount. if i remember my old one on sierra mounted with screws from underneath hood? Are these all 3m tape?
  10. i have a 2015 gmc sierra how do i get videos/dvds on to a usb drive in a format that i can watch in park with my daughter while wife is in stores etc.. no rear entertainment just 8inch screen up front.
  11. Not sure i can do what I want my truck is a 2015. I was trying to put a DVD to my flash drive I just opened the dvd and copied the audio and video files to the jump drive, i tried Fat 32 and NTFS and neither will work. I can see the files but when I click video in the truck it says no content.
  12. My format is MS-Dos (FAT32) not sure if thats what i need or how i would change it.
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