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  1. :O So they do exist! Way easier to import from Mexico than the Middle East! (If you couldn't special order one). It's gonna be that or frame cutting if when my '14's time is up.
  2. GM Authority says it won't be available for the Chevy http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/01/regular-cab-standard-bed-not-available-on-2019-silverado-1500/ Anyone know for sure if the GMC will have the RCSB option available in North America?
  3. I think he just means he wants the LED's that all the Sierra's have, that are now in the new '16 Silverado design. So still Chevy headlights.
  4. Funny, I went in looking for a red one, until I saw the blue! My neighbour actually bought a 14 GMC version of mine around the same time. And I've seen two others in my area. Only one Crew cab, and one 2013 crew.
  5. Check out the modifications forum, if nothing else there will be some in the "what did you do to your truck today" thread.
  6. Here's mine. This blue seems to be a popular colour for the shorty's.
  7. Love the RCSB (Short or standard ;) ) the most of any trucks. I love seeing sweet ones like softtails on here.
  8. I masked mine too. I did a test and had a hard time getting all the overspray off. I was using charcoal grey so it stood out more. Only pain with masking is that the tape tends to pull up the edges. Found this out the hard way on my grille this weekend.
  9. That would actually be pretty interesting to know. Another would be, if the DC/CC does slip through better, is it enough to make up for the extra weight? I can't see running boards helping at all.
  10. I found it right away, but all the others looked cheesy. Default is best.
  11. Thanks for explaining it. I don't recall the exact length of time I was talking to the bank about, but since I plan on keeping it for at least the whole loan it made sense to take the 0%. I seem to remember it being only a $1500 discount if I paid cash, but I can't find anything with that on it.
  12. My bank told my something like 5 or 6%, cash rebate was I think $1500. I took the 0 for 84.
  13. And that pretty much sums up why I like the '14s better! I'd have to see one in person. My favourite thing about that pic is that there is still chrome bars!
  14. I have some cheap ones from Canadian Tire. They came with screws but all I did was drill holes to match the existing screws in the wheel well and used those to hold them on.
  15. I had a bunch of chips behind the rear wheels, so I put some on. Seems better now. I'd do it.
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