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  1. Yeah everyone else in here is wasting their time arguing which 4-door version is best. RCSB all day! If i need to go anywhere with more than my wife, someone else can drive!
  2. I'll play! My truck as it was until about 6 months ago. Plasti-dipped emblems, grille, and wheels, 2" rear drop.
  3. Looks awesome! Blacked out is probably my favourite look of the 16-19s. I didn't even know factory leather was an option with the 2 doors.
  4. So I just had the software update done for this on Wednesday. They never mentioned anything about a pump. Does this mean my truck will show up as having had it done and I'm SOL if this issue crops up? (never experienced that hard braking)
  5. I'll be the first to admit I don't REALLY need a truck. It is certainly handy at times, and it meets all my needs so I'm happy with mine. Have towed maybe twice and filled up the bed a number of times, but not with anything that I couldn't have done with an extra trip instead. So I would consider a small or midsize truck if I ever needed to get another vehicle. HOWEVER, there is one problem... Other than an RCSB, NONE of the current trucks on the market are short enough to fit in my driveway. As it is, if I back in so that I'm an inch or two away from my brick porch pillar, my front bumper overhangs the sidewalk by ~3". I think parking enforcement gives me leeway because it is absolutely backed in all the way, as I've never gotten a ticket, but my brother got one when he was ~6" away from the pillar (no backup camera). So, until I move, which I have no plans of doing, RCSB only for me, since I don't want to be forced into permanent street parking. And since none of the mid-size trucks come in a 2-door, they're not an option. The Ranger is almost 6" longer, the Colorado is almost 8" longer, and the Tacoma is over 7" longer. ....Not that I'd ever buy anything other than a RCSB any way
  6. When I bought mine in 2014 they were still around, common but not plentiful. Most dealerships had maybe 3-5 out of 50-70 trucks. Finding specific colour/option configurations was tricky.
  7. Southern Ontario is garbage. Constant freeze thaw, rain/slush/snow/melt repeat. Pour on the salt, pour on the brine. We had a salt shortage last winter. My diploma was in construction technology and we learned it's one of the hardest environments to design buildings for.
  8. I'll do what I can! When I switch wheels in the spring I'll spend some time underneath touching up anything I can get to.
  9. I've actually seen pictures of people with 14+ seats in a '88-'98, not sure about '99. Maybe "performance parts" isn't the best way to say what I was thinking. I guess I just mean "better than stock" when such options are available.
  10. Electronics did cross my mind as another issue. I do drive a LOT less that I did previously, I finally managed to live, work, and date all in the same city. But winter is unavoidable. I get it sprayed every fall but there is rust down there. I guess the best I can do is keep it going as long as is reasonable, and then get a new one and see about a full frame-up restoration.
  11. Hey all, This thread is born out of me looking for advice, but I thought I would throw open the discussion as to how YOU would build, and look after, a truck if you were to keep it "forever". I have a 2014, RCSB, Silverado that I bought brand new at age 21, as soon as I could while still finishing off paying off my student loans before interest. In August I passed my 5 year warranty and have been thinking about how I can best make this truck last "forever". I've never had a desire for another vehicle, am totally happy with what this truck gives me, and have always been a "Chevy truck guy". I've kept up with oil changes, done the "recommended" services at the dealership to the point where I've replaced the engine air filter and transmission fluid 3 times in 155k km (96,000 mi), just replaced the front brakes, rear brakes almost gone ( stock parts still), all that jazz. 5.3L V8, I think 3.08 gears, 6 speed, 4wd. Rotate between factory 17x8 rims w/ 265/70R17 Bridgestone Dueller ATs. and 8.5x18 wheels and 265x65R18 Michelin LTX M/S2 tires.Bedliner, and lowered the rear 2" with shackles. I'm starting to plan out what I will do once I stop paying for the truck next summer. Then I'll use the payment amounts to pay for upgrades, maintenance etc. It is my daily driver, but my aim is to make it into a "lean, mean, driving machine" by replacing parts with superior "performance parts" as the truck gets older. By spending a little bit more than basic repairs each time one comes up, eventually I should see performance and longevity improve each repair, rather than decline. My overall goal is to end up with a relatively classic, "sleeper" truck that looks mostly stock, but can surprise when let loose. I mostly drive in the city, and push it when I can, so dry and wet handling are my key concerns, along with longevity for economic reasons. At this point I'm considering intakes, header-back exhaust if there are benefits to that, nice tires, probably not lifting or lowering any more. Once these two sets of tires wear out I'm looking at summer street tires, and winter-focused AT tires or maybe straight winter tires. Would need to be convinced to do much more. As someone who isnt' THAT well educated when it comes to vehicles, what would YOU recommend, or do yourself to your truck, to achieve a long term, street performance/daily driver, outcome with one of these trucks? Any value-for-money things I'm not thinking of? anything you wouldn't do? What order would would you do certain mods in? I'm all ears, and still a year and a half away from anything, but open to all ideas and advice. Pics, cus:
  12. I grew up around there.... probably a farmer who rigged it up to move hay bales or vegetable crates or something. I've seen a lot of similar levels of jerry-rigging, so I'm not real surprised. Most of them never leave the farm though.
  13. We finally had a warm day, so a full wash and wax. Had to get it done since I had a fender replaced recently after a minor crash and it had nothing on it. I also got a new wheel, so I cleaned off all dark grey plasti-dip that was on the rest of them. New grille as well, the old one I had dipped black but it was all peely so I'm glad it's looking nice again. It's basically back to stock now except the 2" rear drop and the front air dam. Probably stay that way until I finish paying for the thing lol.
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