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  1. Just a wash and wax today, a couple weeks ago I got a Gator roll up tonneau. It's okay, it was the cheapest one I could find so not gonna complain much lol. Replaced the battery last week. Expensive! But I suppose I got 6 years out of it so not bad. In the sometime near future I need to do rear breaks, and front ball joints and maybe bearings... And then maybe I can move onto figuring out what the engine noise I'm hearing is. Oil change mechanic thinks it's a piston noise All of that is taking money away from what I REALLY want to be modding, which is my recently purchased '93 Sierra.
  2. I've actually scraped before in a stock truck, so be careful. (don't worry, no Chevy was harmed. Boss's F150 on a work trip!)
  3. So I voted on the poll before I read the post.... Looks, naked is best. But, I like the step for getting in, and don't think it necessarily looks bad either.
  4. D'oh! I'm so miffed about them discontinuing the RCSB that I forgot the RCLB was still an option. I was just trying to think of a "recent event" that would cause that beauty to get "demoted".
  5. Yeah everyone else in here is wasting their time arguing which 4-door version is best. RCSB all day! If i need to go anywhere with more than my wife, someone else can drive!
  6. I'll play! My truck as it was until about 6 months ago. Plasti-dipped emblems, grille, and wheels, 2" rear drop.
  7. Looks awesome! Blacked out is probably my favourite look of the 16-19s. I didn't even know factory leather was an option with the 2 doors.
  8. So I just had the software update done for this on Wednesday. They never mentioned anything about a pump. Does this mean my truck will show up as having had it done and I'm SOL if this issue crops up? (never experienced that hard braking)
  9. I'll be the first to admit I don't REALLY need a truck. It is certainly handy at times, and it meets all my needs so I'm happy with mine. Have towed maybe twice and filled up the bed a number of times, but not with anything that I couldn't have done with an extra trip instead. So I would consider a small or midsize truck if I ever needed to get another vehicle. HOWEVER, there is one problem... Other than an RCSB, NONE of the current trucks on the market are short enough to fit in my driveway. As it is, if I back in so that I'm an inch or two away from my brick porch pillar, my front bumper overhangs the sidewalk by ~3". I think parking enforcement gives me leeway because it is absolutely backed in all the way, as I've never gotten a ticket, but my brother got one when he was ~6" away from the pillar (no backup camera). So, until I move, which I have no plans of doing, RCSB only for me, since I don't want to be forced into permanent street parking. And since none of the mid-size trucks come in a 2-door, they're not an option. The Ranger is almost 6" longer, the Colorado is almost 8" longer, and the Tacoma is over 7" longer. ....Not that I'd ever buy anything other than a RCSB any way
  10. When I bought mine in 2014 they were still around, common but not plentiful. Most dealerships had maybe 3-5 out of 50-70 trucks. Finding specific colour/option configurations was tricky.
  11. Southern Ontario is garbage. Constant freeze thaw, rain/slush/snow/melt repeat. Pour on the salt, pour on the brine. We had a salt shortage last winter. My diploma was in construction technology and we learned it's one of the hardest environments to design buildings for.
  12. I'll do what I can! When I switch wheels in the spring I'll spend some time underneath touching up anything I can get to.
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