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  1. I'm getting 35x12.5R17 BFG KO2's installed next week, I've already done the Zone NorCal Mod so I'm committed to making them fit properly LoL. I'll probably need to do a bit more cutting on the plastic corner molding but I'll know once they're installed.
  2. So you're sitting at about 3-3.5" of lift? Do your tires come near to rubbing that front, rear, outer corner at all when flexing? Also what's the offset of your wheels?
  3. I'm thinking of getting 35" or 34.5" tires, my truck is pretty much identical to yours. If I did a NorCal trim to the front fenders would that eliminate any rub when flexing? Also do you know what offset your wheels are, I currently have 0 offset 17" wheels.
  4. Thank you. It really does sound fantastic even without a DSP, which I plan on adding eventually for equalization and time delay. My factory radio didn't really have any features that I wanted to retain hence the complete bypass, but it is possible to retain the OEM radio with this kit because the iPad is removable. Here's the website for the kit https://soundman.co/ it's fairly simple to do yourself on a weekend if you're handy and familiar with bondo work. If not Rafa Felix can do it for you, he's a close friend of Doug Bernards (owner of soundman.co) here's his instagram https://www.instagram.com/rafafelix1989/ you can DM him for pricing but I warn you it's not cheap.
  5. Thanks and yes, my reverse camera displays automatically on an aftermarket rearview mirror. I could have had it display on the actual iPad but I didn't want to hassle with jail breaking it just for that feature. Plus the image shows up very pixelated on the large iPad screen.
  6. Finally finished my stereo setup. SoundMan iPad Dash Kit, AudioQuest DragonFly DAC, AudioControl Overdrive Plus, JL Audio HD900/5, JL Audio 8W3v3-4, Focal K2 Power 6.5, 33 Sq Ft of SoundSkins Dampening, SMD OM-1 Monitors on highs and lows.
  7. Just installed the Falcon Leveling Suspension System, 1" CST top hat spacer lift, 2.85" total front lift, Custom .75" Front Differential Drop, Camburg Uniball Upper Control Arms. Definitely need some more meat on my Method wheels, might tried to squeeze 315/70R17 but probably just run 33x12.5 for more functional clearance.
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