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  1. Mine came with 63k. Must be your dealer specific:
  2. That's exactly what i was looking for. Glad to know it works for you before i spend the $ on one. Much appreciated.
  3. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/16/gm-offers-0percent-financing-for-7-years-delayed-payments-amid-coronavirus.html
  4. Looking for a part number for ordering the Tri-Mode Power Steps for 2016 double cab truck? I am unable to ind the part number anywhere.
  5. the kickboxing gym i go to only has 1 changing room... No place to shower there. I have to wait to get home before i can de-stink
  6. Hey guys did some searching but couldnt find anything specific. I was wondering if anyone here has had issues with cloth interior and after workouts. I do kickboxing and i am a sweaty hot mess when i get into the truck after working out. In my old vehicle i had leather and it was never an issue, i could just wipe it off with a towel. Has anyone ever had any issue with sweat or stinkiness (if that is even a word) coming from their interior? Does anyone else even think about this? Would a towel be enough on the bottom portion of the seat so monkey butt smell doesn't get in there? ***note there is no shower at the gym i use. i figure there has to be people on here that lift or workout in some fashion without a shower at their gym***
  7. My Wife's subaru with tan interior does it. But the blue ALWAYS is able to be cleaned off.
  8. Jheyt

    DL3 Mirrors

    Do you happen to know if Phil has a harness for these? Or if they are they PnP?
  9. Found today that my pass side taillight lens is cracked. Anyone have one I can buy front you? OEM for ‘16 Silverado.
  10. Also just painted the front bow tie the same color as the truck
  11. i installed one on my '16 and it works great. I'm awaiting the color patch rattle can to show up so i can paint the brackets.
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