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  1. That's interesting, -- With that said, all the transmissions with the 5.3 are geared the same right?
  2. Mine is a crew cab, not sure if that's the weight difference. Also, I believe my door sticker only mentions GVWR, not towing capacity. If I'm not mistaken the GVWR would be any weight added to the truck (hitch weight, passengers, gas etc) combined with the truck's weight. I take responsibility for this- The dealer listed it online as towing 9200 lbs, bought it on a Sunday so service and parts were closed and couldn't check the gear ratio, However, I still have a screen shot of the online add showing 9200 lb capacity. Really appreciate all these post! You guys are definitely making me feel a little better. I guess it was the shock of finding this out. Again, I live in Central Florida so it will be 99% flat road towing. If I could find a travel trailer around 4500 lbs loaded, then I should be okay- I believe my payload of the truck is 1700 lbs so with a the hitch weight, 3 kids, 2 adults, and dog I would think I should be ok. I guess now I need to learn how to properly tow a heavy load with the manual shift mode. From what I'm reading, keeping the rpms around 2500 is ideal and will cause the least strain on the transmission.
  3. I'm actually so frustrated with Chevy selling a 1/2 ton V8 truck that is only rated for 6200 lb towing I'm to the point of trading it in on a used Ford. The Chevy Colorados they sell have more towing capacity then this.
  4. Called today. I asked for someone that really knows trucks. The salesman I spoke with agreed the trucks build is misleading, having the HD hitch, the trans HD cooler, electronic braking adjuster. I mentioned how the dealer published this as 9200 towing capacity and 3.42s and said he's going to talk to the "managers" to see what he can do. He did actually sound like he felt bad, but honestly I doubt I get any help from them, sure would be cool if they would find the same truck as mine or newer and make a great deal happen but I doubt it. Also, I called the service department- according to them, they have never replaced the gears and wouldn't be able to change them. Just great.
  5. Also, sorry forgot to ask. What are your transmission temperatures running while towing? If I'm not mistaken it runs about 170 on the highway. At what temperature is it a concern?
  6. Thanks guys! Yes, I was informed by the dealer it had 3.42 gears but this proved to be false based on my RPO codes. Jay it sounds like you're putting pretty good loads on it. I'm hoping to be able to pull a travel trailer that loaded will come out to about 5500 lbs. I was under the impression this would strain the transmission and engine being it is only rated for 6200 lbs and such a high gearing. I'm no engineer and wish someone would tell me I'm wrong. You guys hauling 5-6K find even in tow mode it's constantly hunting for the right gear on the highway or does it sit in 5th gear once 60-65 mph?
  7. I've sadly found out my truck is geared with 3.08s. Wondering what anyone is towing with this set up, especially the weight of the tow. It is rated for 6600 pounds. I want to get a boat and a travel trailer down the road and wondering what weight people tow without issues? I live in Florida so 99% of towing will be flat roads. Thanks!
  8. Thanks guys, I'll check on the axle tube for a code and ask the dealer to verify this.
  9. Is it odd that my chevy app on my phone works for remote start, however, I get no remote start from both of my key fobs? Anyone else have this issue?
  10. I tried crawling under it and looked all over with no luck to find the ratio stamped on the rear diff. Also, I found in the glove box the gearing code that does state it is 3.08 unfortunately. Really let down with GM selling a 1/2 ton 4x4 with a hitch AND an electronic brake controller with 3.08 gears.
  11. Hey guys, Couple months ago I purchased a Silverado z71 crew cab 4x4. It was a 2015 used and when checking vin lookups as the window sticker was not available, they said 3.42 gearing. Now I've asked the dealer to email me an RPO for the truck and it shows 3.08!! I'm really bummed as I bought it thinking it was 3.42 gears which puts the towing capacity at 9200 vs 6400 lbs. I'm wanting to tow a travel trailer about 7000 lbs. Anyone know how much it would be to replace the front and rear to 3.42 gearing? Thank you for your time!
  12. Would anyone have a pic or input on a 2" leveling kit with a Silverado 2015 Crew Z71? From what I've read it will still be a tad lower in the front, I'm ok with this, the stock is just ridiculously low in the front. Also, has anyone noticed a decrease in MPG with a leveling kit. I have a fiberglass topper on the bed which weighs approx 275lbs, so I'm worried if I go more then a 2" it may "bull dog" which I'm not interested in at all. Thank you very much, Brendon
  13. Could someone tell me what the overall consensus is for the easiest kit to install is? HID or LED, which is giving the best results. I've tried reading through this forum but just can't seem to figure this out. I have a 2015 Silverado z71. Thank you very much!
  14. Thanks, it was $1200 for a bumper to bumper 6 year 70k. Seemed pretty cheap and some folks say they covered certain items, some say they're horrible. The truck only has 8500 miles on it. I find it odd no dealers sell a factory GM extended warranty.
  15. That's my understanding as well, however, I would love to hear from someone who has dealt with this specific company especially as I'm learning GM does not offer extended warranties.
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